Hello, I'm having problems with this paragraph in the Master Key System - Part 11, could someone help me out. Specially the 2 half of the paragraph.

1 1. Having recorded correctly the answers furnished by nature and stretched our senses with the growing science over her surface; having joined hands with the levers that move the earth; we become conscious of such a close, varied and deep contact with the world without, that our wants and purposes become no less identified with the harmonious operations of this vast organization, than the life, liberty, and happiness of the citizen is identified with the existence of his government.

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@Kriegerd, to get an answer from someone, you may need to be more specific about what aspect of the sentence is confusing to you

(30 Mar '12, 09:05) Barry Allen ♦♦

I'm going to read the whole Master Key System 11 and will answer later.

(31 Mar '12, 04:30) Paulina 1

Thanks for the tip @Barry Allen, I had been busy and never got to edit it.

(06 Apr '12, 16:09) Kriegerd
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Hello Kriegerd, Part 11 of the Master Key System is trying to tell you that through inductive reasoning you can come up with answers in our world without. In otherwords through certain observations you can come up with a certain answer. 11-11 tels us that we have a very important deep contact with the natural world that our life and happiness is as identified with this important natural organisation as it is with our government.

What you would like to know (I guess) is if it is talking about the government of nature, the government as in politics or is it some other Government.

Weather it is your own government in your immediate circle or futher out as in the actual countries political government it makes no differance for the important part to remember is that nature and its natural laws are extremly important in our lives and the only right way to receive answers is through inductive thinking so that we can come up with rational answers that make sense and not be guided by superstition. This can only be acomplished through inductive thinking by comparing of a number of seperate instances with each other untill we see the common factor which gives rise to them all.


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Paulina 1

Thank you for taking the time to read the chapter and answer @Paulina 1, I really appreciated. Sorry that I took all this time to comment. I had a busy couple of weeks and I'm returning to the forum just now. Thanks again!

(06 Apr '12, 16:12) Kriegerd
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