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I use this phrase to describe an experience of a reality I refer to as the 'realm of madness', for which Alice in Wonderland is more or less a roughly perfect depiction. ;) ^_^y

I've experienced the ability to change lenses of how we view reality, and this happens to be a world that feels comfortable to me.

There are two most major points of existence I've spent my lifetime in. One, the realm of logic and reason, where everything must (in perception only) have cause & effect, reality stands upright in a sense filled world. The other, the rabbit hole where no laws are binding and nothing is impossible.

As I mentioned I feel there are plenty of more methods of experiencing life, do you have any that you enjoy or frequent, mentioned here or otherwise? I'm looking for experiences and ideas or details pertaining to what one would consider 'popular' methods of living. Anything anyone feels the impulse or direction to share would be greatly appreciated, however I wonder if this is a question that may be difficult to get responses on until I refine my own perception a bit and have a bit more direction here to explain what I search for or why.

asked 13 Apr '13, 09:21

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yes Snow :)

(13 Apr '13, 10:15) ru bis

Why thank you. Informative. ;) ^_^ Perhaps I should have been more specific for what I was looking for, didn't think this question's phrasing out thoroughly enough. =P

(13 Apr '13, 15:41) Snow

Snow, I apologize...I experience reality rather uniquely...and also did not notice your extensive edit...but I'll leave what I posted as it stands, for it is a way of experiencing reality for sure...Bless you...Jai

(13 Apr '13, 15:58) Jaianniah

Don't apologize to me. I loved your answer and it gave me a deeper understanding of someone who I have interest in and respect for. Why do you even feel the need to apologize to me? You're answering my question, exactly the only thing I am looking for here..

Thank you for sharing, it is appreciated. Now SHUT UPPA WITH THE SORRY ####! You're fine, you've done nothing wrong, and you're never going to owe me an apology for sharing your opinion. If it isn't mine I still value it as yours.

(13 Apr '13, 16:48) Snow

Yes, snow, The Two realities.... sort of like two separate planes that occupy one world...

(14 Apr '13, 18:12) Dragonflybreeze

At least to my knowledge. :)

(14 Apr '13, 18:13) Dragonflybreeze
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You will never get a perception from an individual view not your own because the perception is something that is and always will be a personal (one) view to that individual.

Why ask a question that can never be answered, unless you where perceiving what that individual was perceiving or viewing, but then again that individual was seeing what "THEY" where seeing and "YOU" never saw (Because it wasn't you).

But lets be magical and take out "Gandalf's staff": When you take the place of an individual, do you "REALLY" see what that individual sees? Or, do "YOU" see what "YOU" want to see? Because you will never "SEE" that "PERCEPTION", of the other self that is not "YOU." :)

True Story

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answered 14 Apr '13, 05:42

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Mr. Smith


yes we all have our own rabbit hole and now is a great time to do a good springtime clean-out, in the northern hemisphere anyway :)

(14 Apr '13, 05:51) ru bis

In the reality, there really isn't an answer to this train of thought. Because it can only be answered within the individual view, that perceives the question of thought.

But thus the question is still questioned, because the question of life's existence is in our own perception of viewing of importance.

Thus our own circle of questioning proceeds us all.

(14 Apr '13, 06:17) Mr. Smith

I don't think that it has ever been a "Season" of questioning, but rather a question that will forever be asked: tell the end of time.

That is what we are and shall ever be: a question.

(14 Apr '13, 06:18) Mr. Smith

The 'question' in my personal view is to 'grow', if you haven't seen that already in my dialogue of perception.

Our existence, is to further ourselves in this chaotic world, with questions that represent our own growth of self awareness.

(14 Apr '13, 06:41) Mr. Smith

yes if you consider reality as physical existence "there really isn't an answer to this train of thought" ... :)

(14 Apr '13, 06:47) ru bis

Right, then we get back onto the perception again, what we perceive from the view point of... The individual. "What really is physical?" Hah

(14 Apr '13, 07:09) Mr. Smith

physical is generally defined as what we perceive using our five main senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell

(14 Apr '13, 11:24) ru bis

"Look through my eyes, see what I see, do what I do, be what I be, walk in my shoes hurt ya feet, now know why I lurk these streets."

