Is there a reality in our physical world that must be described as objective?

Before you tell me that each person creates their own reality, let me offer the following hypothetical: A car crash.

Now there are some things about that car crash that must be unavoidably interpreted:

  1. Observers of an event are notoriously unreliable about the details. Ask five people who observed the crash what occurred, and you will get five different answers.

  2. We do not have complete knowledge of all of the physical parameters, such as speed, the effect of friction between the tires and the road, and hundreds of other unknown variables.

Nevertheless, there are also many details about which we must agree:

  1. If two vehicles collide at any substantial speed, there will be significant property damage. Those forces can be measured and predicted, to a certain degree.

  2. If occupants collide with the interior of the vehicle at any significant speed, there will be injuries. Those injuries can be categorized by type and severity, and studied over large groups of people to find patterns. This kind of research is a big reason we have seat belts and air bags.

  3. Certain physical laws such as gravity not only affect the way a car behaves on the road, but are an integral part of the system (a car will not work at all without gravity).

Is there an objective reality that can be measured and studied? Or are we all making it up as we go along?

Or, to put it another way, does the physical world (and it's physical laws) exist, or are we just having a mass hallucination? Does my mind make up gravity?

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It is a conundrum. It's hard to theorize a solution that completely satisfies all the variables. Nevertheless when one gathers the common variables within the different viewpoints of analysis, there is a somewhat cohesive picture that starts to emerge.

If you remove every single human being from this planet, I'm sure that everything that we do not create will still exist. So we can assume that there is a layer of reality that exists without our input for its existence.

Now on top of this layer let’s drop a few human beings. Let's say five people. Now let's assume that all five people are standing next to each other. They are all looking at the same vision of creation in front of them, this layer of reality that already exists without their input. Now they all see the same reality because they are all physically within the same reality, standing in the same location. Hold that thought in your mind.

Now let’s switch the reality that is in front of them to what is within their consciousness. The layer of reality that already existed before we dropped them is the same layer of information that already exists in their consciousness. In other words, Consciousness has a foundational layer that is a pre-existing layer of common denominator information upon which the human experience is built on.

What is reality around us has a component in consciousness. We tune in the physical component of this God created reality with our five senses. We tune in the non-physical, vibrational, component of this same God created reality with our brains into an experience we describe as consciousness.

Consciousness in not a product of accumulated knowledge of everything you ever learned from the time you were born. It is the non physical component of creation that is commonly shared by every thing on this planet. However, on top of this layer, you do build you own private memory library of everything you have experienced. This however is a reference database; it is not where your intuition arises from. You intuition is given form and meaning by finding an appropriate match between the unknown and what you have "learned".

On top of this we, as a collective species build our own layer of information that is commonly shared by all human beings in an easily retrievable database of collective "consciousness". What we have is a collective consciousness with an individual point of reference, no different from the collectively shared physical reality with individual points of reference.

This commonly shared human layer is the place where we do our work. When one of us is afraid of being in a car accident, the "vision" of being in a car accident is launched by the power that God gave us to create what we want. If the person with this fear keeps on being afraid of this experience, the vision is again and again amplified with the same mechanism that makes prayers work. Eventually the event of the car accident is thrust into a permanent event, a thought form, that takes on an individuality all of its own.

Now this event becomes available to the collective consciousness of the species. All those who wish to volunteer to participate in the car accident will be drawn to the manifestation of that event. The consciousness of the individual is the consciousness of the collective, with an individual point of reference. The intelligence to coordinate all the variables comes from the fact that it is a collective matrix with individual points of reference. I have used the child playing with dolls as an analogy before. It is the best analogy to convey this mystery

Let's say that a child is playing with five dolls and one of the dolls is going to be in an accident. For this to happen another doll has to be the driver of the other car, and the cars have to approach the intersection at the right place at the right time.

With the child's game this is possible because the dolls actually have a commonly shared mind. It is the child's mind. That’s where the intelligence to coordinate all the variables exists.

The same way what we think of as our individual private experience in consciousness, is actually a private point of reference within a shared mind. A more appropriate description is a shared conscious interpretation of creation.

We don't create the layer that we don't have control over. Gravity, the earth, the trees, the ocean, the air we breathe, all these things already exist without our input. Our input is the influence we bring upon that which already exists and the influence we have upon each other individually and collectively.

Once, again, the collective intelligence to coordinate all the volunteer participants comes from the fact that our own consciousness has it's foundation in the collective database of consciousness of the human species.

So there is a constant mix of pre-existing layer of objective reality upon which there is a constant soup of collective consciousness which gives our subjective layer of reality, out of which a common denominator participation of objective experiences emerge.


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I'm sure that everything that we do not create will still exist... How can anyone be sure if there are no observers to confirm? Isn't it a bit like a Zen question? :-)

(10 Mar '10, 13:54) Eddie

So why ask the question?

(10 Mar '10, 20:05) The Traveller

Quantum Mechanics says it's a holographic universe and reality per se doesn't exist. If you've got 10 mins, watch this for clarity -


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Gravity is a myth, the Earth sucks

(sorry - couldn't resist :) )


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