Hi, can anyone tell me the quickest/easiest/most effective/long lasting way to remove anxiety from my solar plexus. It seems like that's all I feel in my chest for months. I want to feel love and joy in my being but cant seem to reach it.

I have in the past experienced fleeting moments of pure love emanating from my chest and would dearly love to get that feeling back. I have tried for many months to meditate and various self help programs but nothing seems to work for me. Each morning I wake up feeling refreshed but by the time I have driven to work I have a deep feeling of anxiety in my chest that stays with me throughout the day. Even today when I have not driven I have the same feeling, its the weekend and I feel like my chest could collapse. I have not always felt this way and would say that it is a recent phenomena perhaps even linked to my most recent job.

I am on chapter one of the master key system and hope it can help me.

I would love to hear from anyone who has experience this before.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Now that you are aware of this anxiety, its actually a good thing because you've already started to dis-identify from it. Its not "You" anymore or can't pretend to be you. The important thing to remember is to not flee or alternatively wage war on it.

Here's the fastest method I know of for releasing "negative" emotions.

Faster EFT


Or alternatively, if you have more time this excellent guided audio by Dr Frank Kinslow (inventor of Quantum Entrainment or QE) might help release your anxiety. Deep-seated emotions may require repeated listenings.


"I have in the past experienced fleeting moments of pure love emanating from my chest and would dearly love to get that feeling back. I have tried for many months to meditate and various self help programs but nothing seems to work for me."

Effective Meditation can produce many good feelings in varying degrees of strength. These good feelings are just the infinite reflections in your mind of your inner-being. Chasing after those blissful feelings felt in meditation can actually prevent them from recurring and cause you to overlook more subtler* reflections of your inner-being.

Sometimes the experience can be blissful or sometimes it can be just a silence or stillness. Not one of these feelings are "better" than another. The important thing is that you are aware of it.


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Use Faster EFT. It actually works. I teach it in classes. Learn it and have a powerful skill for life.

(03 Nov '13, 05:01) Rindor

Thank you so much @Satori I had the same problem as OP, just a general "bad" feeling in my solar plexus that existed for the past 2 or so days. I made an intention to cure it. I opened up my email this morning and saw the IQ Daily Digest which led me here.

After that, I did about 9 taps and my bad feelings have completely disappeared! I already knew how to do FasterEFT, this answer just reminded me that I can use it for bad feelings even if you don't know the "reason" behind those feelings.

(03 Nov '13, 10:13) WeRadiateBeauty

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I'm very grateful.

(03 Nov '13, 16:31) yipeedodaday

@WeRadiateBeauty- Your welcome. True, you don't need to know the reason and investigating that can be actually counterproductive sometimes.

You may not be able to always be aware of a limiting belief as a thought but it will reflect in body as an emotion and that you can become aware of if you are in touch with you emotions.

@Yipeedodaday-Your very welcome:)

(04 Nov '13, 05:50) Satori
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Anxiety is caused by conflicts- the old "damned if you do, damned if you don't" thing. So making choices in your life will help reduce the feelings of anxiety- but perhaps not all the way.

The solar plexus color is yellow. You can try getting a beautiful yellow crystal such as citrine or fluorite, and holding it against your solar plexus. (I am a Crystal Healer.)

Also, you must strengthen your heart chakra above the solar plexus, and your belly chakra below your solar plexus. They probably have been doing double duty for years, and giving these chakras love and attention will help.

I wish there was a real fast cure. Look into all the "EFT" posts here in IQ. Tapping may help relieve your anxiety- try it and see.

I welcome you, and hope that other people will post their ideas to help you.

Think peace. Meditate and listen to good music when anxious. Bring beauty into your life.

Like this:

alt text


Jaianniah ♥


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Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I'm very grateful, I had no idea about tapping.

(03 Nov '13, 16:32) yipeedodaday

Jai, Go to Amazon and get Abraham-hicks Well-Being Cards. Read them every day and fell them in your gut. This works because I never pitch products Tom


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@Tom- Thanks, but I did not ask this question...:) Love, Jai♥

(03 Nov '13, 08:31) Jaianniah

Thank you for this, I will research Abraham-hicks. Many thanks for taking the time to post - its appreciated.

(03 Nov '13, 16:33) yipeedodaday

ameliorate instead
of cure, learning to harness
and or redirect what it
is you percieve to be

though not speedy brings a
return of balanced vision


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I have a lot of experience (alas) with vague solar-plexus anxiety. I have tried all the things, and what actually helps me is basically this: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/82413/the-most-effective-meditation-technique-ever

The TL;DR version is that it's a type of meditation where you actually focus on your internal body sensations, instead of trying to think your way out of them or push them away and ignore them. So at first, as a long-time anxious person, I found it kind of intense, but it has been extremely helpful for me, and my random anxious feelings have diminished very much.

(I have tried EFT and Faster EFT, and... I think it's just not a good fit, for some reason, with my weird brain. I'm not sure what that's about!)


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