And does this mean that the anwsers are mostly from members who are in the vortex?

I ask this because I see members ask questions they have already answered to someone else in the past.

Just an observation:)


asked 27 Dec '11, 18:00

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This question gives me a headache. It is a good question, a great question even, and the "right" question to ask if I were to imply that any question were better or worse than any other.

(27 Dec '11, 22:05) Snow

Satori, best question. It reveals plenty that I was oblivious to...

(28 Dec '11, 13:57) Nikulas

Thanks Nikulas,im happy it led to some insights for you

(28 Dec '11, 14:46) Satori

The reason members ask questions they have answered in the past is because they want to get others oppinions on the subject and because there are not that many questions to be asked anymore for most have been answered already. I have asked a number of questions that I have answered for others out of sheer curiosity to know what others think.

(23 Mar '12, 04:02) Paulina 1
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A couple of principles I've found useful to bear in mind...

  • When you're out of the Vortex, a question or answer written from inside the Vortex is probably going to sound like ..."blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" :)

  • When you're inside the Vortex, a question or answer written from outside the Vortex is probably going to sound like ..."complain, moan, self-justify, complain, moan" :)

And, not only that, when we're out of the Vortex ourselves, we can even forget what we knew when we were inside the Vortex ourselves. See: You are stupid when not in the vortex

It's within the inherent nature of our physical lives for us all to alternate between being inside and outside the Vortex because your Vortex never stands still so we all play both sides of the game on a regular basis :)

So coming to your question...

Is the only reason most of the questions are asked here on IQ because we are just simply not in the vortex as they mostly imply issues or worry or doubt?

I think there are many questions on IQ that are really just seeking specific knowledge but I think you are referring to a particular class of question where the questioner is trying to deal with some current life issue and is asking for advice.

For those kinds of questions, seen from inside the Vortex, it can seem that they imply worry or doubt for the reasons stated above. And receiving an in-the-Vortex answer is just not going to resonate at that moment because it's not a vibrational match to their current feeling.

Indeed, as Abraham have said numerous times, an in-the-Vortex person is just going to be annoying to an out-of-the-Vortex person...."you'll just want to punch their lights out" :)

And, to make matters worse, an out-of-the-Vortex answer to an out-of-the-Vortex question is really not going to be the real, satisfying answer they are looking for...but it will, at least, possibly be a step forward in the right direction because at least it won't sound like "blah, blah, blah" :)

IQ is all a bit of a vibrational mish-mash then (I don't mean this in a bad way) and, depending on how "in" or "out" of the Vortex you are feeling at any time, different questions and different answers will make more (or less) sense to you.

So it doesn't really surprise me that someone can answer a question for someone else (when in the Vortex) and then completely forget their own answer and ask from an out-of-the-Vortex place later :)

Wherever anyone is vibrationally at any moment is just fine because there's never anything wrong with being out of the Vortex.

IQ is only a Hall of Mirrors anyway.


answered 28 Dec '11, 13:30

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i think all newbies, and every member, should read this before using IQ any further. It certianly puts sparks to answers, and questions. Altogether this is a piece of understanding which explains communication between IQ users better.

(28 Dec '11, 13:56) Nikulas

Thanks Stingray.Amazing.sometimes your answers are so obvious and true after i read them i can almost say'i knew that but didn't know I knew it' lol. much appreciated:)

(29 Dec '11, 13:43) Satori

Great answer Stingray.

(30 Dec '11, 08:49) Paulina 1
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All questions are asked by spiritual masters and all answers are from spiritual masters. If you were not already a spiritual master, how would you recognize and know the truth and value of any answer?

All questions and all answers are there to serve the purpose of allowing you to remember and BE who you really are, which is a spiritual master...

...and in 2012 I sincerely hope that you will start pretending that it is All Good. You know, right after you have finished pretending that it is not... 8-)


answered 28 Dec '11, 04:03

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so your definition of a spiritual master is one that knows the truth eddy. experience and enjoy.

(29 Dec '11, 16:23) white tiger

No, everyone is already a spiritual master. Life on earth is a game of remembering and realizing this and thus waking up within this dream state that we call reality. As we advance in our game, we become fully aware that we are dreamers within a dream. A dream that you, as a spiritual master chose to experience from the non-physical perspective that is your natural state.

