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I have been able to experience some dramatic positive changes in my behavior. Have been thinking about how this may have come about. Would like to begin on a few basics that seem to fit in with ideas of Source and Self.

I accept the idea that I can not change another person's behavior, to mold it into something that pleases me. I have difficulty in changing MY own behavior into something that pleases me. Why do I do things that turn out dis-useful to me? Say the wrong things? Hurt myself or others? Can I really examine my self, my motives, my actions with my conscious mind?

Even if I get to the basics of why I may be doing some behavior, can I change it? Does cognitive therapy really work? I really do not think so. Do I care about "why" more than changing behavior into more useful loving directions?

I have only a fingernail grip about what goes on inside my computer (or inside myself), but I know I can run a utility that will clean and fix my computer's problems. How about a utility that will clean my problems?

Maybe I have one and here is how it works. As a businessman I like to see my inner as an office building filled with people doing different jobs; the trillions of conscious cells within me, each doing something good for me.

I begin with the postulate that all these cell-people are working for my benefit. They have my best in mind. But, maybe they have limited options(?)

When I was a child, my mother told me not to go out in the rain without and umbrella or I would catch cold. I know my mother loved me and wanted me to be comfortable, but her method of insuring this was to tell me I would get sick otherwise. I tried to change her presentation, to not say I would get sick, but to say that I would be more comfortable. You can imagine how far I got with that! She stuck with her limited options. Maybe we all tend to do this unless prompted in the right way.

So lets say there is this part of you that, for its own very good reasons, makes you think negative thoughts. And you say to that part, "stop making me think negative thoughts!" I think that part would resist as my mother resisted. However, in order for it to keep you safe, it makes me think negative thoughts. It just needs some more options, some more tools to help you get the goodies.

I tried to have a talk with my insides, but met resistance. I wanted to know how the digestive process really worked. I got a clear answer saying, "Not gonna tell you! Remember when you decided to control your heart beat and got it down so low that I had a hard time maintaining the rest of your body? You want to know how the digestive process works so you can meddle with that, eat two dozen cream filled donuts and have them whizz through without making you fat or sick. It could be done, but it would triple my load. So I ain't saying nuthin!"

Hmm, doesn't trust me. I understand. I can be an inventive meddler. The part that made me inappropriately angry won't even tell me why it does it, just that it thinks it is necessary for my overall health and well-being. Maybe it is trying to protect me from bad people? I don't - can't -- really know. But it wants me to be happy.

Who does it trust? The other cell-people? My Source? Universal mind Source? Well, let's put that concept to work. Here is what I have been doing when I recognize a behavior that I find irrational and disuseful, like Road Rage. I once had that badly! Someone cuts me off in traffic? They are going to get a Lesson with a capital "L"! That I put my family, my wife, myself in danger did not matter at that time. Yeah, I went nuts and no amount of inner talk could change my responses!

So I had a different kind of talk with mySelf. I know that my inner parts know how to work together. Somehow, some of them were programmed by my parents, by my environment, by my teachers with limited options.

I ran this utility.

  1. I recognoze that there is a part of me that had my best interest in mind by causing me to react this way.

  2. I thank that part of me for doing its job very well.

  3. I suggest that part could have additional, I don't say better, options as to how to fulfill that way of protecting me.

  4. I suggest that part of me does not need to make me conscious of what it is trying to achieve, or how it is going about making this happen. It isn't going to tell me anyway.

  5. I do suggest that part has my permission and desire to go to the Source and find additional options as to how to do its job in other ways. I want to add to, not take away options. It can keep the old options in case it feels a need to use one of them.

  6. Take responsibility to implement any one of these options whenever IT feels it is the best option to make me happy and healthy.

That is it.

An amazing thing happened, I quit road rage, like I never had it. Like I have been mellow on the road all the time. No effort. Default options have changed at a deep inner level. I don't really notice when people cut me off, though, for a while my wife cringed, fearing my reaction was going to be violent.

The violence I once felt is gone. It seems like a surreal day-dream that I ever felt this way.

As far as the "why" goes, it is really unimportant, but can be dug up if desired. I worked with a woman once who was very much over weight. Diets were useless. Will power ineffectual. We ran this utility and she began losing weight, it came off slowly, she ate what she wanted, but found her eating habits had changed. She no longer craved the fat-producing foods. She experienced no feelings of sacrifice. The weight melted away until she achieved her target weight and she maintained it there. No effort.

