I ask this question because lately I find myself having conversations and getting valid answers and very key insights. But I am not sure who is answering. Sometimes I feel like I am answering myself and telling myself the answers I want to hear. However I have had the experience whereby the "voice within" has revealed truths about myself that I was unaware of.

This experience has been occurring more frequently since I split up with my spouse recently. It has been revealed to me in very specific terms why the breakup occurred and how I contributed to it and what will happen next. Sometimes just before the communication starts I feel a strange sensation in my body that signals to me that something is going on. Also at times the voice would indicate to me very clearly that "we need to talk".

But I really want to know if I am communicating with a higher power or am I trying to pacify a broken heart? Who is really answering my questions? Please let me now if you ever had this experience or if you have any knowledge of this happening.

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Your experience has many names. "'Connecting with God" is one. "Using your intuition" is another. "Using the deeper parts of your brain" is still another.

But the underlying mechanism matters less than your understanding that this ability exists for you, and that you can use it for productive purposes.

I have used this ability many times, especially when I am creating something, like a new song. In order to use it effectively, I often have to calm the chatter that constantly goes on in my mind. When I am calm, I am more receptive. Meditation helps with this.

This ability is very powerful. I encourage you to continue to cultivate it. The power of the mind has a lot to do with belief, so you might as well accept the idea that these insights and communications come from a higher power, because that belief will strengthen your intuitive powers.

In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true either is true or becomes true.
-- John Lilly


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Thanks Vesuvius. Its reassuring to know that others can relate to this as well.

(03 Mar '10, 19:19) Drham

I do this sort of thing consciously also from time to time as I mentioned in this answer.

The key thing to ask yourself is how does the contact make you feel?

If it leaves you feeling joyful and uplifted, I would go with it and just see where the communication takes you. There is nothing to fear from that kind of contact - it's just you talking to you.

Sanaya Roman's classic channeling book might also be worth reading and might answer many of your questions about this kind of experience.


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How does it matter where it comes from? If it makes you and people around you happier, how can it matter?

On the other hand, how can you know that the One writing these words isn't God? Would you recognize him in the street if you saw him?

You know the song 'What if God was One of us, just a slob like one of us, trying to make his way home..'


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I love that song. You have touched on some good points.

(04 Mar '10, 22:39) Pink Diamond

shlama drham. to answer your question, personally speaking i do NOT think any human can FULLY conversate with god(all depends on your state). see god is pure POSITIVE spiritual energy, something that humans IN THIS STATE are not. for us to be able to conversate with god we must be on his"level" to say. in other words we must share the same type onf energy that he does. and living in this world is it nearly impossible for there is much negativity. the only way that you can somewhat "purify" yourself is through LOTS of prayer and LOTS of meditation. only by repeating these 2 techniques on a DAILY BASIS can you purify yourself and be surrounded by pure positive energy. everytime you swaer, everytime you fight, everytime you get angry etc. you are bringin in NEGATIVE energy and LOOSING your positive enrgy(connection to god). for you must understand, gods nature is PURE LOVE(positive energy). when you commit acts that contradict his nature you then also are distaning yourself from him. so in regards to your question wether you truly heard him or not i would say " naw its porbably MOSTLY in your head;) but that doesnt mean that you wer e not connected to him at all;) don't forget that. shlama aqhonee


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Hi Mebb, Is God not the source of our being? Are we not "made in h is image"? In the Bible, Jesus said that "the power that I have so shall you". How do you rationalize these.

(03 Mar '10, 19:23) Drham

lol sup drham. and yes, everyhting you have quoted is absolutly right. but you must remmember brother, jesus was the messiah (annoited one). he was an enlightened individual. are you an enlightened individual my friend?? so as you can see, you cannot compare yourself to jesus or any of the individuals who have reahced the state of enlightenment. they are ONCE AGAIN on a differnt "level" as i have quoted earlier. but it is NOT impossible to reach this level, you just have to really work VERY hard to achieve it;) shalam aqhonee

(03 Mar '10, 20:12) Mebb

In-Tuition. God is the ultimate IT guy :)

Loved hearing of your experience Drham! You must be doing something right :)

I have these experiences also and sometimes he speaks to you thru others. I had one memorable occasion when I was pondering upon a problem and ask for help from above - I was in a plant nursery at the time. Just after I sent the mental message for help an old street man poked his head through the bars on the fence and yelled out to me - "It's all in the timing, it's all in the timing". My immediate reaction was "What the...?" Then I went over to the fence, poked my head through to see him just trudging off into the distance... :)

That advice has helped me then and on many occasions since.


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LOL - That was funny Lorraine. Thanks for sharing.

(04 Mar '10, 00:05) Drham
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