Consider: If you agree, why is this statement true, and what does it have to do with LOA?

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Imagination=desire, desire=asking. Inspiration= allowing.
True inspiration comes from feeling good

Allowing: The state of alignment with the Well-Being that flows from Source. The focusing of your attention upon things that cause you to offer a vibration that “allows” your connection to your natural source of Well-Being. Allowing is deliberately giving your attention only to that which causes a vibration of alignment with Source. When you are in the state of allowing, you always feel good.

equals manifestation .So yes its very true and well said


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this all seems good to me but i'm still puzzled

(15 Jan '11, 10:38) blubird two

all's well and ok , thanks

(15 Jan '11, 11:37) blubird two

A well thought out answer, thank you!

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No I do not agree.

Imagination = Imagination

Inspiration = Inspiration

Manifestation = Manifestation

You can get from any one of those to either one of those at any point.

Thanks for the question



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Thank you for sharing your opinion, and of course that is another way of looking at it. I like your analogy!

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Imagination is the "dimension" where every thought that has ( and possibly that will) ever be thought still exists.

Inspiration is the sensation of source energy flowing thoughts from the pool of all imagination that correspond to your Desire.

Still working on the manifesting part.

Shine on :)


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Well said, you can read urisixx answer on manifesting, and thank you for your answer!

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