I would appreciate everyones methods and suggestions... I don't know what I want. I do, in some areas. I know I want a relationship. I know I want to be free of financial burdens.

But I don't know what I want to do. I don't know how I want to spend my time. I like to draw, and I'm good at it. This is what people usually persuade me towards... but I get too bored to finish most of my pictures. I don't have the patience for it. I'm never inspired to do it. I just like to doodle when I'm bored. Some call it a waste of talent, but I'm not going to immerse myself in something that only aggravates me most of the time.

But I'm not asking what career you think I should pick or where you think I should go... just, what to you do when you don't know what to do? How do you discover what you want, who you want to be? Is it just something that takes time, or can I discover it now? Is it something I'm thinking too hard over? Or maybe its just better to ask, what do you do when you don't know what to do?

I've tried listing what I don't want. It helped to an extent. But I'm still lost. I'm unsure what direction to go in. Its not only about how I want to spend my time, but the kind of person I want to be. I've done well the past few years, I've taken big steps in changing things more to my liking. But it still feels lacking to me, I'm still not at the best place I feel I could be. I feel stuck and I want to feel unstuck... lol.

I know I'm young and that that this is nothing new or unusual... so I'm hoping you all have some great advice or stories waiting to be unveiled... :) And I tried searching through other questions to see if this has been asked, but I didn't find anything? I'm sorry if its already been asked!

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My answer follows up Wade's answer...

You are an artist. You like to draw and doodle. You said that you do not have the patience for big or complex stuff...

I have a college minor in Art...which is a sort of joke, because I never took any art until college, and I "thought" I had no talent at it. My son, however, is one of those people who can draw portraits and has been drawing on everything, with anything, since he was one...no kidding...

He graduated from High School, and I was laid up in bed with a massive infection in my left leg. I was on IV therapy at home. One day, he came into my bedroom, and announced that he had registered for two classes at junior college, one of them being Drawing I...

I was so jealous, I pouted. I was drooling inside. It sounded so great! My goal in High School was towards Pre-Med studies, so I never had the time to take any Art. I worked my butt off in HS, and ended up being accepted to Northwestern University's Honors Med Program...a huge honor, as they only accepted 30 students to it from across the country. The goal was to graduate in six years; I would earn my MD and BS at the same time...

But I was only 17 and my Dad refused to sign my first semester loan papers for me as I was too young being 17. He destroyed my dreams...I tried The University of Illinois, Loyola, Harvard...they all wanted me, but the answer was the same...I needed those aid papers signed. My Dad said it would be a waste of money, because I would just get "knocked up", get married, and then he would have to pay back the loan. He repeated no deal...I am digressing...fast forward...

I did not know God had other plans for me.

So there I was, lying in bed, being jealous, and finally, I called my son, John, into my room and asked him if he would mind if I could somehow join him in his Drawing I class. I asked him if he would wheel me to class, and if it would bother him to take the class with his mom...

He said, "No." Bless his heart, thank God! So I became what we called , "The Art Cart". We had to have tool boxes for our art supplies and portfolios for our artwork...he would unload me and my wheelchair out of the van, and pile all the supplies on my lap, and off to class we went.

Mind you, it was really discouraging at first watching my son draw and sketch like he was Michelangelo...I had to struggle just to make something even resemble reality! But, boy, was I creative and clever! I found something inside myself that gave me pure joy...Art! This was news to me.

Our first assignment was to draw a picture that had the theme of an egg.


What I finally did was to draw a bunch of birds around a center space the shape of an egg. Actually, it turned out rather nice. The birds looked pretty good, too. I did it with black Arches paper, drawing with a white colored pencil...

As time went on, and I kept getting "A's", I grew absolutely hooked. My teacher was fantastic and encouraging. She put up with my IV pole, my wheelchair, everything, and I barely could sit for the four hours of class; I was so weak- but I loved it, loved it, loved it.

To answer your question: I began to develop a unique style of drawing as I took more classes with Lynn. It was a type of doodling...I drew people like a child in ink, and then would color them. One semester, I made a eight-page, hardbound book that told the story of my abuse...It won several awards..In fact, every semester after the first, I won some scholarship or award for one project after another, which I turned around to pay for the next Art class.

So go ahead, follow your instincts, and doodle and doodle. It makes you happy...as Wade said, this may be what you are destined to do...you may be developing a unique style that is all your own...play, play play! Be sure to keep a sketchbook, and doodle away. Those doodles will turn into something really great if you are following your heart's desire!

In the meantime, go with the flow and do exactly what makes you happy. Read questions here on IQ about "flow". I know I posted one for sure. That is the state you want to get to- "flow". This allows for the LOA to work, and you will manifest all sorts of good things. God works with you on this. He guides us. He rewards us for hard work and Faith. Our reward is prosperity, also, but the J-O-Y is your clue as to your destiny.

