is writing a particular date with ur desire creates resistance for that desire., cos if we tend to forget that date then..its fine n but,if we couldn't forget that date..then,our mind lingers with that date..,that we have a particular time limit for manifestation of this desire. i hope i am clear in my words. just wanna know ur views on this. thank you...

love,light n blessings..

supergirl.. :))))))

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@supergirl cool you asked because i also wanted to know if @stingray's "surfing the desire" technique could work with writing a particular date that you made up yourself.

(24 Nov '12, 03:57) releaser99

@releaser99- thank you.. :)))

(25 Nov '12, 00:58) supergirl
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It depends.

When you write the date as another fun game to play in getting feelings, then it wouldn't be an issue if date passed and you didn't get it, the desire, then it shouldn't create resistance.

The date would create two feelings:

A resistance as days goes along and it does not showing yet in addition to feeling bad and negativity, and you will get more of 'it is not showing yet'

On other hand, it could create double focus, double effort of meditation, practice and alignment which may speed the manifestation if they done in funny and joyful way.

So if writing dates or assign time done as joyful games, to feel it more than get it, then it wouldn't create resistance.

I do write dates, in my mind not on papers, and they don't create resistance because I know that it is not the date which would manifest it, it is the alignment with the dream, with the desire I used my dates to record my vibrational match more so when it is 30 days, I make the central point of 15, to scan, analyze and conclude where I become and what I recorded till now in order to fix why I am not yet there, and much more to feel better 'Well, 2 month later I will be in that incredible car... I am traveling 2 weeks and so on.

So as all writing date is another fun game we play to feel good not to get the manifestation, it is like meditation and exercises, when you feel bad about them don't trust them resistance comes and when you set a date ask yourself: Do I believe in its validity, do I need that exact time or more?,

so it is about the inward and all those are games we make to feel good, How do you feel. Abraham say when asked about affirmation we make: all you have to understand is all the things is done, you ask and source answer, affirmation is I want to get in the vortex...' and that is the aim from writing dates or any other game you may choose, I want to get in the vortex, and I want to feel good, I am writing the date to play with my higher self and convince her that it is so close, and if you did, you will feel better and get it in the specified date with no resistance.


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@rola- perfect answer...thank you fr ur great answer :)))

(25 Nov '12, 01:03) supergirl
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