Is there such a thing as fairness? Why or why not?

How does fairness affect your approach to life?

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In life we reap to the extent that we sow. In that case life is fair to everyone. Another way of putting it is that we get out of life what we put into life. Those who choose to live in darkness will experience darkness and those who choose the lght will experience light. The question is, if you are lving in darkness and did not recognize it as darkness, then does that mean that life is unfair?


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I like this answer +1

(11 Mar '10, 08:02) Wade Casaldi

yes, great answer!

(08 Oct '10, 13:09) daniele

I would say that life is as fair as it can possibly be, because the Law of Attraction is as consistent as it can possibly be.

The Law operates in just one way..."that which is like unto itself is drawn"

You can't bribe it, you can't cajole it, you can't persuade it to be different just this once. You either consciously align yourself with it and get what you want, or you unconsciously align yourself with it and you still get what you "want"...even if it's not something you like when you get it.

Either way, the Law operates totally precisely and totally consistently.

It couldn't be any fairer than that...and so life couldn't be any fairer.

The only fly in the ointment is that not everyone knows (yet) that the Law operates this way, or even exists. And that's what the current awakening of humankind (through knowledge on websites like this one) is all about.


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Good answer, Stingray.

(10 Mar '10, 16:12) Pink Diamond

I think that fairness is a concept created by us. Some people belive life is fair, and some don't. Either way fairness is a belief, so weather you believe life is fair or unfair you are right.


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I think when we begin to label life as being 'fair' or 'unfair', we set ourselves up to become victims to circumstances and in so doing give away our power to create our own reality.

Life just is - maybe some people are born into what appears to be 'unfair' circumstances or have 'unfair' disadvantages but these circumstances or perceived disadvantages may be exactly what the individual needs, and may contain the potential for the greatest expansion for that individual.

When the individual takes away the label 'unfair' and replaces it with the word challenging,their perception can change and the opportunity for growth can become realized.


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Life isn't always fair....and that isn't fair! But there are so many variables, so many different people living, that it just cannot be fair. As Wade pointed out, if it was equally fair all the time, it would be pretty boring...and silly, too. What would be the point of living?

Our lives are what we make of them. They are also affected by what other people make of their lives. A murderer comes along and kills nine nurses, sweet girls that never hurt anyone.

Very unfair.

Your father is a violent man who thinks it is okay to use you for punching practice.


But there is one who cares, who sees, who knows all things. That one is God.

In God, unfair can be turned to fair. But it has to be looked at from His point of view. God protected a bad nation. Other nations did not understand. But out of that bad nation came Ruth, the great-grandmother of David, and ancestor of Christ.

We see only one side of the tapestry- the back side. We cannot see the front side. We can get a general idea of what the picture is on the front, but we also see the mistakes- the knots, the dropped stitches, etc. Hopefully, when we pass on to the spirit world, we will see the front side of that tapestry, and understand!

That is when all will be revealed and seen from God's point of view.

Blessings, Jai


answered 10 Mar '10, 20:40

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Is life fair? I really don't know. If something as bad as loosing your parents happened to you when you were a kid, you just go throu life wondering why and if that was fair.


answered 24 Mar '10, 01:01

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A Po

The only way life could be fair is everyone would have to do the same things the same way, example Olympics every event:

Speed skating everyone starts at the same time and has the same training, muscle development and stamina everyone accelerates at the same rate of speed, before you know it everyone crosses the finish line at the same time it is a tie all countries of the Earth take the gold!

Next bobsledding, wow everyone goes down the track exactly the same speed and crosses the line with the exact same time another tie every country wins the gold!

Now skiing, this is amazing every country doing the exact same stunts the exact same way and no one is making any mistakes at all, it is another tie every country wins the gold!

I could go on to business, and every other area of life that is competitive.

No competition for women either in a fair life every slob can get the same girls the handsome well-kept guys do.

Now there are some advantages that wouldn't be too bad but now we are in a paradox because to be fair to the women every women gets a handsome well-kept guy.


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Wade Casaldi

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And is there anything wrong with everyone winning the gold? or everyone having a great woman or man? Unforunately, we live in a competitive world and not a creative one.

(24 Mar '10, 14:24) RPuls

Would you enjoy watching sports if you knew the results would always be tie no matter how many people compete? Plus people come in all sizes and shapes everyone would have to look identical in a fair world.

(25 Mar '10, 05:41) Wade Casaldi

Life does not appear to be fair. The good do die young, innocent babes are murdered, very young children are sold into prostitution etc etc

Every world saviour has suffered death at an early age ... and these are the supposed sons of God. If God is wise then there must needs be a reason for this sort of thing happening.

I understand the concept of Karma and believe it to be true (I know that reincarnation is FACT). But I abhor the way some use this as an excuse to become apathetic towards the hardships of others.

I'm not convinced that it is the Law of Attraction at work though.. did Jesus attract the aggressive, autocratic and ignorant?

I am starting to think that it is the Law of Resonance that rules OK. In the case of Jesus, he came to teach Love over Law. The law got him in the end, or so it seemed at the time.

Maybe what is fair and what is not fair cannot be judged from where we stand? Though Law seems to win, I am convinced that Love only reveals its triumph on the Other Side.


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Life is not fair. You won't always get what you put - that's actually a rare situation.

We have mixed feelings about this because the Universe, at other hand, is quite fair and life is in harmony with it.

Think about it.

That way fairness does exist. But it's got a lot of abstraction for us to notice it.

It doesn't really matter tho - what matters is that life is beautiful in every sense. We can just appreciate that if we want.


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I do not believe in "UNFAIR". It just is and labeling it will just create maybe unwanted emotions.

Every event is part of the creation process. Therefore every event is a learning tool. So I am very thankful for all that I see and do. My emotions guide me either closer to it or further away form the thoughts about things.

Much Love


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jim 10

Life in the physical plane is NOT fair.

If it was fair things like injustice would not exist.

in·jus·tice    /ɪnˈdʒʌstɪs/ Show
Spelled[in-juhs-tis] Show IPA –noun
1. the quality or fact of being unjust; inequity.
2. violation of the rights of others; unjust or unfair action or treatment.
3. an unjust or unfair act; wrong.

However, the large debate of justice being server in the after life has been going on forever.


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If life is not fair then, why are we here? Personally, I believe that life in the whole is a challenge for everyone. Generally, people have good days, and bad days. There are healthy people, and there are sick people. There are rich people, and there are poor people. Someone rich will say that another rich person did something unethical to him. Someone poor will say that another poor person did something unfair to him. Yet another person will say life is unfair because they have lost their only son, and child.

So depending on the nature of our concerns, every day will bring forth its own good, and evil. Now it is up to us to decide how we want to deal with the challenges at hand. I think it is unfair to say life is not fair, because none of us would be here, if we did not have the gift of life. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that life holds so many challenges, but in the same token, life is very fulfilling for many of us. And as the saying goes: you win some, and you loose some, and that is fair in life!


answered 12 Oct '10, 05:17

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