As for me...God has set my feet on a path towards being a Chaplain in a Hospital. I will graduate November 11, 2012, with my BA...

What about my art, you ask...

Well, I will be using my art to help people in the hospital to express their anger and pain....God knew what He was doing all along...I was meant to heal, all right...just not bodies, though...but souls!

Hope this helps,




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Jai, that's an incredible and inspiring story! It was very helpful! Thank you for sharing :O) ill definitely keep my doodles... I already have proof they can be something. One picture I drew turned into mascots for a recycling company... so you and Wade are right, they can really be something. Thank you both!:)

(25 Feb '12, 15:47) LapisLazuli

It was our pleasure, LL :o)! You just proved me right...you are meant to "doodle". All we artists have our own destinies, styles and niches...jeez, all Warhol had to do was to paint a Campbell's soup can in a different color...and Marilyn Monroe...voila...the millions rolled in...LOL! <3 Jai

(25 Feb '12, 16:17) Jaianniah

Remember when Joe Vitale said list the things you don't want, then right next to it, you were to list what the opposite would be. This gives you some idea of what you do want.

You need to think, "Are there people making money doodling?" That is an interesting question, I have to think of cars I have seen driving around with STICK FIGURE people and pets as decals on their windows! Stick figures!!!!! Someone is making money off of those stick figures a child could draw! Not just one car I have seen many too, people are actually buying these because they must think they are cute or something.

Can you doodle good enough to draw stick figures? I wonder how much time it took maybe sixty seconds to draw all those and now profits come in daily every time someone buys another decal.

Sixty seconds of work earning money every day maybe for years, at least until the fad wears off, then draw something else, what a way to earn money!

Another way is comics in the newspaper, I wonder how long it takes to draw three panels every day. Imagine that! It takes maybe five to ten minutes of drawing a few panels and adding some words. Then your work is done for the day.


answered 25 Feb '12, 13:12

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Wade Casaldi

edited 25 Feb '12, 13:16

I've never thought about that before.. thanks!=)

(25 Feb '12, 13:44) LapisLazuli

When I was 20 years old I was asking the same question you are now Lapis, so I decided to travel to a different country for a while. I wanted to experience life from a different perspective and I did. I was gone for only two months in Mauritania but it felt like I had experienced two years worth of life. When I came home, I was a different person and I was hooked on new experiences. I decided to live with my mother while I saved up more money to travel. Then I went to Haiti, then Thailand. I found different volunteer programs, and off I went. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but if you like that sense of adventure and aliveness pick a country and go. Peace


answered 25 Feb '12, 06:22

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That sounds like such a great experience! I hope I get the chance to do something like that... I love traveling too even though I've only been to a few states in the US. Thank you!:)

(25 Feb '12, 12:35) LapisLazuli

well do what you like and try what you want to try. also each new thing is new experience to have. also at one time i have seen someone working some where and i have said i would like to try that job and 2 year after i have got a call to go work there. and i have work there 5 years. so you see how life is funny sometime. after i have went to work some place else in the same work but for another compagny for another 5 year. and that is also done. you will go where you are needed by is will have faith. experience and enjoy.


answered 25 Feb '12, 15:22

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white tiger

Thank you, that's true! Ill find something I enjoy one way or another- and then there will always be new things after that.

(25 Feb '12, 15:51) LapisLazuli

There is a WAY...

The problem is, you want to do it YOUR way...

Your way won't work.

If you were a little less cynical, and a little more specific, I have no doubt that there are many people who would be happy to lend you a hand...

I have a complete program that works wonderfully well for most people... But I doubt that my program will do or be what you want...

What you want is your way... or nothing.


answered 25 Feb '12, 09:30

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The Prophet

I'm just wondering how other people dealt with this in their own ways. I want to discover what it is for myself. At the same time, I'm not closed off to ideas... its all welcome... its not a "my way or no way"...

(25 Feb '12, 12:32) LapisLazuli

And I wasn't really looking for a way to money or anything.. I m looking to find myself and things I enjoy doing. I don't care if its just hobbies, or something to do in my free time.. I just want more things to do that I enjoy.

(25 Feb '12, 12:37) LapisLazuli

@The Prophet: I am not reading any cynicism in this question nor my own. Are you doing alright man? I ask that question genuinely. As I'm sure you know when something is severely troubling someone they can begin to project their thoughts on other people.

I took this question to be in a positive tone with no negative implications at all. Everyone gets these "mid life crisis"-type feelings every now and again, and seeking guidance from people they respect is a good thing, not bad. =)

(25 Feb '12, 15:33) Snow

I am asking career questions at 69. HE HE My best idea is to ask my higher-self to give me guidance. What is my purpose? What can I do to prosper and help others?

(25 Feb '12, 15:56) Tom

:-) thanks Snow & Tom

(25 Feb '12, 20:13) LapisLazuli
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