When you find out something didnt go as planned and we get negative news, what are good ways to turn it around. I have just gotten some minor bad news and it was very interesting to see my emotional reaction, but then I was able to neutralize it by just thinking good thoughts, but there were a few minutes there it was a bit negative.
just wondering if there are some specific techniques that help process out bad news and get into the vortex again.


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Today's inbox at the top was this daily quote

Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: Something is important here; otherwise, I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want? And then simply turn your attention to what you do want. . . . In the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin. And—in that moment—your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good. That is the Process of Pivoting.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" # 373

Our Love, Jerry and Esther

Ok this isn't the 1st time I've used the daily quote to answer a question but it is really great how often they hit the spot !


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Hey you know I subscribe to the daily Abraham quote as well, it was perfect indeed. Thanks for your answer

(09 Mar '12, 07:37) Greendog

@Greendog Well put. Thankls for posting the quote.

(09 Mar '12, 12:09) Dollar Bill

Love this but then Abraham allways gets it right.

(09 Mar '12, 12:13) Paulina 1
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I always go with the midline. It's the fastest most effective way I know of to stop negative emotions. I used to use EFT but Midline Therapy as I call it does the same thing even faster. Cuts a couple of minutes of tapping down to about one or two seconds without moving a muscle. Look at my answers to Fairy Princess's questions here to learn more... http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/45797/what-is-the-midline-and-how-do-you-apply-it


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Sounds interesting, will check it out now and let you know how it works for me. Thanks!

(09 Mar '12, 07:38) Greendog

Will have a look for this is the first time I've heard of Midline Therapy. Thanks

(09 Mar '12, 12:15) Paulina 1

I find the serenity prayer helps.

God grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the differance.

I forgot who wrote it but it works for me.


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Paulina 1

my favorite prayer also, @Paulina 1 Theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr is the author. Many of our democratic leaders as well as Martin Luther King quote him. He contributed greatly to foreign affairs. He battled both Communism & the Ku Klux Klan.

(09 Mar '12, 15:16) ele

@Paulina 1 here's a link to Niebuhr; which I hope you find interesting


There is also another stanza in the original version of the Serenity Prayer. This is part of it.

Living one day at a time, Enjoying one moment at a time, Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace

There are a few more verses to this . . . and as always, take what you like or what resonates with you & leave the rest, as I do...


(09 Mar '12, 15:23) ele
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