(Wasn't exactly the quote I was looking for, but it happened to fit and I enjoyed it greatly. =) )

I don't know why you think you are unable to empathize with others or their lives or experiences, but I personally do my best to the extent that I can. Maybe it isn't perfect, but it teaches me even if you don't personally find value in it. ^_^y

(14 Apr '13, 12:47) Snow

yes Snow thanks ... what i hear i forget, what i see i remember, what i do i understand :)

(14 Apr '13, 12:59) ru bis

"To Love another person is to Know God..." From Les Miserables...Mr. Smith, you must be a very lonely person, indeed, if you believe such nonsense. It may seem foolish to care, but caring feels better than not caring at all.... It sounds like you just do not want to bother with the rest of humanity.

(14 Apr '13, 13:30) Jaianniah

Nice answer Mr Smith :)

(14 Apr '13, 17:05) Michaela

Let's mind "blow" a bit more.... Or when we say, look at that person... a little exercise.... If everyone took out a pad of paper and drew a picture (to the best of their abilities),(and of course it could be, each would probably see a "different" person, to some extent..

(14 Apr '13, 18:17) Dragonflybreeze

nice breakdown mr.smith

(15 Apr '13, 20:22) Popi Bearcat Gibson
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I own and run the Rabbit Hole....LOL!

When you have MPD (multiple personality disorder) or rather, "Dissociative Identity Disorder" (which sounds ever so much more socially acceptable, even though it's still a circus, no matter which name you call it) as it's called today...well, your mind is like a three-ring-circus, no matter what...

I have been through and years and years of therapy, all of which has perhaps made me more sane and more crazy, all at the same time. I say "more" crazy because now that I know what's wrong, and know how it works, and know what triggers me, I still do "it" anyway, which makes me feel pretty...crazy.

You might have noticed that I might sign a post like this:

Jaianniah (Cris)

This means that it really was the "Cris" part of me that propelled me to write...a way of explaining to my audience the variances in my posts.

Anyway, the Rabbit Hole is not a Pretty Place, all bedecked with roses and lullabies. It has monsters (namely, family members that ought to have their parts cut off), and memories and torture and confusion (like when I woke up and found myself in third grade when just moments before, I was in second, huh?)

I really do know that Rabbit Hole well.

I could write more, but I am saving it all for my book, which has been written down in longhand and is now being transposed to the computer for editing and sale...Stay tuned...

Your post gave me a great title for the Book...How does "Down the Rabbit Hole" sound??? (Or has that been done before? Probably.)

Bless you all,

Jaianniah (Delainie)


answered 13 Apr '13, 15:54

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"Down the Rabbit Hole" has been many times, but that doesn't mean it is or isn't the name for you.

Thanks for sharing.. I liked your post a lot. That being said, reading it makes me feel like I have a lot more insight to where your brain pain comes from.. ;)

I enjoy both the 'logical' reality as well as popping down the rabbit hole, and I can toggle each as I see suitable to me at any moment. I wish it weren't a source of negativity for you. For me it is empowering and embraced. Blessings.

(13 Apr '13, 16:10) Snow

@Snow- My Mind is like Disney-World Gone Terribly Wrong Where Every Ride Ends Badly (!)...Except...There's a Place like the Epcot Center in one corner which is a very enjoyable and happy place, is really cool, and you'd really get into...a place that explains why I am still here, and also why Wade can stand me LOL!

(13 Apr '13, 16:38) Jaianniah

It sounds like you are playing with the genie that will grant your wishes but always does it using as many caveats as you leave open to interpretation in your phrasing.

You need a nicer genie who isn't trying to nickel and dime you and instead goes with what it knows you are trying to ask for, even if you lack the phrasing to articulate your thought as clearly as you'd like to. ^_^y

=) But all of these things sound like experiences you can reframe into VERY educational learning, if not more.

