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Some people say that as we are already part of God, there is no need to "do" anything to connect with Him except to think on Him- in other words, pray.

But, for some people, prayer does not come easily, or is rejected for one reason or another.

I have described the Mind of God elsewhere on this site. It is quite beyond amazing; it was quite a vision to behold, which is why I had to tell of it. I told you that every thought you have goes out into the Mind of God. Every One, no matter how small or big. And Prayers are especially powerful, as they are deliberate, directed thought that is "aimed" at the Source of all Creation- God. But Manifesting is made possible by the same power as prayer. What you think becomes real.

This is the process I wish to talk about. Just how does that happen?

If you understand that thought is created biochemically, and eventually is carried by electrical current, then you know that we thus create a "field" of thought around us which can be measured and observed. (Ever had an EEG? That test is designed to check out the electrical currents flowing in your brain.)

God, or Creator, or Source, has a field so huge that it encompasses the Universe. Imagine that. So our thought energy already "touches" God's field of thought. But if that thought is not directed , if it is undisciplined, then nothing much happens- at least, not to you. But every thought counts, as I said. If enough people think the same thing, then that thing comes to pass.

About a week ago, I had a sort of breakdown. I fell twice this past September, and sustained three broken ribs (5-7, in case you know about these things), a shattered thumb, and the second fall damaged my right eye and the orbit of bone around the eye. I am also in Wound Care because i also completely removed the skin on my left knee, and I am diabetic. It will not heal.

Anyway, about the Breakdown: The details are complicated, but I found myself in a difficult, and frightening position. I felt ALONE. (Yes, I have Wade, but I am hoping you can relate to how I felt.). I reached out to God, and I asked God to take the place of my mother, who does not care about me, and my father, who passed in 2006, and was "my" parent. I sorely miss him and am still grieving for him.

I asked God to be my Mother and Father. I asked God to provide for me just for Today. I surrendered to the fact that I needed to think in a whole new way, and i prayed very hard/

The last week has been amazing, Wade and I even received a totally unexpected check in the mail, which bought us gasoline, among other things.

I feel a weight has been lifted.

My shift in thinking, my shift in attitude, resulted in my thoughts changing and being more directed at God. I felt I went from sending mixed and muffled messages to sending out pure, laser-like thought. The results are clear: Our minds connect with God's. All we have to do is direct our thoughts correctly, and miracles happen.

This is not meant to be a hard thing to do. Children can and do talk to God all the time. Jesus said, "Be as little children." Well, I have done that and when I did, I saw that it is really important to think correctly if you want to Manifest good Things.

Thinking is energy, and that energy gets caught in the huge Web that is God's Mind.

Blessings from Jaianniah ♥♥♥

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I felt awakening, you directly strengthen my trust. Thank you. All the prayers to you from Perfect Good.

(16 Nov '13, 00:04) PERFECT GOOD
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Imagine your body, and all of its cells, as a lens, of sorts. Imagine that all the power of your thought is directed through that lens at some end goal.

What happens when something gets created? You start with an idea, a vision of that thing that you want to create. That idea or vision gets focused through the lens of your thought process, and manifests itself in dozens, hundreds or thousands of little decisions and actions.

You share that idea with others. They become attracted to your idea, and add their little actions to yours. The effort towards building your thing multiplies. Thorny problems emerge, but you have flashes of insight that solve them. Others bring new ideas to the process that improve efficiency, and help you achieve your creation faster.

But it all starts with that original vision, the image of your creation, complete and finished.

God gave you a brain and a body and hands, to help you achieve that power of creation. Thinking correctly is essential; you must be confident in your vision, and your ability to achieve that vision, in order to achieve it.


