Consider: Or are they only content because they are wealthy?

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I can only speak for myself. For me the more money i have the more content i get. The thought of receiving money makes me very happy,the thought of buying what i desire makes me happy. So yes,money for me equals contentment.

BUT and its a big but. The "THOUGHT" of having plenty of money makes me happy.

So its not just the actual money in my hand,its the feelings it gives me.

So more acurately i would say that having lots of money makes me feel good.The thought preceding the actual arrival of said money AND the actual receiving of it. Although to me theres not too much differance .

It does sound very materialistic doesnt it.And i will add that it is entirely possible for some people to be very happy with very little.

But the question must be answered honestly by the answerers own standpoint.

Mine is that a couple of hundred thousand would be just enough to buy me something that ive had a tremendous amount of enjoyment and satisfaction just thinking about.

I imagine owning this item will give me equal joy.

So i think for me money and contentment go together.Perhaps the contentment being the starting point for the wealth.



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Your answer holds truth for many people, if I may dare to say it! Thank you.

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Consider: What creates contentment?

I am not able to equate having money with being content. Contentment is a feeling that a person feels when he or she is safe, warm, and has enough to eat; in other words, when all the basic needs are met. I am mostly content. I am not wealthy. A man named Maslow postulated that people cannot achieve great things (self-actualization) until their basic needs are met. Money can buy groceries and shelter, but it cannot buy safety, nor can it make a sad person feel happy. Look at all the famous actors and actresses who have to hire bodyguards so they can get their kids to daycare. Think of all the wealthy people who end up in rehab because they thought that money was the answer, and not being truly happy.

Vee, why are you equating wealth with happiness? Think on this.

Blessings, Jai


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vee only asked the question,she herself may not personlally equate wealth with happiness

(08 Mar '11, 07:04) evelyn

@Evelyn: the comment you made on my behalf is correct! Thank you.

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@Jai: I like to ask all kinds of different questions to get answers from all kinds of different perspectives, but it is not necessarily my value, and belief system. But on the contrary, I enjoyed reading your answer, and I agree. Thank you.

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Wealth and contentment do not go hand in hand. I know wealthy happy people and wealthy unhappy people. There is some difference in inherited wealth and self-made in that self-made wealthy people, like me, seem more content because we know we made it happen.

I know financially poor people who are quite happy, and content. I know poor people who consider themselves to be the victims of wealth people and they are not happy, the difference is that victims place their happiness outside themselves. Place their happiness on the actions of other people.

But if you don't think money can buy happiness, maybe you have never bought a puppy! :)


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nice :) (:

(08 Sep '12, 14:00) Fairy Princess

I am wealthy and I am content. I am wealthy not because of any financial status,but rather because all of my immediate needs of love, shelter and food are met. And yes, this does make me content which increases my wealth in return. A perfect circle.

thank you, namaste


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And I can relate to every word in your answer, thank you!

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