Having read a fair amount of material about how our thinking creates our lives from the spiritual, metaphysical, quantum, bio-chemical, neurological etc., points of view; the relationship of our thinking to our beliefs; our subconscious; and the Law of Attraction, it seems that our beliefs are the filter for our lives for the better or worse. Some people think changing our beliefs is difficult but, if you look at this logically, it occurs to me that, if you think it is easy to do something, (which could includes changing your beliefs, rather than taking on someone else's belief that it is difficult), then surely it should be easy to change your beliefs. After all, our beliefs create our own personal reality. So, logically, our beliefs about our damaging beliefs and how we can deal with them, must also be governed by our beliefs.

What do you think - can it be this simple?

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We will hold our beliefs as long as they "work" for us. Occasionally, life throws an experience at us that challenges our belief system to the point that we sometimes have to reevaluate and adopt some new beliefs. You're right about our beliefs being like a filter through which we experience and learn about our world. More importantly, our beliefs are the template (mold, model, pattern, paradigm) that serves as a pattern for the quality of our life. When someone believes that they don't deserve something, they will inevitably fail to obtain it or will quickly lose it. Conversely, if you believe you do deserve something, the amazing creative faculties of your mind will lead you toward that something. And, yes, the Law of Attraction applies. As you believe, the resources of the Universe become available to assist you toward that goal. Changing our beliefs is easiest for those who are open-minded and introspective. To be able to say, "This belief no longer helps me make sense of the world" or "this belief is not helping me fulfill the purposes of my life" enables a person to look at other possible beliefs and adopt those which best seem to "fit".


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I should add that another factor regarding how easy (or not) it is to change one's beliefs is the emotion or feelings that are attached to the belief. An emotionally charged belief can be more difficult to change than a belief that is held for intellectual reasons. Even so, emotionally charged beliefs can be changed, too. Choosing to behave in a different way, or thinking about something in a new frame of reference (a different context, a paradigm shift) are ways of bringing about different feelings that can make it easier to change our beliefs.

(06 Oct '09, 07:37) John

It's my experience that when you reach for something more than you've been used to or doing - you go for it, it's then that those subconscious beliefs rise up and the opportunity to actually see them is present. They are, after all, what has held you where you have been. Changing them, then, seems to be a process of finding them, and then slowly or rapidly, re-versing them.

Sometimes, there's a lot of emotion attached to it. Perhaps the belief was formed at an early age, pre-verbal even, and what rushes forth first is the emotion around the belief. Abiding with yourself in those moments, sort of "watching" rather than being completely engulfed by it, is a good first step. I know I've been amazed by what comes forth, and if I can witness it without judgment and allow it to move on through me, I can then re-verse it for myself and raise that belief into something more useful to my new goals and desires.

I don't think it's necessarily hard to change them, it's getting to them. The natural process seems to be living your life, experiencing a contrast that makes you reach for more (freedom), then being aware and alert that everything that comes into your path from that moment on is for the release of that limiting belief so you can receive your new desire.

I would like to offer that I have posted pictures of myself at every age up on a wall, realizing that one of those "girls" is holding onto that belief. It helps to listen to them, then move them forward, sort of like re-parenting yourself. Then, I connect them with my Godself for "new" beliefs of abundance, fullness and absolute well being. I suppose if it were easy, the whole world would have done it by now and things would look differently. We are pioneers.


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Kathy Kirk

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Whether you think you can or think you can't you are right-Henry Ford


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Actually, from my personal experience .. it's easier than that. beliefs are accepted thoughts. so the question would be .. what would it take for our conscious mind to accept any thought as true ? .. the answer is simple: logic ! our mind would accept any idea if it's ''logically'' true. even if in reality .. it is not. that's the key to change our beliefs instantly. it would only take few minutes to create a logical argument and one second for our mind to accept the conclusions. let me tell you a little ''secret'' .. you know that affirmations are very common ways to re-program our subconscious mind. what if, you stated the affirmation as a conclusion to a logical argument. instead of a statement?? .. try it. it works like magick. in fact, this is the idea behind magick spells/chants. this method for using affirmation, would change any beliefs almsot instantly.