She came back with a burning question, wanted to know WHY? We put her into a deep trance and what ultimately emerged was that a part of her, was afraid she would be unable to resist seduction attempts from men outside her marriage, and that this could destroy her marriage, so it kept her fat and unattractive. That part found better ways of stopping potential suitors. It still did its job, but in the best way to make her happy and healthy. She did not need to be fat anymore.

I do not suggest this is an underlying reason people gain or lose weight. Each person is different.

Will this utility work for anyone? Don't know. Works for me. I am posting this as Wikki Community because I am not really asking a question. Like to have your feedback.

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Dollar Bill

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I find that regression is a wonderful tool, but the Key lies within. love and light.

(13 Mar '12, 19:33) Roy

Awesome post! I am going to re-read this later tonight and try it out! :)

(14 Mar '12, 09:55) cassiopeia

Love this thanks for sharing. It is wonderful to share something that can help others so as far as I'm concearned you are a champion. I'm goin to try it on myself and give the info to others that need it most especially my nephew who also suffers from road rage.

(31 Mar '12, 05:12) Paulina 1
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I would like to address a few points of your post. And please note, I have wrote my comments on your ideas the moment I read them. I didn't read the whole article first, because due to its length I was a bit afraid of not being able to go back in the same depth of thought that I could exercise while holding each thought in my mind at the moment it was provoked and expanded. Upon finishing reading your post, I realized that you have addressed some of your questions in your own way. But here it goes anyway.

Can I really examine my self, my motives, my actions with my conscious mind?

  • I firmly believe you can. And not only you can, you should. Conscious mind is a tool over which we have direct control. And through which we influence subconscious mind as well. We act out of one, either conscious or subconscious, mind at time. When we are self-aware, we are able to take a step back to evaluate what is happening instead of personalizing the situation and we act from conscious mind. But when our self-awareness is not present, we act out of our subconscious mind. Which might sometimes result in two completely different responses depending on our current state of self-awareness. Especially at times when self-development is primary concern of an individual and conscious mind makes quantum leaps distancing itself in great speed from subconscious one. Good thing is, we can use conscious mind to change subconscious one.

Do I care about "why" more than changing behavior into more useful loving directions?

  • I would suggest that answering 'why' is very essential to anyone's progress. 'Why' is like a key, it opens any door of any belief you have and live by leading you to greater understanding about yourself. If for example you have headaches often, you can either take aspirin (which is just avoiding dealing with the real cause) or you can examine why is it happening. Perhaps you find that insufficient water intake is the cause. Drinking more water will solve the issue for good. But then you have to answer ''why'' you are not drinking enough in the first place. And so on until you find the very core belief from which all of this stem. ''It's better to repair your car first and get it into excellent state before going for a ride, instead of trying to travel with a broken one.''

How about a utility that will clean my problems?

  • Just as the programs that run the computer were scripted by someone, so the programs that runs you were scripted - by you, your environment, your family, your colleagues etc. To which degree each of these influences has scripted you depends on other factors. Mainly your understanding of responsibility - that is ability to your choose response. For example people who think of themselves as losers, because they were told a thousand times they are loser they started to believe it, will act throughout their life like losers. That is they rarely ever amount to anything. But if they understand in great detail they have ability to choose their response to seemingly unsuccessful events, they stop seeing failure as their destiny and will see it as an opportunity to learn and grow. The point is, it's all about your point of view, and this POV has been heavily influenced by many factors. Your can get rid of that influence and re-build your own script, all by yourself. But that of course mean you must cross some borders and bring down some walls which might be painful experience. For example, I could understand that some people are scared and would never crossed the boarder of family bond, but if you are really open minded and dare to get rid of your belief that your family member is more important than a stranger, in other words that all are equal, and that this family bond is just a creation of our society, your dimension in which you operate will expand greatly. The whole new point of view will be available and you will never see the world the way you used to.

The part that made me inappropriately angry won't even tell me why it does it, just that it thinks it is necessary for my overall health and well-being. Maybe it is trying to protect me from bad people? I don't - can't -- really know. But it wants me to be happy.

