I've really bought into this idea of the emotional guidance scale floating around on Inward Quest and from the teachings of Abe.

I've studied the teachings of abe for the past 6 months or so. I've also done some Zpoint work, although I stopped using it after a few weeks. I believe it served its purpose for the time being.

Well after working with Zpoint and other "games"(focus blocks ect...) I started to noticed that my predominant vibration was that of Boredom and contentment. Keyword being predominant. At first I didn't understand why but after asking some questions, finding some answers and also looking at the emotional guidance scale in a new light something clicked. And slowly over time it seems my predominant emotions/vibration/feelings have moved up the scale gradually from Boredom > Contentment > Hopefulness > And presently Optimism. (Note: this is without much actually changing in the physical)

Is this a fair assessment? I've never really looked at my predominant emotions in this way before.

Is it possible to track our progress on the emotional guidance scale, predominantly?

What happens as we get closer to the top of the scale around Joy? Does contrast cause us to drop down and we climb the scale once again?
I guess I’m reaching for a glimpse of what is to come if I really am moving up the scale? The possibilities are starting to excite me as I read this.

Thanks guys!

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Chris 2

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Yes, you can chart your progress with the emotional guidance scale. It's all about how you feel, the vast majority of the time. The better you feel, the more progress you are making. And yes, the more you are able to stay in the higher reaches of the scale the more you will be able to view the world through the eyes of love and joy. Years ago I would think of politicians and get angry. Now, when I think of politicians, I think love and appreciation. Over all, I know I'm making progess because my predominant feelings are that of love and appreciation.

Peace and Blessings



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