(13 Apr '13, 17:00) Snow

Yes, Snow, THAT is precisely what my book is for...emptying my mind of the trash and moving onward and upward..saying "So Long" to the bad, and making everything into a new Theme Park called Jai's Happyland. :)

(13 Apr '13, 17:11) Jaianniah

I should add that being here, living with Wade, is the first time that I have lived in a non-violent environment....

(13 Apr '13, 17:12) Jaianniah


(13 Apr '13, 17:13) Jaianniah

I would love to hear Jais answer instead of her alter Egos.

(14 Apr '13, 17:35) Roy

"I am saving it all for my book, which has been written down in longhand and is now being transposed to the computer for editing and sale" Just to be clear, I was in NO way suggesting this type of book. This will keep you both busy & stuck in the past.

(14 Apr '13, 19:43) ele

thanks for sharing your rabbit hole Jai, it has brought me deeper understanding ♫ ♫ ♫

(15 Apr '13, 02:00) ru bis

dame that is some real #### jaianniah , I love how to talk .

(15 Apr '13, 20:29) Popi Bearcat Gibson

no homo, sounds like you are a woman, the spelling of cris throws me through a loop. But , if you are a woman dame God is good. If you are a guy fist pound, you feel me ..

(15 Apr '13, 20:31) Popi Bearcat Gibson

@Jai Last year you told me you were thinking about writing this type of book. I tried to discourage you; but backed off. I'm curious, who do you think will buy this book? I won't. Before you spend any more time or any more money on this, you may want to poll IQ & find out if your book has a market

(15 Apr '13, 21:43) ele
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We are all born into the rabbit hole, everyone is born into slavery mental slavery, knowledge of Christ is peace of mind. He didn't say that he would take us away from the situation but he did pray for our strength and our protection. Perfect love casts out fear, God is perfect love He gave us His perfect love His Son and the Son gave us His perfect love the Holy Spirit.


answered 14 Apr '13, 11:06

Popi%20Bearcat%20Gibson's gravatar image

Popi Bearcat Gibson


I believe the complete opposite. Kids are some of the (almost to a scary degree at times) wisest people out there. I believe that culture raises our brilliance, our light, our wonder for life, our imagination out of us.

I believe kids have the right idea; and adults who try to say we need salvation from anyone or anything except for the restrictions we allow ourselves and others to place upon us are part of the problem, spreading the chains when we should be handing out wings.

(14 Apr '13, 15:20) Snow

OK , we disagree not a foul ball. As kids we have a innocents and wonder about the world because it is so new to us.You list a few things that you say came through culture, OK . I believe that or knowledge of God raises our brilliance , our light, our wonder for life, and imagination. A bird ,cloud ,man ,animals , I can keep going . Everything stems from God. Now eternity is aloooong time to be wrong. I believe that God sent His son to save people from a unseen hell by dying for us.

(15 Apr '13, 16:23) Popi Bearcat Gibson

How can something find enlightenment from "SELF", specially not being able to CREATE anything ? EVERYONE KNOWS GOD by the things that are seen. Chains come from excepting a false image of ones self,whether from self or others. Freedom comes from knowing the one who is the image "Jesus". His life here on earth was the example of what love is ,, to die for THOSE who don't deserve it .. WHAT GREATER LOVE IS THERE ?

(15 Apr '13, 16:37) Popi Bearcat Gibson

Come back to reality , kids with little to no experience in a BIG/NEW WORLD can't be the wisest people. They haven't done enough haven't seen enough, we relate to people by our experiences and whether or not we too experienced the same things is were you'll find empathy or sympathy. To be wise is judging properly what is true and right.. aka common sense .

(15 Apr '13, 16:57) Popi Bearcat Gibson
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Yes - here is a segment of my adventure, Down The Rabbit Hole


answered 02 Oct '13, 07:05

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Dollar Bill

Long video. Definitely haven't had a chance to watch it all yet, though of what I've seen thus far I'm particularly very intrigued by their use of a deaf person to articulate experiencing reality from a different perspective. There's a Youtube channel (TommyEdisonXP) of a blind man just answering random questions people would ask such a person, many of which bring up similarly compelling concepts.

Thanks for sharing. =)

(02 Oct '13, 23:25) Snow
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