  • "Behold, fears and anger are false protectors of ours. Educated knowledge is what protects us from danger." This is quite tricky, I learned only a few days ago about anger,..that it is in a way translated as a threat to either our sense of self or our security. Imagine now, how many insecurities one bears within himself and how many triggers exist in the world that can make him angry. Again, being aware of relationship of one matter to another and another, how everything relates to itself is the key.

answered 14 Mar '12, 06:06

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@calonLan Thank you for your detailed and well-thought out reply! You have helped me think about this is a way that I feel needs clarification, at least to me.

(14 Mar '12, 07:50) Dollar Bill

very good Canonlan.

(29 Mar '12, 15:52) white tiger

Words of wisdom. A great answer.

(31 Mar '12, 05:21) Paulina 1
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We are consistently inundated with sensory input. Our subconscious filters out about 95% of this as being unnecessary. The filters are our default belief patterns. These belief patterns were programmed into us by ourselves, mentors, environment, etc. Some have little logic behind them, but they can be very powerful. Mostly these patterns were not designed by the conscious mind and they can make you feel good (useful) or feel bad (disuseful).

I found that, for me, and this is the only perspective I can have, my subconscious is not easily changed by my conscious mind. In fact it seems that my subconscious mind throws up smokescreens when I try to apply logic in regard to changing it.

I can force myself into different behaviors, but this does not have long lasting change. The conscious mind is a flighty thing compared to the subconscious. Always running hither and thither while the subconscious mind proceeds in silent solemn dignity. How long would I last if my subconscious immediately responded to every whim I have? If I had to make conscious the things my subconscious mind does automatically, Breathing, heartbeat, etc.

And do I care "why" I react in certain ways? No. I just want outcomes, happy outcomes. For me, "why" is irrelevant and I am not getting a straight answer from my subconscious anyhow!

A recent example is that I found a person very abrasive. Really rubbed me the wrong way. Got under my skin and I became angry, unreasonably angry, but, I felt it was justifiable anger. I felt I was RIGHT! All my logic pointed to the absolute fact, in my mind, that I was absolutely correct in my assessment. Use them as a mirror to work on myself? Are you freaking kidding me! I was right! They were wrong! A lot of stuff entered my mind about how to prove them wrong and myself right!

Then I realized I was going around with a tight solar plexus. Good indication to me that I was not happy! So I decided to ignore them. I even found software that would allow me to block seeing their name or comments on the site I was otherwise enjoying. An "Ignore Button."

But I was still feeling pinched off from my Source. Not only feeling pinched off, but a lot of other things in my life that usually worked very well, were not working well. Karma? Retribution? Mistakes that I normally would not make? Consequences.

I believe it was that I was not well connected to my Source, my Inspiration, my Guide, my God and my happiness. Me screwing up me! No one else! I am the Cause and Continuation.

So I ran myself through the above process. The next morning I woke up and decided to remove the blocking software and have another look at this person. *There had been a miraculous change in him!! He was making lots of sense! Good, eloquent, intelligent, meaningful remarks! Hot damn, he had made all the changes I wanted, overnight!

I searched his previous posts. I found abrasive nastiness! Sure! But It came from me! FROM ME! I began editing my posts.

Do I really give a rat's ass about WHY I felt negative before? Big, fat NO! Do I know WHY I felt badly before? Another big, fat NO! In fact asking that question tended to bring up some nasty past stuff. Solar plexus crunch, oops, ouchies!

He did not change. I did. My perceptions, my responses, my beliefs, my filters changed. I made a partner with my subconscious mind ("Max"), let Max find some other options and use them when Max feels it is best to do so and the patterns changed!

I don't know what happened. I really, really don't care! Did I hold it up to Truth? Seek? Knock? Experience? I DID hold it up to Joy, and I experienced a change. Do I now like everything he says, not everything, but most of it and when I don't like something, I have a look inside myself.

I am not saying this process outlined above will work for everyone, nor that everyone should use it. In the beginning I had little belief it could do anything. Did not make a lot of conscious mind sense, but it has worked for me.

Often I don't feel it the next morning. Usually I am just cruising along and enjoying life and I have a momentary thought that I used to react in less functional ways.

