It seems to always happen.

If I ever set forth with a specific desire I want manifested, it goes well at first...I have no major resistance to it, and just play around seeing it in my mind (without trying to force anything) and just enjoy myself.

Then, sometime in...perhaps by the end of the day...or after a few days...doubt begins to sneak in. Not doubt that what I want isn't mine. Doubt that it is the 'best' desire for me...or that there is something more 'urgent' I should be getting...or any number of 'reasons' that I should have a different desire.

This happens...regardless of whether what I am desiring is 'noble' or "purely selfish"...seen as large or small. Regardless of whether I sat and thought about what I desired for weeks beforehand and fleshed it out...or decided on the fly. Suddenly, whatever I want is 'not good enough' or at least, I should be focusing on 'something else.'

Does anyone have any insight into this? Does it happen to anyone else?

For reference, I should probably state in this case, my technique is meditating and then focusing my mind on the image of what I desire and my involvement. I can feel the energy flowing through me when I do this and continue for as long as time allows (or as long as I enjoy it)...which can extend to an hour+ sometimes. And I still enjoy doing this when there is the doubt cropping up - though it does slightly distract initially before I get into it.

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Perhaps an hour of meditation is enough for you; after that, your body wants to do something else. If your technique involves contemplating the object of your desire, I suspect that, after an hour, your body and mind are inspired to take action towards that desire, and to stop sitting around. Maybe you should follow that impulse.

As to what is the "best" desire, I would say that it is the one that feels good right now. The road to nirvana is paved by smaller ecstasies. Everything you do doesn't have to be noble either; it just has to be a step in a direction that makes you happy.

For me personally, I don't like to make mistakes, and I don't like working with beliefs that are not true, practical and workable. So sometimes you will find me agonizing over what is the right choice. But often it is better to make a mistake and do it twice, than it is to be inhibited by analysis paralysis and do nothing at all.


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Thanks for your question Liam, it came right when I needed it :). I feel the more that I try to work towards the desired outcome of a preconceived business idea,the crookeder the Path becomes.I feel that I started out in the right direction and with the right beliefs in place.

Now as time progresses I really have to wonder if I made a silly move or is this just the way it is meant to unfold. Had this business taken off the way I had envisioned it, I most certainly would have missed out on some beautiful moments that have taken place in my life and those of the ones who are very close to me.

I find questioning the choices I have made in the past only adds to the wonders of what is unfolding presently in my life right now.

I don't think there is a 'best' desire for any of us. Every desire that we have will take us in the right direction.

Like Vesuvius said, better done than said!


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This is a reason I like prayer. You say your piece and forget about it. You know it will be. No need to return to it, it is set into action. It is like bowling, you run with the ball and release it. Now it is on the way to knock down the pins! You can't change your mind now that you left go. All you can do is wait for the result. In other words, forget about it.

I do know how you feel though. Some days we feel inspired and excited, yes I am going to do this! Other days we feel what was I thinking? I can't do that!

Example: I was thinking of being a carpenter, making things to sell. I was excited, and bought tools. I have a lot of books on it. But now I feel like, I would not be good at that, besides I haven't the wood I need anyway.

It could have to do with our biorythms.


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Wade Casaldi

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Old question, but a good one. I've often wondered this myself especially recently, as it is an experience I have encountered too.

I believe once you send out a 'request' to the Verse, you don't simply get it placed in your hands. If you're already equipped and able to receive what you request, then it'll likely arrive without incident. If you're not, or there's steps or hurdles or 'earning' your request involved, then you encounter these first.

I think often the discouraging feeling you get isn't coming from your own brain, but instead from another source with the intention of making sure you're capable and ready to handle what it is you're asking for. If you're not dedicated enough to continue pushing towards your goal irrelevant of any interference (even what you perceive as being your own) then perhaps this source decides you're not ready yet for what you're wishing for.

Especially when attempting very large manifestations, I've encountered great deals of resistance that don't seem to coincide with my internal resistances to the idea. Sometimes it seems it is because I was trying to bite off more than the aforementioned source felt I was ready to chew. Of course it's possible all of this resistance is only my own and internal, but I've always felt there is more to this story.


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