Where would we have learned this - under what circumstances? I've always wondered where the knowledge comes from.

Floating, soaring, the feeling of ascending and decending, navigating around things, that feeling of steadying yourself when you were off your balance for a moment.

Whether in regular dreams, lucid dreams, or just in you imagination - how do we know all how to do this?

asked 31 Jul '12, 01:34

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Lol I saw this question and it made me think this: http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3qao3s/

(31 Jul '12, 02:05) Liam

@Liam - LOL! I wonder...

(31 Jul '12, 12:18) Grace
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Well, this is what I came up with after reading your question...

Maybe learning is just another part of this physical illusion.

Because our source already knows all and we are all interconnected as one.... so if we are all things, what is there that we wouldn't already know? Since we are an extension of our source, and our source is the source of everything else, than we already know anything and everything because it is a part of who we are.

So learning is like a gradual release of resistance to whatever subject... so it creates the illusion that you didn't know it, but you always did.

Why create this illusion? The same reason we dip down into the negative. Because "learning" makes us feel proud, strong, encouraged, independent, productive, intelligent, etc...

Not sure how anyone else feels about that idea, but I like it:)


answered 31 Jul '12, 13:07

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@LapisLazuli, thank you for your answer, it makes good sense to me.

(31 Jul '12, 14:39) Grace

This is a very interesting question. I believe it is because it is natural to us in the spirit. But body positions for flying I believe we learn. For example we see the movie Superman or watch Capitan Marvel and think about flying like them. Flying stretched out looking forwards with arms and legs extended. But when we notice we are most natural is when we find we are flying like as if we were standing up flying through the air. I noticed I used to fly prone like Superman or Capitan Marvel but one day I remember clearly I was flying with my arms out and legs spread like a star standing upright like Leonardo DA-Vinci's painting of man. I was flying low I could see the ground below me zooming past. But then one day I remember seeing pictures of Buddhas and Tibetan Saints flying sitting in the lotus position, legs crossed upwards. I like this most myself I just lift up my legs and fold them and off I go.

I could change my speed of flip end over end, or fly up side down I just had fun. :-)

I believe regardless of body position we naturally know how to fly because we are not only these bodies but spirit and soul as well.


answered 03 Aug '12, 01:56

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Wade Casaldi

edited 03 Aug '12, 12:45


Love your post Wade, and I agree. I have tried flying in many positions in my dreams, and it always works (unless doubt or fear creeps in)

(03 Aug '12, 12:17) LeeAnn 1

Exactly the second you worry about falling, you fall. I remember one where I was flying maybe a hundred miles an hour through some kind of light tunnel. I was enjoying the trip and feeling the wind fly by me as I flew through this tunnel these streaks of light flew past me. But little by little my mind said, "where are you going? Will you like what is on the other end?" I felt my self slow down almost to a stop before I dismissed that thought and started back up. It happened again but I stopped.

(03 Aug '12, 12:42) Wade Casaldi

That is interesting, Wade and LeeAnn. Just the other day I had an experience that was sort of dream but not, in which someone gave me a push and I floated. What was weird about it was I was basically conscious, and I floated face down and very wobbly, just kicking up a leg now and then and laughing at how ungainly and frankly...

(04 Aug '12, 16:29) Grace

..how utterly ungraceful and unnattractive I must look floating there in my living room with my ass in the air. Not that I minded in the least. I thought it was hilarious and lots of fun. I'd never done anything but fly head first before - actually, I more sort of swim through the air, like a fish or an eel :), or float sitting up in the upper corner of a room, watching people.

I know, creepy huh? Just so you know, I don't do that anymore without permission, but that's another story. :)

(04 Aug '12, 16:30) Grace

@Grace-I used to fly all over when i was a child...Then, an angel came to me and said I was never to fly again without permission...how's THAT for creepy????

(04 Aug '12, 22:52) Jaianniah

I've had a lot of OBE's, especialy when I was little. Most of them were good but some were very scary. I used to get 'visited' by some black figure and I would always start to float away when it came. There were times where'd I wake up and hear "Dont move, you'll hurt us." So.. I would be afraid and stayed still until I felt 'safe'. Once, it said "dont move" and I moved anyway cause I was sick of it, and it disappeared and I've never seen it or heard it since. But..

(04 Aug '12, 23:43) LapisLazuli

I usually had good experiences. I used to fly over oceans and giant fields. It was always so beautiful and fun. Sometimes I would be with loved ones who had passed away and we would have conversations. It was weird because in every one of those situations I would always see a person or object that I encountered later in life, like deja vu. I always felt like they were 'showing' me the future lol.

(04 Aug '12, 23:47) LapisLazuli

very cool,@LapisLazuli! very cool indeed....♥♥♥

(05 Aug '12, 01:51) Jaianniah
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I know the experience you're describing mainly from lucid dreaming but I've never wondered how come I'm able to do it! Lucid dreaming (and other similar states) have given me a strong sense that I am not (only) my physical body. Somehow, the non-physical body state (for want of a better expression) comes so natural that I've come to the conclusion that I am mainly an energetic being that spends some of the time in a physical body. The latter is not made to defy gravity but I don't think this restriction is the natural state of our being. In other words, I believe we've known all those things before we ever entered our physical body.


answered 02 Aug '12, 12:56

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@Julian, that makes sense to me. I wonder, though... if we know how to fly - I'm thinking of those wonderful sensations - swooping and rising, and you know how you can wobble a bit if you aren't paying attention, and you have to correct? I'm thinking, those sensations are all very much based in our 4-D reality, aren't they? I mean, atmosphere and gravity and such. And, I remember scraping my belly on a gravel road when I was messing around and dove down too low to get around something! Lol!

(03 Aug '12, 00:39) Grace

So, I mean, in what context would you think we'd be flying around? I can picture it before we take physical form, sure. But what on earth can we have been up to, to learn and use this skill in this reality? I would love to be able to find an answer to that!

(03 Aug '12, 00:42) Grace

In Jane Roberts' Seth books, Seth says that dreams are actually not the images we remember them to be. They're far more complex and abstract structures which we translate into images known to us from our physical surroundings. Maybe flying and such are the closest "translation" of what we're up to in those dreams and other states.

(03 Aug '12, 12:04) Julian

@Julian, that makes sense, too. There have been so many times I've woken from a dream knowing there was something, something really important, but, as you said, it just would not translate into terms that fit my reality. I still knew it, though, which I think is facinating if you consider it a bit. Love this stuff, thanks for sharing. :)

(04 Aug '12, 16:54) Grace
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@Grace- I read your question, and immediately thought of a question I have always wondered about...Why is it that, if I had a tail, I would be able to use it with ease??? I can "feel" in my brain where the tail-driving cells are....Interesting, huh? BTW, I actually left my body and flew as a child...That is why we remember- we came down from Heaven before birth...♥♥♥!!!!


answered 03 Aug '12, 12:45

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Jai - Yes! That's just the same sort of thing. Now how would you know a thing like that? I think my tail would work great as a flipper in water, too. ;)

(04 Aug '12, 16:57) Grace
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