My wife has begun to believe that Road Rage is no longer and factor, but it took her a while to embed that belief. For a while, she cringed when someone cut me off, fearing that I was just holding it in with pressure building inside me. I felt a mild amusement as though I was experiencing a deja vu dreamlike state. No adverse reactions to Road Rage anymore, at all.

What happened inside me, I don't care, but when that solar plexus begins to tighten I am going to stop and run the process!


answered 01 Apr '12, 10:56

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Dollar Bill

Good for you and if it pleases you to not know than so be it. Just wondering what name I shall give my subconscious. Madam sounds good for after all she is at times a real bloody madam that doesnt allways listen to me.

(02 Apr '12, 20:08) Paulina 1

i am happy that you are starting to feel whole again. experience and enjoy.

(03 Apr '12, 04:26) white tiger

@white tiger - you are a good teacher.

(03 Apr '12, 19:27) Dollar Bill

I am not your teacher. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated from the bubbling spring that I have tended.”

(03 Apr '12, 19:39) white tiger
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Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

and have put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.

you have free will and can make all the change that you need. be the light that you can be. experience and enjoy.


answered 14 Mar '12, 07:52

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white tiger

@white tiger I am familiar with the biblical quotes, however I don't understand how these relate to my question. Kindly clarify.

(14 Mar '12, 10:54) Dollar Bill

well Dollar Bill we are made in the image of God with the same potential and free will. to change or modify your self you need to renew your self in knowledge. knowledge is truth the more truth you know the more change you make to better your self. this is how it relates to your question. did this clarify it for you?

(14 Mar '12, 11:11) white tiger

@white tiger I have been curious about the phrase "made in the image of God" I have also just posted a question about this. Perhaps you would comment there. Knowledge of truth is important for change, but how do you determine "truth" from Truth? No, your answer does not clarify it for me. I intuit there is a deeper meaning in your intention.

(29 Mar '12, 14:32) Dollar Bill
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Let me give an example of conscious and subconscious mind interplay. As part of a demonstration of hyphosis, I asked a young woman to take part in an experiment on "Cognitive Recognition."

I hypnotized her in front of an audience. In a deep trance I gave the command that when she saw me touch my face with my hand, she would unbutton the top button of her blouse. When I put my hand in my lap, she would re-button it. She was to consciously forget the command.

Brought her out and began talking with her about other subjects. As I touched my face, she unbuttoned the top button, then as I lowered my hand she re-buttoned. We did this seveal times until I drew her attention to her actions. She stated that she was not aware that she was doing this.

We continued talk and she continued her actions, but there was some tension. The audience was chuckling, which added to her frustration. I asked again. She stated there was a draft and she was cold, then the draft stopped and she was alright. The audience began to laugh.

I stilled them and asked again. She became angry and told me that she was really feeling sick and to quit bothering her! I told her about the command and the buttons. She was a good sport about it. I gave her a few minutes while we talked and then touched my face, her hand rose about halfway and she consciously stopped it. We did this several times more and each time her hand rose in varying degrees before she stopped it.

My point was that when she did not understand the situation, the stimulus and response command, her conscious mind tried to find a correspondence, but she only offered conscious mind excuses.

Even when I told her the story, she continued to have a subconscious mind response, however with some effort, she was able to control it. But she still responded until I took her back into trance and removed the command.

I don't feel comfortable in dealing with dis-useful response pattern by using hypnosis. It can work, but I like a more personally interactive method in which the person uses their inner processes to make changes that they find beneficial is more effective in the long run.

Though I like certain therapy processes and appreciate the good therapists do, I am also aware of the biases therapists can bring to the table. They sometimes feel the client needs to change in ways the therapist feels appropriate. I want the person, in concert with their parts to find their own solutions and I believe we have a natural tendency toward joyful answers.

I find that there are deep seated responses and belief systems in the psyche and that some of these we do not find useful, and these patterns are extremely difficult to reach with the conscious mind.

I did a lot of work with returning Vietnam vets. These young men and women, many of them in their teens, had developed deep seated problems. Phobic response patterns. Traditional therapeutic methods either worked very slowly or not at all.

Though my studies and research are still in the infancy stage, I think that a way of connecting Source, conscious and subconscious can result in dramatic positive change.


answered 14 Mar '12, 11:44

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Dollar Bill

Well done Dollar Bill.

(31 Mar '12, 05:28) Paulina 1
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