'Happy For No Reason' by Marci Shimoff -- This recorded book was just given to me literally 10 minutes ago. It came to me highly recommended without me asking:) Good things just keep falling from the sky lately for mui:)

Iam getting a hang of LOA...its sort of like banks these days:The more money you have the more money, loans, freebies they'll offer. They'll inexplicably actually charge you for having less money (less than minimum or something).

I think being happy works the same way where the Universe is the bank. Hey, you seem happy, here's more! You seem ecstatic, here's still some more:) Where less money would mean not feeling happy

I won't have time to give it a listen for couple of days, so briefly went to her website: http://www.happyfornoreason.com/Products/HappyBook

'7 Steps To Being Happy From The Inside Out' is the subtitle. Sounds interesting.

There are tons of books on such subjects all over the Internet and since I don't know anything about the author or this book, I am wondering if anyone has read it? What is your opinion on it? Did anyone find it useful?

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Interesting. Even though I have not read the book, I read your question anyway and while doing so realized that I too read all the books on various topics, but never actually expressed what am I looking for. I can more or less feel it, but I haven't verbalized it ever. Perhaps instead of wondering whether the tools the universe offers us can do us any good, clarifying with ourselves what our intentions are would give us more clear distinction of what tools we need to achieve them.

(02 Jul '12, 03:32) CalonLan

I haven't read the book. The Bible says that to those with much, more will be given and to those with little, what they have shall be taken away. It is a mindset that we have much or that we have little that attracts more of that.

(02 Jul '12, 10:16) Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess, I love your answer and agree completely. I have seen this with myself and others so many times!

(02 Jul '12, 10:22) LeeAnn 1

@CalonLan, these days I find myself approaching books or any other material with very specific inquisitiveness. For example, I watch stand-up comedy clips on You Tube in the morning before I start my work. Just 5-7 mins of it and it really put perspective on life for me (regardless of topic being talked about) and energizes my day. Also, I have 'Ask And It Is Given' but haven't started reading it yet. Because I am feeling rather great these days, I might not appreciate the teachings in it...

(02 Jul '12, 10:28) Xoomaville

...so I am saving it for when I am down or feeling not so great, then I'll jump into it. Now, that one has come so highly recommended and many, many people from multiple places have said its great, I am confident that it'll help me MORE during that time:)...my secret weapon as if:))

(02 Jul '12, 10:30) Xoomaville

@Fairy Princess, you said it. Couldn't agree with you more on that one:))

(02 Jul '12, 10:32) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville Making plans for being "down or feeling not so great" ?

(02 Jul '12, 11:05) Fairy Princess

@Xoomaville-Great title!I have not read this book,but funnily enough I have seen it in my amazon recommends list :) The very fact you were recommended this book could mean there is something in it for you that might benefit you.

(02 Jul '12, 11:24) Satori

@Fairy Princess, nope, no plans for anything but 'being happy'..'being happy for a reason is so yesterday...I am going for being so even without any reason:))

(02 Jul '12, 12:10) Xoomaville

@Satori, thank you. Always positive you are. Let me go through these recordings, I'll post my reaction here..maybe helpful for others...its huge btw, 18 chapters, about 600MB...so will take me a while:))

(02 Jul '12, 12:13) Xoomaville
(02 Jul '12, 13:58) Grace
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I haven't read the book but I do have the Happy For No Reason paraliminal recording somewhere, which I think ties into the book, and features her voice also as well as Paul Scheele. More information on Paraliminals here

It was the title of the recording Happy For No Reason which attracted my attention because that title seemed like an excellent approach to life in general :)

As for the recording, I listened to it once, maybe a year or so ago, and haven't relistened since. I don't remember thinking there was anything particularly wrong with it; I was just interested in other things at that time and forgot about it...so I guess it just wasn't for me :)


answered 02 Jul '12, 09:38

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My thoughts exactly...The title is a genius, not forceful, subtle, so apt! Not the usual 'get Happy' or 'Happy Today' or 'Happy Forever'! 'Happy For No Reason' resonates so much just for the reason you mention. I will post back my opinion on it once I get to it. I have Paul Scheele's Paraliminals on my mobile, but they don't do much for me personally. Only, the 'Ten Min Deep Relaxation Break' paraliminal works...at times:)

(02 Jul '12, 10:04) Xoomaville

@Stingray, While we are on the subject, do you have any audio recording you can suggest which is basically a chant/mantra on any of the positive subjects like 'Happy', 'feeling good', 'positivity' etc. in a loop. Something I can listen to during commute or idle time where I don't have to listen-listen and take my concentration off driving:) I have noticed, its during idle time that my mind/thoughts wander...so a distraction stop-gap system would be helpful.

