To be frank the world is always nude. Human think the costumes to their body make them nude-less. Does this really true? Is nude-less possible just by covering our skin. Absolutely not. You are nude in your mind always. It's just an illusion that making us to suffer in the dark.

When we are not afraid to be nude in childhood? Why do we afraid now? (If the answer is due to sexual maturity., it is an inmature answer).

Being from childhood, our sex organs are covered with the thought of shy (it's not only shy, it is mixture of many thoughts). This made us dependable on clothes, which is limiting our behavior and our thoughts.

Why don't we celebrate a World Nude Day on May 11th (My birthday) every year? Seeing people nude world wide one day.. Oh! my God., we able to feel lots of love. The human feel more conntected or united within themselves. They become emotionally independant., to some extent we successfully able to feel secure with the thought we are all one.

Along with many more actions that bring closer to each other; World's Nude Day could one among them.

I'm Crazy but choozy; cheerful.

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@PERFECT GOOD That's funny, my birthday is May 11th too! It is usually Mothers Day as well. (In the U.S. that is)

(20 Jun '14, 21:34) i4cim2b

Thanks you all for wonderful answers.

(19 Jul '14, 02:24) PERFECT GOOD
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Humans actually lived without wearing clothing for hundreds of thousands of years. The wearing of clothing didn't begin because of shyness or modern day modesty. Clothing became necessary for humans to survive as they migrated to northern climates especially during the last ice age. Without clothing, and lots of it, the world would be quite different than it is today.

No Europeans, thus no Americans, No eastern bloc, defiantly no Russians. The Chinese would have conquered all of Asia, SE Asia, and Australia. There would be no one supporting Israel. Islamic nations would likely control the Middle East, effectively halting the spread of Christianity. Moslems would likely form an alliance with India to try to hold a line against the advancing China, while at the same time annexing most of Africa and enslaving it is people to serve as front line soldiers in India. In the end, the Chinese would most likely prevail due to infighting between Muslim factions, religious differences with India, and Chinese instigated rebellions by the Africans. China Rules the east and, for a while, Mexico would rule the west. Then again, it is possible the Roman Empire might have prospered and Christians and Moslems might have become allies out of necessity.

Thank God for Clothing. However imperfect the world may be, I am certain that any naked alternative would be far worse. The reality is that humans are natural problem solvers. They face challenges and find ways around any obstacle that might hinder creative expansion. In fact, one could argue that clothing has done more for the advancement of human civilization than gold, Copper. Bronze, iron, steel and all the chemical compounds combined. These things can only be fashioned because of the protective clothing worn by workers who fabricate molten metals, and toxic chemicals. It protects us from harmful bacteria and allows us to explore the oceans and outer space. With out it there would be no modern world, No technology, no coal, no oil, clearly nothing nuclear powered. How big of a structure could you possibly build in bare feet.

I have to wonder if the whole concept of fashion is just clothing's way of reminding us of just how vitally important a simple pair of pants, a shirt, socks, shoes, and on occasion a warm jacket has been to our every progress. If you are having trouble finding things to be genuinely grateful for in order to enhance your 17 seconds of LOA, just think about this while going through your closet and dresser.

Who know, maybe thrift stores will one day be the new fashion centers. It has to be preferable to what is in this you tube video!


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Yes the physical is illusion, "everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real"

I have frequented nudist's beach in summer, sure the first time you feel a bit hesitant but after a while you get used to it and you begin to see people as they really are, that is, all the same. Nudism breaks down the social beliefs that are reflected by clothing, the queen of england and an "ordinary" working woman become equal, and you really begin to understand the meaning of the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and see deeper than the flesh

alt text


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@jaz I am surprise that no one said to you to use nsw before the picture since you have nude body in there. I was told that to use nsw before putting a picture or link that could shock some people, for showing a woman wearing a collar that was not nude. seams some people have grown up. or maybe it is to soon, we will see.

(23 Jun '14, 21:07) white tiger

yes @white tiger we will see ... by the way why do we wear clothes?

(24 Jun '14, 00:41) jaz
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I know its a bit off topic but I couldnt help but view your phrase of "emotionally independant."

It's my view that contrary to my prior views, humans are actually not desgined to be independant. We are designed to be dependant on many others, as well as, having responsibilities so that others can depent on us.

Having a community and a good sense of identity are health precursors. It came to my knwoledge after studying social isolation back a few months ago, this video wraps it up very nicely.

My message being I think it's a good idea to become responsbile for controlling your emotions and being capable of examining them.

Yet for some reason I cannot ignore the truth that the best times I experience in the world, and the worst, comes down to my relationships with other people.

In terms of being nude, all about if you have a supportive community. Sounds like you do, so good job!


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do you think that responsibility is only for other to depend on you? Verily verily I tell you if you cannot be responsible for your self you cannot be responsible for other. until you know your self you are going to deceive your self and other you are going to judge your self and other you are going to not respect your self and other. in this world where people do not know them self and look only on the outside is it surprising?

(21 Jun '14, 18:53) white tiger
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you judge after the flesh. I judge no man yet if I judge my judgment is true. do you need to ask why people needs cloths? it is to protect your physical body(flesh) from the element. from the rapist and abuser, and to protect your soul, from the eyes of the people that judge other people and clean only the outside of the cup. and will put you to shame. look at Adam and Eve in the bible story they where not ashamed before eating the forbidden fruit, they noticed their nakedness after eating that fruit and tried to hide them self from God. and they where already ashamed before that even yet they did not know because they where going to disobeyed God by eating the fruit and accept the lie from the snake that add tempted them with is lie. where did the shame happen from the flesh? from the soul that was never divided before? from the spirit that was still innocent and got it self tempted by a lie? are you sure that your limitation is made by something physical like having to put cloths to protect your flesh? or is the real problem of the limitation on the inside. as for me that people want to have clots or not it is their choice as long as it does not affect me and that they are able to respect other people choice and love their neighbor as them self. they would not have any problem or limitation. there is some place for nudist and people that make that choice can go there. you can be nude in your home if you want to as long as you do not disturb your neighbor or go in the forest animal are naked there and they do not complain and judge each other.

Why would a nudist judge people that have cloths? or a non nudist judge people that do not wear cloths?

if they can love and respect each other choice even if they have choice that are opposite they should be able to respect each other.

the limitation is a inside factor from a cup not clean on the inside. at the soul (mind and heart) God created them in is image. and they are naked before him in the Adams and Eve story he did not call them sinner for this. he did not call them sinner because they wear cloths.

the only thing they did was not obey God commandment for their own safety. and trusting a tempting lie at the place of the truth.

since then their fall in this world of duality.

Romans 8:5

john 6:63


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white tiger

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There is not a nude day because, It is illegal to be nude. The human body is disgusting to most people.


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