Three major organized religions developed in this region. First there was the Jewish religion. Then the next two were Christinity and Islam. I am not sure which of the last two were first.

Islam was written by a decendent of Abraham after his blood was cast out by Rebecca.

The Christian religion takes the old testment which is Jewish and tells of things that will eventually take place and combines it with the new testment which is the fullfillment of the old testments perdictions.

3 religions from an area of less then 200 miles square from groups that did not like the other groups religions so they created a new religion.

How far from what actually happened is this?

I believe in God but he is all and more then these three religions or any one of them. He is every religion in the world and more.

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What is your question? Are you asking if your statement is historically accurate, or whether the religions have diverted from their original meaning? Or is it some other question?

(10 Mar '10, 21:18) Vesuvius

ok...?? so what is your question bro?? can you clarify??

(13 Mar '10, 06:11) Mebb
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When these three, do meet and agree, in love and unity, the Holy Name to Speak...

Why am I thinking of the Tower of Babel right now.. ?

Hope reigns eternal.


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I think the UN should leave New York and move to Jerusalem. Make Jerusalem a world city.


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I agree with you entirely....

(11 Mar '10, 22:44) emination

I am by no means qualified to provide an answer to the question or statement above, but I can speak of my own opinions with regard to it.

I think all three religions have more in common than apart, I will study and research this one day because I am bewildered by it. Islam was the final one, and sadly to date probably the most misinterpreted one I have been told. I was fascinated to learn that the Koran speaks of Jesus as an important prophet... and many Muslim boys are given the name Isa, which means Jesus.

My father grew up on an island in a small town, where it was customary for the priest of the local Orthodox church and the religious man from the local mosque would get together for discussions and games of backgammon in the local cafe so his faith in God extends the boundaries of religion.

I am the same. I will share my thoughts as I gather them with regard to this topic.


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in my researches about middle-east's religions , i believe in these results:

  1. all God's religions speak about One God.
  2. we with today's human science can track and research, all of it's historical events that these religions speak about them.
  3. every one of us , should research separate, to achieve answer of our questions.
  4. after review all of the results, we can decide about them (believe or not believe) to them.
  5. all of the structures and rules that human try to create and formulated in last 4000 years, are here and we must do them, respect and operate their rules.

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in point 5 you "all of the structures and rules" thats a lot of rules to follow.

(02 May '12, 01:27) ursixx

Hopefully all these religions would peacefully coexist but when you get the extreme fundamentalist from each religion... things start getting scary. They won't be happy till the exterminate each other or fulfill some prophecy of "the end of the world". These nut jobs unfortunately get all the press and are determined to ruin it for the rest of us.


answered 02 May '12, 06:58

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