I was watching a Star Trek:Voyager episode about the Borg, an alien species all connected together in one mind, and it got me to thinking that we are something like this on Inward Quest. Now, the Borg are really bad- they assimilate other species against their wills, into their collective, and make them slaves of the "hive"...But all of this resonated with me somehow.

Think about it. We all are affecting each other, especially with the LOA and manifesting. When new people join, they, too, learn about the good effect of the LOA, and "join" our collective....

The Borg have a classic saying: "Resistance is Futile". I resisted the LOA for a long time, because I needed to see how it connected and integrated into my beliefs as a Christian before I could explore its good.

Analogy aside,I wonder: Are we having a collective effect for the good on this planet, because we are all trying to change our thinking?

Our thoughts streak out into the Mind of God, instantly affecting reality in thousands of ways we cannot begin to imagine! So all our thoughts, together, may be doing some good. We are one mind, in a way!

I think it is an interesting thought to ponder. What do you think: are we helping out the planet? Are we becoming a "collective consciousness"?

Here is a fun link to a YouTube music video about humans vs the Borg on YouTube. Even if you are not a "Trekker"; you might enjoy it! Remember: Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated!

Have fun with this!



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Short answer: I think all the time. A huge amount more than one would think. ^_^

(26 Feb '12, 20:59) Snow
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....Nice question Jai

Napoleon Hill sums it up best and calls it a "Mastermind!" It's when a group of 2 or more people get together and are similar and are in harmony with each other (through friendship, business..etc.) the vibrations between this group creates a "Mastermind" or "3rd mind" which everybody in the group benefits from, by having information come to everybody in the group....the 3rd mind "dissolves" when somebody leaves the group.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone were friends who had a Mastermind. They would get together acouple of times a year for hunting trips for a couple of weeks. Obviously "all" benefited from this mastermind.

Napoleon Hill also states that a mastermind could never be formed between a university professor and a bum on the street because they don't have the same interests or outlooks.

With musicians, when in harmony with the other musicians they play with....they (we) can hear the "3rd instrument" when nobody else hears it...the audience just knows it sounds good.

The best Mastermind is that between a husband/wife where they are in vibrational harmony and benefit from each others knowledge.....over time the connection between them with this mastermind is they actually begin to "look alike"...we've all seen this. Perfect vibrational harmony with each other.......I think it's the complete opposite with marriages where the husband and wife have no similarities at all.....and end up in divorce.

With this group here we are all here for the same reason.....Is it a "Mastermind?"


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Yes...We are getting close to "Mastermind", I think! Excellent answer! <3 Jai

(28 Feb '12, 13:46) Jaianniah

For me it certainly feels as if it is one big brain ... when i use the keyboard and communicate with "the machine" i consider as if i'm talking to myself, asking my own higher self for a solution, and very often the next answers that come along reply to my question, sometimes within minutes ... at least that is how i feel about it, though of course intellectually i realize this is not the case, it certainly works in any case as a personal development group on-line

have fun


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blubird two

It feels like that to me, too! <3 Jai

(26 Feb '12, 13:11) Jaianniah

Yes we are changing the collective on I Q. Most of the I Qers are linked into helping one another. We are trying to help each other evolve, and of course it's working Blessings


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"Evolve"---I like that word! Thanks, Jai

(26 Feb '12, 14:58) Jaianniah

You are very welcome

(26 Feb '12, 17:45) Tom

well jai it is like that in spirit. we all share together and communicate at the speed of light. and the internet is like the physical representation of that in the world. as above so below. every thing we create down here. all ready exist up stair. so yes resistance is futile. people need to stay in the truth. you cannot resist the truth. even when people tell lie or tell incomplete information the truth will eventually come out. so experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Lol. A very fun question indeed!

I've always loved having discussions about 'rationalizing the supernatural', removing the 'just because' parts of beliefs and replacing them with rational explanations. When it gets really weird is when you start testing it and getting back affirmative results. ;) My understanding is something like this:

There are many layers of higher consciousness that overlap and intertwine, very complex, like a dynamic web of energy with infinite different groupings and divisions. There are some general rules like increased relation increases influence, and stronger people have wider reach.

Simply being around people can cause an exchange of energy, which can result in a change in either individual depending on the circumstance. If a person is what I like to call 'on autopilot', they can be very easily influenced by their surroundings. So what people will do is act as 'beacons', broadcasting to anyone who is open to it, and observe a series of similar behaviors or circumstances come together.

A positive example of this is people who will meditate / focus themselves on positive energy and attempt to share that with others. The results can sometimes require no input on behalf of the individual, where they simply observe good coincidence / events / changes / awakenings in the people around them. Seeing strangers get into an accident and everyone being unharmed and kind to one another, general shows of courtesy in public, a trend of friends / relatives having those 'self realization' moments where they change direction in life, etc. Other times the result is more involved, such as random chance delivering a chance to help a stranger or old friend, or maybe a new friend, etc.

A neutral and/or experimental example of this is people going into public and sitting in an outside position, watching the activities of people. They will try to create and observe abnormal behavior in anyone passing by. Some more adventurous individuals will alter their consciousness with substances [such as getting drunk], sit completely quietly somewhere not behaving abnormally themselves, and they will observe unusual results. It's not uncommon to hear stoners claim if they sit at a restaurant quietly and listen to the nearby conversations there are far more philosophical conversations among the other guests when they are high than if they are sober.

I've also been told that we are also constantly exchanging energy with anyone who occupies our thoughts, or us theirs.

I've observed trends where questions here will reflect situations that my friends encounter in real life in one way or another. Sometimes very ambiguously, other times it is very peculiar. So who knows, maybe we are changing countless different higher consciousnesses on a constant basis?


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yes snow some are watcher. they try to create balence. and they observe the flow of the minds and lack of balence and truth.

(27 Feb '12, 19:52) white tiger

Love this question! I believe in the old adages about power in numbers, so certainly I believe we are a "WE" and a force for good, and a mastermind, and an encouragement in the raising of one another. All of that and more. (And it's not coincidentally that we are here, either) Although I had not thought about IQ before in this way, it is true and you gave me something to think about! Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

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