Say for-instance a relationship or a job. Maybe even something that we currently have that doesnt feel right to us by changing our beliefs, expectation and feelings towards it.

Does this mean there are really no wrong choices and that anything we choose or currently have can be molded into something perfect for us?

I always think in terms of, feel good, then the universe will manifest something already right for us without having to "make it right".

Or do they both mean the same thing?

**Quote from Abraham*

*There is this assumption that it is whatever it is, and I am just the bystander that must accept it as it is...and we say that is NEVER the case! You are such an integral part of every relationship! You can solicit from it what you decide to solicit from it, but you've GOT to decide to solicit from it. Your expectation is the CENTRAL point of attraction in every relationship. Every single time. Now there are those that would say, "Well, the relationship just wasn't meant to be or I just didn't find the right one....and we would rather say to you Find something, and make it right! Find a place to live, and make it right! Find a place to eat, and make it right! Find a relationship, and MAKE IT the right relationship! You have more power in soliciting from wherever you are than any of you give yourselves credit for...and we think the opposite belief is what makes relationships so hard to discover because most go in tentative, most go in not expecting it to be as wonderful as it could be, sort of guarded, afraid of getting hurt, afraid of getting lost, afraid of moving forward in something that may ultimately not be the right thing, and so the vibration or your point of attraction is just the opposite of what you really want to do!



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I don't ascribe to very much of the Abraham Hicks wisdom personally (no negative implications!), so without knowing precisely what was said in its original context, I can't really offer any explanation to assist you with your question. Perhaps adding in an excerpt might help us to help you!

(02 Mar '12, 20:37) eclectic1

+1 for the nice quote

(03 Mar '12, 03:03) Nikulas

Thank You @Satori , you have no idea how helpfull to me this is right now ♥♥♥

(05 Dec '12, 20:36) Starlight

@Starlight - Your very welcome:)

(07 Dec '12, 09:45) Satori

@Satori, thanks for asking this question, is helping me in my understanding, thank you

(05 Jan '13, 21:59) dreamersmiles
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Abraham is pretty much giving another example of what they always say but in a different type of perspective. Every message that they give boils down to feeling good in one way or another.

From my perspective, the phrase "find something and make it right" is basically saying, feel good about the current choice you have just made instead of searching for that never ending destination outside of you.


Don't beat yourself up over the choice that you may think is the wrong choice.

Feeling bad about a decision that is already done, will only lead to more bad things.

Accept where you are right now and fully accept the decision you have made, and feel as good as you possibly can to the best of your ability in this very moment.

The way to get the things you want in this world is to make peace with where you are right now. No matter what the circumstances, start appreciating anything and everything that you can in this very moment.

When you start to accept what is, in this very moment, the current situation you are in that you previously hated or pushed against, may very well change into something fabulous quicker than you can imagine.

Find something, anything, and make it Vibrationally right!

EDIT ADDED 12/7/12:

I just replied to @Starlight in the comments about how nice it is to have empowering quotes around as much as I can as a constant reminder to feel good. It inspired me to look at my Bashar notes section on my computer and the first quote I found seemed to fit this question and answer perfectly.

"As soon as you allow where you are to be all right, you will be able to get where you want to be much Faster."


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Cory - " make it Vibrationally right" love it :)

(03 Mar '12, 00:41) blubird two

Great answer Cory.

(03 Mar '12, 01:33) Benjamin

@cory-thanks.I've been listening to a lot of Abe lately and sometimes I get confused on the information.But really i see it is basically the same message just a different angle to's starting to become clearer now though especially with an answer like this.much appreciated:)

(04 Mar '12, 06:25) Satori

@Satori I understand what you mean about being confused sometimes. It just takes consistent practice in learning how our lives really work to be able to understand things quite a bit easier. I have made significant improvement in my understanding in just the last year and things I didn't understand then are so very clear to me now. Just be patient and allow things to come to you. I have done this a lot more recently and feel better than I have in my whole life. Feeling good is the primary key!

(04 Mar '12, 13:10) Cory

@Cory-happy to hear your feeling good.Being patient and allowing things to come to me sounds good to me.thanks for the advice:)

(04 Mar '12, 15:57) Satori

"Accept where you are right now and fully accept the decision you have made, and feel as good as you possibly can to the best of your ability in this very moment"

@Cory , thank you , this is now pasted into my desktop Calendar , alongside , various other quotes from IQ peeps,I just perpetually rotate them so always there, very helpfull ♥♥♥

(05 Dec '12, 21:33) Starlight

@Starlight You are welcome. I also like to take quotes that resonate with me and put them just about everywhere. I have them on my desktop, my cell phone, on my walls and just about anywhere else I can find a spot. It's nice to be reminded of things that make us feel empowered every single now moment that we possibly can:)

(07 Dec '12, 12:38) Cory

@Cory great answer, thanks for sharing your wisdom with us

(05 Jan '13, 21:58) dreamersmiles

@dreamersmiles You're welcome. I'm happy to help in any way I can :-)

(06 Jan '13, 02:14) Cory
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I must say, now that I have seen the quote you were talking about, it's very nice! I like the answer Cory gave, but I like to simplify when it comes to applying these types of things. So the short answer in my opionion here is: Want what you have, be grateful for what you receive, and you will get what you want. Working with and appreciating what you've already got will set you up vibrationally to receive more and better!


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@eclectic1-thanks for your is to the point and resonates with me.Also thanks for recommending I put the quote I was referring to in my question as it has made it easier to understand:)

(04 Mar '12, 06:30) Satori

Satori, you are quite welcome! It's what we are all here for isn't it? We help one another where we are able. Thank you for your kindness as well!

(04 Mar '12, 09:10) eclectic1

@eclectic1-your welcome:)

(04 Mar '12, 15:59) Satori

I LUV this site sooo much , such caring awesome people , thank you

(05 Dec '12, 21:26) Starlight
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This is very simply put as an old saying...

Leave the Earth better than you found Earth.

It means to correct everything that is wrong in the world. Fix that broken chair, pluck up that beer can laying next to that trash can and place it inside of the trash can. Paint that house that has all the paint falling off.

For years there were places downtown that looked lousy. Old paint that was peeling away but along came someone that cared and said no, we can do better! She got together a lot of artistic people, and painted a world peace mural. All contributed to the painting in their own style and way. It looks beautiful now, it was made right.


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Wade Casaldi

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It means don't assume that to get the job of your dreams you have to get a different job, or that to have a great relationship you have to find a new partner. The thing you want can be made out of the thing you already have.


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