(02 Jul '12, 10:10) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, for best effect, make up your own that resonates with you and put it to music, either a tune you love or one you make up.

(02 Jul '12, 10:44) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess, hmmm...good suggestion. I was hoping for something ready made but if I have to I'll make one!

(02 Jul '12, 10:47) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - What I prefer to do is listen to channelled recordings that resonate with me. One cannot listen to those recordings over any period of time without feeling uplifted. So you get the double-effect of keeping your mind focused in a good-feeling place while simultaneously gaining valuable metaphysical insights: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/53287#53318 . I have an mp3 player just for my car loaded with vast numbers of such recordings :)

(02 Jul '12, 11:12) Stingray

@Xoomaville - It's interesting but even if you don't consciously listen to the words, you still get the benefit of the upliftment. A questioner to Abraham once commented that her baby seemed soothed by the Abraham recordings (even though it was too young to understand the words) and they basically said that the "energy" was still there in the recordings, even behind the words

(02 Jul '12, 11:14) Stingray

Channelled recordings seem like a great suggestion to try out. From the link in your comment, I did reach the AH guided meditation vid. I love that vid, it has been very helpful for my meditation. I think I'll get a MP3 version of it for when away from computer...thanks...just what I was looking for:)

(02 Jul '12, 12:09) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, I followed the link but I'm not finding a guided meditation video. Where'd you find it?

(02 Jul '12, 12:23) Grace

@Grace, I think I went couple of links deeper to get there..anyways, here it is...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bdF9TDEKwg

(02 Jul '12, 12:32) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, Whoops! That's the CD I've been using. For some reason, I thought you were talking about something different. Thanks anyhow! :)

(02 Jul '12, 12:43) Grace

@Grace, just to confuse you more:), the link in Stingray's comment here leads to his answer on another question in which he says he listens to AH Q & A workshop sessions...I don't have those...but I think for my purposes MP3 version of guided meditation should do well

(02 Jul '12, 12:54) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville - I was actually referring to seminar recordings. Most of the channelled beings I'm interested in (Abraham, Bashar, The Pleiadian Collective) hold live Q&A workshops on a weekly/monthly basis where human participants can ask any questions they want and receive answers. Those workshops are then recorded on an on-going basis and are made available to those who were not able to attend in person. Personally, I would get very bored listening to the same old affirmations again and again :)

(02 Jul '12, 12:55) Stingray

@Stingray, my bad...ended up creating more confusion:) I was originally looking for something other than what I use for my meditation (which is guided meditation cd) but there is not much choice on Mp3 alternates I guess...actually, the Seminar tapes seem like good choice...varied and endless:) Are those someplace online? I know they're probably on individual sites of Abraham, Bashar so on..right?

(02 Jul '12, 12:59) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/videos.php#, but I have another site at home that I use, seems to have longer clips(?) If you haven't found what you want by then, I'll get it for you after work. Love, love love those videos, btw. I think you will, too. Oh, also it's all on YouTube. :)

(02 Jul '12, 13:07) Grace

@Grace, What? You left the site at home? Website at home?...lol...sorry, was just trying to be smartypants...sorry, just giving you hard time at work:P Thanks for posting this link, also whenever you get a chance post the other one as well...it'd be great to have all vids on You Tube...thanks again:)

(02 Jul '12, 13:28) Xoomaville

@Xoomaville, LOL! You are a welcome distraction Smartypants, my office can only benefit from your excellent vibes:)

I am so far behind the times I don't even have an mp3 player (that's gotta go in The Box!) but when I do get one, I wanna figure out how to load it up (a mystery to me) with those recordings for whenever. I would happily sleep with them. So when you figure that out, share your notes ok?

(02 Jul '12, 13:39) Grace

I do love the videos, too though - I like watching Esther channel, she's such a kick. Those Q and A's can get so funny, too. And always, always make me feel fantastic. Can't wait to hear what you think of all.

(02 Jul '12, 13:40) Grace

@Xoomaville, http://spiritlibrary.com/videos/abraham - this is the link I was trying to think of. Have fun! :)

(02 Jul '12, 20:52) Grace

@Grace, Excellent addition. Has tons of useful videos. Thank you. Loading up MP3/MP4 into a player is easy...drag & drop. Don't worry we'll figure it out whenever you are ready.

(02 Jul '12, 23:48) Xoomaville
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