For example, if you told a black slave in the American 1800's to use LOA to own his own farm and cotton fields and employ white workers for a good wage...based on the manifestations of the white men that "ruled" at the time, it would be very difficult to obtain.

How can we find out the degree that our manifestations are in conflict with others manifestations?

For example, now if you told a black man to own his own farm, etc it would be easier relative to the 1800's.

Is there a way to weigh our manifestations against others?


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In order to manifest something, it has to be believable to us. So you're right - that black guy wouldn't have manifested the farm in 1800 because it would not have been believable for him to do so.

I don't think our manifestations ever have to be "based on other people's manifestations" as that immediately sets us up for a limited perspective on what we can manifest.

In order to feel good I think it's important that our manifestations in no way harm another - Hitler was an expert at manifesting but unfortunately used it in a detrimental way.

I think Lost and Found has a good rule of thumb - manifest for the joy and happiness of it.


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I manifest for the end point feeling. Joy and happiness. When you try to manifest that instead of a specific event, the how becomes irrelevant. So if you leave out the "details", then as long as you obtain your goal of that feeling then your universe wins. So back as a slave, it would be easier for one to become happy as opposed to being happy while owning a farm.

Much love.


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jim 10

I agree with Michaela. The way that manifestations of others can affect us is to make it seem more feasible. So, for example, if we see more and more people going to the gym and getting fit, that makes it look a lot more feasible which in turn makes us expect to get fit if we start going to the gym. So, because the expectation is more due to observation of others, manifestation will have to follow in our physical reality to match that expectation.

Same sort of thing happens with people as they age. Because we observe around us that when people age, their metabolism decreases and they become more prone to diseases, most of us expect this to happen when we get older and in most cases, that is why it happens.

Therefore, it is our observation that restricts our manifesting abilities a lot of the time. So, instead we should use the power of our imagination and observe the reality that we desire instead, regardless of what is happening around us.


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nicely put, thanks

(28 Oct '10, 21:12) Back2Basics
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