Or, if you encountered poverty or suffering yourself, why did you choose that? Did you have a lesson to teach yourself?

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I did not created this world God did from speaking it into exisitance. What ever God speaks it is. God is the creator and we are his children and his co-creators we have that power it has been hidden and now it is being unleash.

I did not bring poverty and suffering of other people into this world an lot of it is brought on by greed of other people taking and mistreating people to get to an certain financial status in life. Even the Kings and Queens of way back did it and created so much poverty while they layed up in lavish surrounding and a table full of food. While they took from the poor and continue to take creating more and more poverty. Create wars to finance and take lands if they were not marrying for more lands they were fighting wars for more lands and possessions.

Yes, I know we are learning that we consiously and subconsciouly co-create our own reallity. But if you are not creating your own reality someone else is differently creating there reality which is overlaping into to your reality which you are not taking part in creating anyway and therefore you are at the mercy of the ones who knows how to create an happy abundance reality while you are in poverty of igornace of not knowing.


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Life is all about having preferences which sets the basis for new desires. But in order to have a preference for something, there has to be some contrast that you observe around you.

To put it into context for your question, until you know what being poor feels like, you will not know that your preference is to not be poor, or to be rich or something along those lines. Suffering and poverty is there so people can have preferences and as a result launch their desire accordingly.

The thing to keep in mind is that you can improve any situation you are in, hence why poverty and suffering can be a very temporary state if people allow their desires to be manifested.


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