I guess I won't bother copy and pasting the emotional scale by Abraham here as it has been mentioned a few times before, you can check it out here if you have never heard of it before (just a random link which has the emotional scale).

The thing I am confused about anxiety or nervousness is because I suffer from it to a slight extent, and personally I think it should be around 13.Doubt and 14. Worry (as you are anxious about the things that might happen in future, nervous about the unknown, etc).

Now the thing here is that I have also noticed or heard stories that people who suffer from mild anxiety can sometimes slip into chronic depression if they do not learn how to control it well enough. But most of the time these people don't seem to have any anger outrages etc.. I mean you don't often remember people whom you know who are suffering from depression being angry before in their lives?

From my own experience, I would say that I sometimes feel myself a little bit depressed and fear(the feeling of not like doing anything at all,etc) due to this mild anxiety.

To me, fear comes from worrying about the future, the unknown, decisions that you might have regretted in the past, etc..

Therefore the problem here is that I do not really seem to remember myself passing through the bottom few emotions such as anger/hate/jealousy but yet seem to be moving freely from anxiety to mild depression/fear and vice versa.

So why is this happening, or is anxiety not really supposed to be around the emotions of worry or hate as I felt it should?


Simply put :

  • I get nervous easily most of the time
  • While I try to analyze why this is the case so that maybe I can change certain beliefs about myself, I find that this nervousness usually tend to come from worrying about outcomes or the unknowns, or disappointment/regrets about certain decisions in the past
  • Recently, this nervousness has seemingly led to me having slight depression and being more fearful of certain things
  • But I have not felt really angry, so how is this jump in the emotional scale possible?

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bumping this to the top to get more input.. and also simplified my situation so that it is easier to understand

(17 Mar '12, 10:16) kakaboo

i would say that anxiety or being nervous stand on what is out of your hands and that is where you need hope and faith. because you and every one else have free will can you hope and have faith that everyone will make the right choice for them self and other? some will be selfish and say i do not care about other it does not affect me. until they see that it does affect them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9i-7AxJb4OE but they should have know what you sow you shall also reep. how can you prevent it? by staying in the truth.


answered 14 Mar '12, 08:41

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white tiger

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