(30 Dec '11, 01:41) Eddie

I realy like this Eddie.

(30 Dec '11, 08:54) Paulina 1
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Think of your life as a wheel. Around the outside edge of the wheel are your daily life's activities. In the center is God, the Universe, the Vortex, or whatever you want to call it.

Such a wheel might look like this:

alt text

or like this:

alt text

In the center of the wheel is knowledge of the Universe, but not words. On the edge of the wheel can be found many words, but few insights. Time lives on the outside edge; the center is timeless.

It is the spokes of the wheels which allow us to connect the words and trivial activities of our daily life with the wisdom of the Eternal. It is our daily lives which give shape to the Eternal.

We ask questions we have already answered, because we are on different parts of the wheel on different days. The questions we ask (and the answers we receive) depend on where we are on the wheel at any given moment.


answered 27 Dec '11, 23:02

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Your writing is always so very enlightening. Much appreciation for sharing: as always. ^_^y

(27 Dec '11, 23:58) Snow

Love this answer, brilliant.

(30 Dec '11, 08:52) Paulina 1

Hello Satori, as for myself i enjoy questions and answers to deepen my understanding of the visible and the invisible worlds.

Here is a diagram wheel that best shows my view;

It's of chinese origin of course and depicts an eternal dynamic universe.

This probably explains why i prefer questions about concepts and avoid questions involving personal issues. Does that mean i'm in or out of the "vortex"? i haven't a clue ...

have a great day :)


answered 28 Dec '11, 04:52

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blubird two

edited 28 Dec '11, 16:05

well blubird what is a personnal issue? is it not something that bothers you? and if it bothers you is it not a duality? can you understand the concept of duality in all things? how does one do to pass those duality? by knowing the truth about them and putting them to rest. experience and enjoy.

(29 Dec '11, 16:33) white tiger

your comments certainly make sense, thanks white tiger - does that mean i'm in pursuit of the 'truth'?

(30 Dec '11, 05:26) blubird two

Like your answer Bluebird and yes we all are in the vortex some of the time even if we sometimes dont know it. No one in an earthly body can be in the vortex all the time. You know when sometimes you get answers as if out of thin air, that is when you are in the vortex.

(30 Dec '11, 09:07) Paulina 1
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Can I be in the vortex all time? I keep wondering can I master vortex to be always in vortex. But I do not and I can not, and it is not a bad thing.

After reading, rereading and meditating you attain the base of spiritual being, you got the base, but you are not always in your lovely special world, there is life, work, family, customers, neighbors and and.... so you roam around the vortex, sometimes in, sometimes out, but you are vibrating always and that is the demand, to be always there, feeling it,

Law of attraction is a law of thoughts that was and is and will always work, being in the vortex is to master that law to your benefit. You are right that when to answer you are in the vortex and regarding questions too, because when I ask I am in the vortex too, that provoking of mind, and these many many questions and answers must put you in the vortex, sometimes you do not feel it but you are.


answered 28 Dec '11, 11:45

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Wonderful I like this answer.

(30 Dec '11, 08:56) Paulina 1

why do you wash the outside of the cup? do you not know that the one that made the inside is also the one that made the outside? when you can always be the harmony from the inside and outside only then will you always be in the vortex. experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Dec '11, 16:18

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white tiger

Love this, yes the inner and the outer are all one.

(30 Dec '11, 09:01) Paulina 1

Hi Satory, we ask questions on I.Q. because we are an inquisitive lot that love interacting with other like minded people. It has nothing to do with being in or out of the vortex. We sometimes ask a question we answered for someone else because we would like to know others opinnions on the matter. We might know the answer to certain questions and still ask them as we like to know other peoples thoughts on the subject.


answered 30 Dec '11, 09:16

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Paulina 1

Curiosity and love of like minded people is the name of the game here at least in my case.

(30 Dec '11, 09:18) Paulina 1

Sometimes questions are asked in order to explore the other dimension of understanding too.

But most of the times yes, questions are asked because we worry too much and are out of vortex... but that is worth experiencing too... sometimes, we might come across other knowledge dimension during the process of obtaining answers. That is how life goes on for me atleast.


answered 23 Mar '12, 03:10

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