Let's say you set an intention ,put a request in the manifesting box, or write a list of stuff that's been on your mind for the higher power to manage. Then you let it go.

Example 1: Lets say an opportunity comes your way but something just doesn't feel right. You don't feel inspired to take this action and you feel like you don't need to but you know that it's going to lead you somewhere. You feel scared by it and it doesn't feel like fun. Maybe fears get In the way. Either you don't take the opportunity because your inner compass is telling you something to avoid. Or maybe it's just fears and beliefs that get in the way.

Example 2: You don't know what action to take next. There are days when I don't feel like doing anything and nothing excites me at the moment. You want more excitement in your life but you don't feel like doing anything. You miss an opportunity to follow your greatest joy and inspiration for the day.

Possible solution: Wait for true inspired action. I read one of stingrays posts on following your inner guidance system. I remember him stating that the universe will always have a back up plan to get your desires to you. I also remember him saying that if you wait for true inspired action eventually the impulse will be so strong that you can't stop yourself from doing it no matter what.

My main question is if you will get any desire even if you miss inspiration multiple times.

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Think of a 24-hour-a-day seven-day-a-week radio station playing a style of music you like e.g. pop, rock, country etc.

alt text

Once you've done the work to tune your radio to that station ("you changed your vibrational setpoint on a subject to something good-feeling"), the radio will continue to play music from that station every time you turn it on.

Even if you turn it off ("fall out of alignment with your Broader Self"), the radio will remain tuned in to the station ready for when you decide to turn it on again ("start feeling good again").

And it doesn't matter how many times you turn your radio on and off because the reception frequency is set and the station is always broadcasting.

As with all radio stations, sometimes the actual songs that are played are ones you love ("you feel really inspired to do something") and sometimes you don't like them ("you don't feel inspired").

If the station plays a song you don't like ("you don't feel inspired"), you never need to worry because, sooner or later, they will play a song you do like again ("you get another burst of inspiration") because you know you like the general style of music this station plays.

My main question is if you will get any desire even if you miss inspiration multiple times

There are really only two ways for you to interfere with hearing songs you like from that radio station.

The first is to keep your radio permanently turned off ("keep yourself generally out of alignment with your broader self i.e. out of the Vortex").

The second is to retune your radio permanently to another station that plays a different style of music you don't like ("change your vibrational setpoint regarding the subject to something bad-feeling").

But if you think about it, even if you haven't got your radio tuned to that particular station you like ("you haven't changed a particular vibrational setpoint to a good-feeling one"), as long as you keep your radio turned on ("keep generally in alignment") you are still increasing the chances of eventually hearing something you do like even if it is being broadcast by another station playing a different style of music.


As long as you stay generally good feeling, you'll still be getting inspirations and opportunities from time to time that will lead you to what you want even if you are not aligned on your "target" subject.

The opportunities will keep on coming forever as long as you stay in a generally good feeling place (i.e "the radio is kept turned on").

As a bonus, if you are also aligned on your "target" subject - i.e. you've done the vibrational work to feel good about the subject - then it greatly increases the opportunities and inspirations that will come your way and you won't have to wait as long for them.

It's probably not a perfect analogy (none ever are), but hopefully it gives you a feel for how these things work :)

ADDED - MAY 11, 2015

In response to a question posed by @Mariposa on this thread...

Hello. I have read on here before that the best way to manifest is to think about it once and totally give up on it ever coming. Now here it says that you have a better chance to manifest if you keep aligning yourself positively with your desire. This seem contradictory to me.

Most people define "best" as meaning the maximum results for minimum effort.

So, in that sense, the "best" manifesting approach is to think very clearly about what you want (from a good-feeling place) and never think about it again i.e. let it go completely.

Sure, that will absolutely get you what you want. (See Manifesting Experiment 1)

The small teeny-weeny tricky aspect to this :) is that most people don't try out these ideas with subjects they can forget about easily. They will usually try out these ideas with the biggest, baddest, toughest, hardest things in their life first :)

It's like taking your first guitar lesson ever and then immediately going on stage in a huge arena full of thousands of screaming fans demanding the best solo guitar performance they've ever heard in their lives...well...err...someone's going to end up disappointed :)

Even the slightest re-peeking at your desire can activate enough lack to stop it manifesting physically.

So if you can't forget about what you want completely, the next best thing is to always feel good when you think about it - and so you need to change your vibrational setpoint regarding that subject so it always feels good if you ever happen to think about it again.

That's kind of what the first part of this answer (above) is getting at.

It doesn't mean you won't get your desire if you don't always feel good about it because there is a Reach Down From The Vortex effect also at work if you keep yourself generally aligned.

Having said all of that, even if you could completely forget about your desire, it may be of more value to you to not actually forget about it :)

This is the bit that people really hate to hear :) ...the problem is that in order to be vibrationally lined-up enough to get your desire, you must have neutralized most, if not all, of the thrill of wanting it.

