Iv'e often wondered about this. I usually let myself go and do nothing. I then wait for an idea or a random action to come to me. I just let myself be and let all action and ideas and feelings come to me. Alot of times i'll just do something or go somewhere without knowing why. I'm not sure if this is what you would call a form of inspired action or not. Usually I act without thinking much about it and I see how it feels. I just go where ever my random actions take me. Am I doing the right thing? Like I said i'm not sure if this is inspired action or not because i'm doing things off the top of my head and i'm assuming my heart. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something that makes no sense and has no outcome or if i'm actually being guided. I sometimes worry that I might be taking the wrong action and that it might not be inspired or intuitive action but just random action. Sometimes I don't know what I want to do at a given moment and I do nothing until I want to do something. So here's my question: If you take action without thinking about it and without knowing why your doing it could it be inspired action if it comes from a happy feeling place? By the way I wrote this article off the top of my head.


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Jacob Ford

I'd say it depends on the State of Being that inspired the action.

Let's say you are really angry at someone and you find them in front of you. There's probably an increased chance at that moment that taking action from the "top of your head" is liable to lead to verbal or physical violence :) ...because the action you feel like taking "by default" will mirror the State of Being that originated it.

On the other hand, if you are feeling really good within yourself then taking action from the "top of your head" ( "by default" ) is likely to be, what most people call, inspired.

The simple rule is that when you are Vortex-aligned, every action you feel like doing "off the top of your head" is inspired action

When you are not Vortex-aligned, your best approach would be to choose whatever is the best feeling action you can in the moment. See Bashar's Time Management approach


answered 14 Sep '13, 17:13

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Thanks. I loved this answer.

(14 Sep '13, 21:53) Jacob Ford

since you are responsible
for your decisions, be they
impulse, instinct, intuitive

unless it be life or death
your mind could review what
is put out, obtained, started


answered 14 Sep '13, 19:57

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Any action that comes from a place of "lack" is not inspired.

The real you knows that everything is OK.


answered 16 Sep '13, 00:13

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arpgme, knowing ones level of development with regards to their capabilities may inspire caution or the realization of what pairs of opposites yet need to be balanced

(16 Sep '13, 04:40) fred
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