How can I decide whether to emigrate to America and start a career there or to stay here in my own country (small country in Europe)?

I'm 19 and been struggling with that question for a couple of months now...still can't decide. I can succeed here or in America so please don't give me that side of the story. (You know what I mean, Impossible is nothing) :D

I'd like your thoughts about how can I choose the best for me...and not make my mind every week.

I'd like to move to Hawaii (i'm sure you know why). And besides that I've always wanted to live in US. So help me guys.

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Hello timmyy.

Once you get into the habit of always doing the thing that feels best to you in any moment, you will know by how you feel whether or not it is the right thing for you to do. The thing that feels best to me is always something I'm passionate about doing, it excites me, I love it, like answering your question for example. If this wasn't the right choice for me, in this moment, then I'd be doing something else. Too simple?

There are no wrong choices. However, some choices will take you to where you want to go faster than others, but even the long route must serve a purpose, otherwise you wouldn't choose it. The important thing is to move past your procrastination and actually make a decision, indecision sucks energy like nothing else :)

So all you have to do is get clear in your mind to be certain that you want to move to another country and notice how it feels to you. As long as your thinking towards the destination you desire to move to is positive, and it feels good to you; then you must trust 100% that you will be fully supported in your decision.

Remember that if any desire enters your awareness and is born within you, by its very nature, you know that your world has the capacity to fulfill it and bring it into fruition; that's how you create your own reality, one desire at a time.

And bear in mind that any desire you have may not represent the final destination that will most serve you. A desire may be a stepping stone which will lead you to another desire that you're unaware of from your current perspective.

For instance, you may well choose to fly to the USA with the intention of living in Hawaii, however, you might meet someone on the plane who offers you work in another city or place. Again, based upon your feelings at that time, you may choose and decide to take up that offer. And upon reaching that new and unexpected destination, you find that that place resonates with you even more than the idea of Hawaii did, oh what a lovely surprise :) So the desire to live in Hawaii was like a placeholder to get you to move in the general direction of that which will truly serve you best.

Look into the idea of higher mind or higher self to help you to understand this concept in greater detail...


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never thought about it that way...thanks i'm going to read it 10 more times to fully understand all that you wrote. :)

(01 Apr '12, 06:11) timmyy

Awesome answer! :) I had the exact same question on my mind, so funny finding this question and your answer. :):)

(04 May '12, 00:16) Nikki777

Dear Timmyy,

I am the granddaughter of Europeans who emigrated here to the USA from Norway and Germany. I grew up hearing both languages as a child while the older adults spoke, all emigrants...At the time that my family "came over", they were saying that "the streets of the USA were paved in gold" and such...but actually, the growing unrest in Europe was why they chose to leave. I am telling you this so you know that I know what it was like for my grandmothers and their families to leave their countries and move here...

I think that it might be fun for you to travel to the USA. I have been to Hawaii- very, very pretty, but terribly expensive, and for someone from the mainland, also, very claustrophobic in size. The fastest road on Oahu was only 45 mph. It took me only about an hour or so to cross Oahu from Waikiki to the other side...If you want to go to another island, you have to fly, as they are miles apart...Sooo...If you want to live for a little bit in the Tropics but haven't got a lot of cash, how about Florida? It's cheaper, and very pretty, too. But I cannot make that decision for you.

The USA is very diverse and very big, with lots of different cultures and lots of emigrants from all over the world. One of my doctors is from the Ukraine; she is a very nice lady! But think this decision through very carefully. Be sure to prepare yourself as well as you can. I wish you luck as you make your decision.

Bon Voyage!



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unfortunately the hawaii are the only destination where I can be a cop with just the green card so...thanks anyway. :)

(01 Apr '12, 06:13) timmyy

Hello Timmyy

You were saying Hawaii is where you can work as a cop with your green card? Make sure you aren't basing your move on something you have to do, rather than something you want to do.

Here's what I do when I need a question answered: Start a couple of hours before going to bed. Hold the question "do I move to Hawaii?" (or a question pertaining to your move) in your mind. "Focus on it". Maybe research it on the internet? Just keep it in the front of your mind. When you go to bed ask your self "Do I really want to move to Hawaii? Is it best for me?" over and over till you fall asleep.

When you wake-up, you are reborn and cleared from any brain clutter from the day before, then ask yourself "Do I want to move to Hawaii??"......your inner voice will instantly speak to you with it's answer....and it's always right!!!

The answer could be a straight "Oh! Ya! Baby!" voice in your head......or it could be a good feeling when you think about the question....I would start packing my bags personally.


It could be a uncomfortable feeling or a voice saying "I don't think so!" or "well I'm not sure?" In that case it would be best for you to stay right where you are.

Either way your emotional guidance system is telling you what's right "for you"


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Imagine yourself, if you moved right there right now - You're here in the US, and you are working a fine life. You really enjoy what you are doing and you have no feelings of regret, then good. If on the other hand you do believe that you'll have regrets, then there are some things that you have left undone in Europe. Until you feel that you have finished that thing that has been bugging you, I suggest you stay.

If it is an urgent situation, like the Euro is collapsing, I would stay if it is truth that you are searching for. I would see it as a lesson whether spiritual or not. Unless, you feel that it is not your place to help those who are troubled and you won't feel any regrets by doing so, then I suggest the latter. Thus if you already know the answer to the question of wanting the truth or comfort, then it will help you decide to move to the US more easily.


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unfinished "business" and my limiting beliefs are holding me back I guess. Unconsciously I think that I can't succed there so maybe that's the reason that I'm not on the plane already. :)

(01 Apr '12, 06:17) timmyy

Well, you're certainly not going to have any good retirement benefits if you come here as our balance of trade is in the negative 30-40 billions per month, which might be even higher since those numbers are generated from the government. If you're coming here for an adventure that we'll probably be heading to in a couple months, then you should come ;)

(01 Apr '12, 06:32) DiusPius

Hi Timmyy, You have some fine answers above so if you do make up your mind to go than do so for a year and see what happens. If things work out great than you can stay there and if not you can allways go back.

That way you can have an adventure of living in the USA for a year and if you decide to stay there it's because you made it.

Good luck.


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Paulina 1

17 years ago I did the same thing.Although the opposite: We left the US and moved to a small European country. Reflecting back upon the reasons and the pros and cons . In the end it was "Why not give it a try" that was the deciding answer.


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stay in the truth. pounder and discern where you will be more happy and for what reason? what will you bring to the place you are going? will you make it happen? when you scatter your seeds will it be the right ground for stuff to grow? will the condition be there to make it happen? if you are not sure yet it might be indication that you need to learn more before making your choice and your move. but what ever your decision you will be the one responsible of it and will have to deal with that responsability. experience and enjoy.


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