So, by the time you are aligned enough to get your desire, it's really No Big Deal that is there and you are already looking for the next thing.

So then the only real pleasure you will get from your desires is before they come when you are still feeling/visualizing the thrill of what it would be like to have them.

So even if you could completely forget about what you want, you probably don't want to because you are depriving yourself of all the good-feeling juice you could squeeze out of the idea of having it.

Hope that answers your question :)


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the bit about tuning your radio to a particular station that keeps playing the same music reminds me of exactly how radionic devices work ... once you've tuned it to the frequency you're interested in, it keeps permanently churning out the same music and only stops when you decide :)

(09 May '15, 03:07) jaz

Thank You. This answer was awesome.

(09 May '15, 08:55) MrFeelGood

I love this answer @Stingray. This might be a long shot but you wouldn't happen to have a link to your post about chasing your joy being different than the feeling you get when you stop hitting yourself with a hammer, would you? It was such a good analogy and I can't find it anywhere

(11 May '15, 04:51) Bluebell

@Bluebell - "link to your post about chasing your joy being different than the feeling you get when you stop hitting yourself with a hammer, would you?" - I seem to like the idea of hammers impacting heads for some reason so there's a few of those analogies :) Here's a couple from a quick search: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/7189#7192 and http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/17607#17627

(11 May '15, 04:58) Stingray

@Stingray I noticed, it's like some kind of hammer fetish. The first link was perfect, thanks!

(11 May '15, 05:05) Bluebell

@Bluebell - You're welcome. As for an unhealthy attraction to large hammers, I think this guy has me well beaten... :)

(11 May '15, 05:27) Stingray

Thank you Stingray. To sum it up for my understanding...We ask, and it is given in that instant. All we have to do is align with the desire. If it feels good to think of it as though we already have it, that is fine. Don't think about it if it comes from a place of need or yierning. I can align with my higher self on any topic. as long as my last vibration on the desired topic stayed positive, I get the manifestation. I don't need to focus on it, as long as I don't feel bad about it. Right?

(11 May '15, 11:10) Mariposa

So.... As long as I am aligned with my higher self in general, and have no negative thoughts associated with any of my desires, i Get all of them manifested :) In reality all I have to do is to stay happy and align whatever way I can and all good will flow to me. This is how I see it. I was always confused if I have to focus exactly on what I want or just feel good in general.

(11 May '15, 11:14) Mariposa

@Mariposa - That seems like a fair summary. And the shortcut to it all, as you've noted, is Get Happy ...and then everything takes care of itself automatically :) And that kind of makes sense because otherwise how would anyone who hadn't spent years studying these ideas ever get anything they want in life? :) The basic process is self-governing, obvious and simple. Anyone that suggests otherwise has an "agenda" of some kind :)

(15 May '15, 02:57) Stingray
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Once you've put a lot of time and effort into your intention energy-wise, it will eventually find it's way into your physical reality sooner or later, you can only delay the intention if you're sending negative energy towards it, [impatience, lack of, frustration] and even if you choose to just give up altogether on your desire while feeling bad in the process, the Universe can bring vibrational matches relating to your desires [often in clusters] to remind you not to give up and keep going, I've had this experience in the past happen to me personally, every time I wanted to cave and give up on my desires, then, almost instantly, direct and auspicious signs regarding my desire would appear, reminding me to re-align and get back on track. This has shown proof to me, that the Universe wants more than anything, for us to realize our intentions, if we'd just stay the course, no matter HOW big the intention is or how long it takes. As for opportunities they will continue until the manifestation is realized, however, some of the opportunities may be very subtle and we may not recognize all of them, of course there will be those that jump right out at us, and we'll just know when to act upon them. When we want something desperately or life changing, we'll need to be ready for these things [vibrational match] and the challenge is getting there, but once we accomplish complete and total alignment with what we want, I don't see how it COULD'NT manifest, it can only be delayed by us and us only, by feeling anxious about it, or noticing it hasn't manifested yet. We are not all the same in our practice and approach when it comes to aligning and allowing our desires to manifest, for some, constantly thinking and feeling good about their desires will yield good results, for others, focusing one time, then releasing the desire to the Universe, brings the best results, then there are those that have put so much time, energy, and focus into their desires, seeing limited results, they finally give up in frustration and let go, and their desires somehow manage to sneak into their physical reality in the most subtle ways, or hardly noticed, until well past the manifestation. Once a desire is launched, sooner or later, one way or another, noticed or un-noticed, it will find it's way into your physical reality, no wonder the old adage is true, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!


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Hello. I have read on here before that the best way to manifest is to think about it once and totally give up on it ever coming. Now here it says that you have a better chance to manifest if you keep aligning yourself positively with your desire. This seem contradictory to me.


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@Mariposa - I've answered your question by editing my answer in this thread

(11 May '15, 04:44) Stingray
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