How does one identify signs from the Universe that harmonious thoughts within are bearing desired results without?

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Your physical reality without will always be a reflection of those thoughts within.

When those thoughts do indeed become harmonious there is no way your outward manifestation cannot reflect that back to you. Harmony within will always result in harmony without...aligning with that One Principle which drives the universe (whatever you choose to call it) and Being that which you're looking for is the only true route to success and the signs will never need to be questioned.

Whatever you choose to Be will render the desired results... even those who choose to Be a failure are successful at it :)


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Great answer @Michaela, a very nice way to start my morning :-).

(16 Mar '12, 10:41) Kriegerd

it may be seen on your
physical vehicle
how it reacts to
the generated energy

it may be seen in your
does it sway choice
effecting associates

have we seen a way to
tune in or towards it
for synthethic resonance


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Go within, examine your beliefs, notice how those beliefs manifest in your life. Rinse and repeat. I've become so used to noticing things like this that it's something I hardly think of, I just 'know'.

It's good on the one hand because if I have negative thoughts, I know how it will affect my life and that gives me fair warning to do something about it before it manifests. On the other hand, sometimes it's more difficult to stop the thoughts so it's a bit like watching a car crash in slow motion!


answered 16 Mar '12, 11:43

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