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You said it perfectly. Too bad I cannot just copy and paste what you wrote into the question! LOL! One way or the other, thinking is the start of great things, isn't it? Love you- and have missed you- Jai ♥

(13 Nov '13, 17:45) Jaianniah

vesuvius, perhaps the brain is a material substance, a tool for ratiocination. the seed that gives us life as a human being is ethereal and spiritual. and we create or believe what culture sees within acceptable limits, unless we use our mind as it was designed

(18 Nov '13, 18:24) fred

here is what you said at the beginning: Some people say that as we are already part of God, there is no need to "do" anything to connect with Him except to think on Him- in other words, pray.

let me ask you this simple question: if one is connected is he divided?

for the moment many are divided in them self. they are like 2 person in the same boat trying to go in opposite direction. when they become one again they will go in the same direction and the boat will move forward.

is that not something simple to understand?

some see it on the outside but they do not see it on the inside. when there is a division on the inside you will see it on the outside, since everything start from with in and go out. when you solve the division with in even if some are divided outside of you it is their choice you are not responsible of it they are , why torture your self? or why cast stone at them? they should know better eventually they will reach this understanding, until then let them experience and enjoy when they will have enough they will move out of the darkness and be the light that they can be.

you that are in this boat did you catch some fish or do you want me to point to where to cast the net?

cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.

Let there be light , be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 16 Nov '13, 19:06

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white tiger

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A short time ago while clicking on different questions, I saw a mention of hub pages & remembered how many times you urged me personally as well as others to read what you wrote there. This info was also in your profile. It's not there now. I didn't have time last year to read it. I'm sorry I didn't.

"*About a week ago, I had a sort of breakdown. I fell twice this past September, and sustained three broken ribs (5-7, in case you know about these things), a shattered thumb, and the second fall damaged my right eye and the orbit of bone around the eye. I am also in Wound Care because i also completely removed the skin on my left knee, and I am diabetic. It will not heal."

"It will NOT heal"

Is that is your belief, it prob will NOT heal.

I wonder Jai, are you intentionally trying to harm yourself to get attention or feed your illness?

"I began hurting myself- I repeatedly tried to break my left and right arms, but the bones just would not break. I ran up a lot of doctor's bills.

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"and what the heck did I do to deserve this???" Well, for starters, you tried to murder the father of your children. I try to avoid judging people because you never know the full story, the full context of things. But Jai, I find it strange that you would call John to talk about how you felt and not to apologize for trying to run over him. That shows a deep disregard for the emotions of others. The number of actively bad things that seem to happen to you is unusual and maybe ele has a point.

(20 Nov '13, 21:14) flowsurfer

The hatred issue is something I very much understand. While my history is not the same as yours Jai, I had other issues. And the only thing that really calmed down that hatred and sense of loneliness was "surrendering" to the idea that God was "by my side", very much like you asking God to be "your parent". So I think you are on the right track here. I've had issues with that too, but it is the only thing that can fill my heart with love and ease away the hatred.

(20 Nov '13, 21:33) flowsurfer

@ele you should be in politics. You seem to enjoy digging in people's past to rake up muck and make them look bad in the present. At least I know you are having a ball doing it to Jai.

(21 Nov '13, 00:11) Wade Casaldi

@Wade You directed the members of IQ to read all about Jai's DID on her hub pages a couple months ago & you provided a link. I also assumed anyone who joined prior to early 2012 had already read this. I thought I was the only who didn't.

(21 Nov '13, 00:24) ele

@Wade "Agreed, she is systematically trying to cast doubt as to the validity of Jai's experiences. She is trying to ruin Jai's reputation. Ele obviously hates Jai, she has no idea of the progress Jai has made and doesn't seem to care." ~ Wade Casaldi (meta 11/20/13) Don't blame me Wade - this is ALL your creation. You are a powerful manifestor -- I didn't post any of these links till after you wrote that. Careful what you wish for Wade cause you just might get it.

(21 Nov '13, 01:26) ele

I do not believe ele should remain suspended. I am not aware of anything that she has done that warrants it. While before I thought Jai was stuck in a victim role and she needed help recover, I now get the impression, based on Jai's own words, her explicit actions and my own experience with "victim personalities" that Jai is actually a predator, using the victim role as cover. In fact, I now have serious doubts that she was in fact abused as a child and I fear for Wade's safety.

(22 Nov '13, 20:07) flowsurfer

When people say they are suffering, I take them at face value. However, I have a lot of experience with people who use real and/or fake suffering as a means to manipulate and abuse others. Jai has confessed to attempted murder. I cannot judge her as I do not know the full and accurate details of her life but I find it deeply disturbing that ele is the one that has been suspended.

(22 Nov '13, 20:18) flowsurfer
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