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The thoughts we possess today whether positive or negative are basically habitual thoughts which means they can be changed.

When people talk about controlling our thoughts, many people balk because our minds are like movie reels, turning constantly. So a better way to look at this is to say we "choose" our thoughts. When negative ones creep in, we choose to change them.

This is a process. Rome wasn't built in a day and we do not change our thoughts that quickly. It is a lifelong process is my belief, but the better we get at it and see our life changing for the better, we will build this new 'muscle' if you will and begin choosing positive thoughts over negative thoughts much more quickly!


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Do you know what? At first, I did not find it easy to change all the beliefs I have held since childhood.

I was abused, so I believed that the world was a bad and dangerous place.

That was not an easy belief to give up for a person like me. I think that there are people out there who are struggling with all their might to change what they believe, and they may have come here to get an answer.

And they have read about how simple it is. For me, it was not simple. It involved going deep into my heart. In other words, I had to stand very still, and catch the wrong belief in midstream, and really see it for what it was : WRONG!!!

I had to go within myself, and quiet all the noise, all the fear, and all the confusion, and listen to what I was saying to myself! Then, I had a choice. I could continue to hold all my false and incorrect beliefs- like the one about the world- and see all the people who did not hurt me. I had to pray for confidence. I had to . But once I faced my fears, it got a little easier to believe I could face down all the other mis-beliefs I have held for so very long.

I am not a guru or sage or anything like that. I am a human being. But now I am turning into a spiritual being having a human experience!

I doubt anyone will see my answer. But it was so very good to write about it!

And I say now- MEA CULPA!

Blessings, Jai


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Well, first of all your beliefs are an combinations of the belief system of your parents (or whom ever raise you), your environment, the people and places you have come in contact with, your spirituality or lack of, and your own opinion of all that combined together to decide this is right or not for you. But than as you grow and mature more than you start analizing your own belief system as to why do I believe this or that and than you usually go on an quest for knowledge of why as you journey down this highway of life and in time with much observation externally and internally you change your belief system or improve upon it because this is what you believe because of your own personally experiences with this. Example I believe in God because of my own experiences with him and about him.


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If U think U are right U are .. but if U think U are wrong, U are still right ... it's all veils and assumptions down to the last belief .... a mere validation of sorts till U know more until U realize U didn't at all ... that's the beginning of unfettered and assumed beliefs ... there may be a difference between truth, belief, reality and fact .. yet, potentially all are the same ... for it's what U 'know' and believe that lends meaning and essence to them ...

And it is as easy to change Ur beliefs as it is to acquire them ... it's what U hold onto that matters more when falling in and/or out of beliefs .. the strongest beliefs and the most persistent are the ones that we allow unconsciously to slink past our conscious minds .. and that's what really leads to beliefs ... when growing up, we are rarely critical, we 'allow' but it's only when we realize the gravity of such beliefs that we find ourselves all entangled ... a belief starts with a mere thought, U heard or read or saw something ... without being critical, U thought about it at a later time till it was a groove in Ur soul ... and so is the process in reverse ... just entertain the opposite thought or possibility ... don't let Urself be sucked into a debate with Ur mind/brain ... think the opposite thought till it has become a belief ... it's that easy ... provided U get out of Ur own way ...


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Some of us were raised being told that emphasis gave us a sense that beliefs were static. Our mind set have been programmed in a way that give us a challange when it comes to adopting to change, especially changin beliefs. I have personally experience that through the journey of finding myself, the universe has been helpfull and I know is those baby steps I took to reprogramme myself. So yes it is easy...


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sheila 2

It depends on several factors including but not limited to the beliefs we grew up with, how we respond to change in general, our own life experiences and whether we were blessed with cognitive dissonance or not. I have known people who could not leave a limiting and mind controlling belief because they risked insanity or even worse suicide.

We dance in a sea of semi comatose people. Luckily, critical mass can induce a world wide change if enough people care.


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