The term "ecumenical" was first used in 1587, intended to reference a worldwide grouping of Christian churches; sometime during the 1950s, an incredibly flamboyant Roman Catholic clergy Bishop Fulton J. Sheen reintroduced this term, however this time, the term was intended as a "religious umbrella, poncho, caftan--a one-size-fits-all, anything-goes" affirmation of ANY church. Find a Letter of Divinity in the mail with YOUR name on it?

Good deal, you can now throw open the doors to your Temple by Love for Peace and Happiness. Why has America turned her back on her Christian roots? Not convinced ours is a Christian nation, just pull out the Ten Commandments and any Legal Statute, they have a lot in common: Thou shalt not steal, murder, commit adultery, bear false witness--hummmmmmm.

So, why have we made it uncomfortable to wish people a Merry Christmas? Have we allowed phoney religions to replace traditional, perennial religious tenets?

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Christianity does not hold the monopoly of religious belief...

When a nation adopts a religion it is still the individuals choice to look within and decide what it is that'works' for them. We are people not sheep as some might think and as it looks.

Christianity is the choice of the west not because of any coincidental self produced decision but because of a culture that has been passed down through the generations... When we ALL learn to think for ourselves....Well, now, that is DIVERSITY.


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I respectfully disagree with your response especially because it does not address--nor is limited by--the specific information contained within the question stem; inductive logic mandates the only correct response as "yes."

Careful examination of beliefs held by founding fathers Benjamin Rush, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, et. al, will clearly demonstrate their intention that America be a Christian nation.

We serve fish on Friday in our public schools and have since 1950-free lunch does not provide for any diabetic,kosher,vegan, muslim lunch choice-we are Christian.

Cited research?

(26 Mar '11, 01:52) jmw
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