I see many questions about the Law of Attraction, and I have my own opinion, but I want to know what everyone else's opinion about what they think the Law of Attraction truly is. Explain other words for it or what it means to you. You can give examples or definitions.

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I stand corrected, there is such a question. Not sure why I couldn't find it a month ago. Prob due to searching LOA instead of spelling it out. duh! Looking forward to reading many insightful & wise answers..

(02 Jan '14, 19:33) ele
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My definition of The Law of Attraction:

A being that radiates pure energetic vibration waves that permeates the infinite of what we call the universe or all that is. These energy waves match up to similar energy waves of like vibration and frequency.

Whatever you focus on as a conscious being is where your energy is flowing. You energy then flows in whatever positive or negative vibration that your thought forms are focused upon and the manifestation of that frequency creates a particular object or circumstance in your own unique version of reality.

alt text

If a metal detector is tuned to find metal objects, then it is not in the frequency range to find wood. This is the same principle with our thoughts and feelings. If we are tuned into the frequency of lack and ill health, we will not find wealth or a healthy body.

We create our existence and what is attracted into it with focus in the Now moment. Our Now moment vibration radiates out and hooks onto whatever other Now moment vibration is the closest match.


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Excellent answer ETA - edited to add... as is. I love reading what your write & there isn't anything stopping you from adding to it if you feel so inclined.

(02 Jan '14, 19:34) ele

@Cory "We create our existence"...very much not so. Most of the time and for most of the people 'tis true, we are the consequence of existence not the cause of it.

(03 Jan '14, 07:07) CalonLan

@CalonLan Thanks for sharing your own personal opinion my friend!

(06 Jan '14, 17:58) Cory

@ele ETA... Nice one:-)

Thank you for appreciating my jabber talk here at IQ. If I get an inspiration I will be sure to share it!

(06 Jan '14, 18:03) Cory
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possibly an exaggerated, yet misunderstood intellectual concept
it appears to be the call to the power of the universe
to obtain what it is that we seek especial for ourselves


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Every person is a creator.. it is just a recognition of what you were doing consciously or unconsciously..

Here are bashar's 5 laws that effect all realities that "they've found" :)

The 5 laws of creation:

1) You exist

2) Every thing is Here & Now

3) The One is All and the All are One

4) What you put out is what you get back (also called law of attraction)

5) Everything changes, except the first 4 Laws

What is the Law of Attraction, in your opinion?

This is not a opinion but fact by my understanding you may "treat" it as such though :)


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What we nowadays name the law of attraction is that dual force that first created the smallest parcel of physical matter when the universe came into being long before the appearance of man on earth. and it permeates throughout everything "living" and "non living".

It's presence can easily be perceived throughout the entire natural world;

the incredible energy of a small plant cracking a tarmac pavement attracted by the air and light above it

alt text

in the performance of the tail wagging dance of honeybee workers that acts as a means of communicating to other bees of the colony, information about the direction and distance of flowers in bloom, water sources and housing locations

alt text

by controlling thoughts, words and deeds humans can consciously use this natural law to obtain anything that is humanly possible to obtain

alt text


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jaz, it helps to have a fine tuned vehicle and a mind understanding of how it is one is here. a true responsibility for the choice of manipulations

(10 Jan '14, 05:23) fred
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