When it comes to meditation, it seems that it is highly recommended not to lie down (be it whether you are listening to a guided meditation CD or not), whereas for subliminals and paraliminals, they explicitly state that it is perfectly fine for you to lie down or even drift off to sleep in the meantime while listening to them.

Why is this the case?

Of course I slightly get it why it is not ok to fall asleep during meditating when you are not listening to a guided meditation CD, but when you are listening to one, isn't it about the same as listening to a subliminal or paraliminal recording?

asked 15 Mar '12, 06:13

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I think meditation CDs are only trying to help keep you focused on what your doing, while subliminals are trying to plant new thoughts. Sleeping during subliminals/paraliminals makes sense. But if you fell asleep during a guided meditation, you'd just be sleeping listening to music... it would still be soothing and calming, I would assume... but I don't think you'd be meditating.

But I think you're just advised not to... I like to meditate right when I lay down for bed, just because I go to sleep so fast. But i t doesn't feel as good as meditating while I'm awake. So sleepings not bad, but you don't seem to reap the full benefits of it.

That's just if guided meditations are trying to only help you meditate... if they do something else, then they would probably still benefit you when you slept, just not as much as when you're awake.


answered 15 Mar '12, 13:37

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