I am curious and open to your feedback as to what The Universe is conveying to me.

Thanks, figure8shape

asked 24 Mar '12, 09:25

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Are they twins?

(25 Mar '12, 18:17) Dollar Bill

It's quite likely they also both have one head, two arms and two legs...but you don't seem to pointing that out as significant.

So it might be of more value to yourself to ask yourself why them having the same birthday is significant to you? From there, you'll understand what the universe is trying to convey to you because it will only be reflecting back to you your own beliefs.

From my experiences, natal astrology is only really valid at the exact moment of birth and, after that, freewill takes over. So if it was me, while it might be momentarily interesting, it wouldn't mean much.


answered 24 Mar '12, 10:43

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Whom did you meet first? Think about this for a moment. It wouldn't be fair to say oh I found someone better like the guy that brings a date to a party and dumps her for someone at the party. That is not very good, I don't think you are like that since you are here on IQ. But if you said yes to the first guy and are now thinking of forgetting him for the second guy what will you say to the first guy when you have to tell him your date is off?

These are things you need to contemplate you could thank God for leading you to the right choice then ask for a sign to know which to turn.

Either way this is wonderful news for you... :-)


answered 24 Mar '12, 11:08

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Wade Casaldi

Hi Wade: I am not dating either (currently)' they're just friends so far.

(24 Mar '12, 14:59) figure8shape

Maybe to look beyond the birthday at the people for who they are. What they bring to your life, their values, etc...


answered 25 Mar '12, 18:26

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Fairy Princess

Let me know your birthday and theirs, and I'd be glad to tell you what is happening through the Book of Destiny System.


answered 25 Mar '12, 20:25

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Oasis: What is the Book of Destiny?

(26 Mar '12, 08:45) figure8shape
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