I'm not sure if this question makes sense and whether it's possible to respond. But do people recall things that have happened to them when they don't follow their intuition? And are the consequences immediate or more distant in time?

For example, today I didn't feel like going out to an outing but decided I should do it anyway/felt obliged. My car got scratched by someone. So that's a simple example ... But it made me wonder whether I should have listened to that voice which said don't go out tonight .... (On the other hand, that same voice also said 'don't feel like going out' on the weekend, but I decided to go anyway and ended up having a good time)!

But many a time something has happened which has made me think I shouldn't have done a certain thing and should have listened to my inner voice. But I don't want to become superstitious and think that whenever something not so great happens it was because I didn't listen to my intuition! Any thoughts on this question?

Is our intuition that strong that it might 'predict' minor things like a car scratch if we don't listen to it!!!!

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i like the bit about 'predict' ahh ... prediction or induced manifestation? :)

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As Abraham mentions, we are all equipped with an EGS (emotional guidance system) and it's just like playing the "Hot & Cold" game trying to find an object where someone says "you're getting hotter or you're getting colder" until you find the object. Your EGS will tell through "positive/negative feelings" whether you are on or off your path. Intuition is your EGS speaking to you.


Your EGS/Intuition can and will be affected by stress/anxiety. Did you really not want to go out on that social event or was your anxiety saying it didn't want to go out on a social event because of where it was? or a certain person was going to be there?.....or was your anxiety convincing you to go because you could possibly/by chance benefit in some way?

Your EGS can and will be affected by alcohol/drugs/lust/...etc. For example; Getting involved with someone you just met at a bar and the next day saying "OMG! What have I done? Abort! Abort! Abort!!!" That's your EGS/Intuition telling you you made a bad decision.

So, make sure it's actually your intuition you're listening to. For me, the best moment I know I'm talking with my intuition is when I wake up in the morning.


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What happens if you don't follow your intuition?

If you don't follow your intuition, you get to a point where you

  1. get a new chance to follow your intuition
  2. get to a point where you can make your previous decision right

If your intuition says "don't do it" by giving you a less than good feeling, you can make it the right decision by lining up with your decision aka changing your beliefs about that decision.

Many people think your intuition is trying to tell you what is right or wrong. This is true in that your beliefs determine what is right or wrong for you. But you have total control over your beliefs...and so also about what is right or wrong. Because ultimately nothing has inherent meaning in itself until you give it meaning.

In a sense, your intution is like a cook. Let's say you decide that you want to have an apple pie, but the only ingredients (i.e. beliefs) you have are flour, salt and yeast.

alt text

Then your intuition will tell you you are not going to get this with those ingredients by giving you a signal/bad feeling. If you choose to want bread instead, it can work with the ingredients you have and your intuition will give you an "Okay"/good feeling.

But if you don't listen to your intuition and still go for the apple pie, you will get a horrible one with those ingredients :). However, at any point you can always choose to fetch new ingredients to make a new apple pie and to see if your intuition agrees with those. Or a more enlightened way would be to get the right ingredients in the first place.

However there is no need to feel guilty or angry with yourself if you don't get it right the the first, second, third, fourth... try. Because, as Abraham say, "You can't get it wrong and you will never get it done". Once you have a perfect apple pie, there will always be new things you want to cook anyway.

So just relax and follow...or don't follow your intuition :). There is nothing that is irreversible anyway.


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I knew years before the actual event that my marriage was bad, but I did not listen to my intuition at all. What happened?

I was a nervous wreck all the time, jealous and angry- but it was always misdirected at something else. I kept in denial, but that inner voice, which is sometimes very hard to hear, kept telling me to leave, but I didn't.

Secondly, I became more and more trapped into what he wanted me to be instead of what I was. So when I started to be myself, he was angry and questioning. I started selling crystals on Ebay, was doing well, but he resented it because it was promoting "voodoo" (which some of you may agree with- I am okay with that). I often needed lump sums of money from him to buy stock, and he argued with me, but I always paid him back with interest...He just was mad about the whole thing.

I was spiritual and he was not, and that really rang my bell, but I refused again to listen to my intuition....

In short, most of the time, it pays to at least consider what your gut is telling you. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate intuition from "I just don't feel like it and need an excuse", but it pays to hear your inner voice. I could have spared my children and myself a lot of sadness and grief if I had heeded my intuition.

You are not crazy. Once, As the time approached for my ex to be home from work, I grew very worried about him. He was only late five minutes when I called the local police, and asked if a yellow Gremlin (remember those???) was in an accident. The dispatcher was silent for just a second, and then asked, "How did you know? They just called it in. A drunk rear-ended your husband- but everyone is fine."

Intuition is a real thing.

Pay attention!


Jai ♥♥♥


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Thanks Jai! Sorry to hear about all the problems that resulted from not listening to your intuition. Glad that things are better for you now.... Thanks also for sharing about the time when you did listen to your intuition. I'm trying more to listen - often it's hard to know if it is the voice of intuition or not and just an excuse as you say, but I hear it improves with practice!

(18 Feb '14, 18:45) Inner Beauty

The problem is not on whether intuition is good or not, or intuition is best, better than another else or not. The point is, whether we will deal with intuition, mystical, supernatural, or any possible thing safely. Then at least we must have a logical approach, logical explanation, or logical frame that can be used as a place to put those intuition within logical structure.

I am not going into debate whether logical could be pulled from proven intuition or experience or else, but i am pointing to logical thinking that can be considered to be reused to reframing intuition. If we can place intuition within part of logical structure, then we may have assurance or at least we can predict those intuition for future reference. We can make a proper response to it.

There is wrong conception that once we got an intuition or from spiritual experience, then we did quickly believe it without filtering it further. It's like spiritual as the ultimate source of the truth. Nope. We could be trapped on wrong direction just by following spiritual guidance. Why? It's because whether spiritual or not, those all are the same realities with different laws.

  • There are the sameness in any kind of realities, it's differentiation. If there is differentiation, then there is possibilities, probabilities, choices, proper or improper and all of these would be centered on proper adjustment . And if we are dealing with how to have proper adjustment (because of differentiation that could produce different bad or good or improper effect), then it's time to put our logical thinking to filter out anything

  • Consider this. On our waking life. If someone told you something that you didn't have enough understanding about it, then you could consider it as a doubt or it had to be examined. In a short, anything unclear must be clarified. But why didn't we examine something from spiritual? It's unfair.

Statistically: whether following logical thinking could direct us to the wrong direction just the same as if we didn't use logical thinking, but mostly (on my own experiences, on my perceptions), something that came from pure intuition without even a little bit thinking of it logically would have bigger chances as a deceiver or to be deceived.

Simply put: if we consider that we have rights to make choices, then it's an assertion that we must think logically based on our experiences. Well then, accept anything logically whether at small portion or huge portion of it, since it relatively. Unless we agree having no choice, then after thinking of it, the rest would be acceptance without rejection whatsoever.

  • We can't escape from logical thinking, since the very basic of thinking is tracing links of emotional steps or links of nodes of experience that could direct us to anything to be considered good (relatively). So, whether thinking consciously or thinking unconsciously (tracing links of emotional steps or links of nodes of experience, subconsciously), we better provide thinking consciously to give us a chance to explore possibilities within balance to the maximum extent. In a short, to put us on better adjustment (more safely).

So, what happens if you don't follow your intuition? We will get assurance. And if we follow intuition mostly, we will get a gambling game. But if we put intuition on the right frame of logical thinking (that must be updated all the time), then we will get better adjustment that hopefully will put us mostly on joyful.


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seremonia, perhaps it is being designed for a purpose of which we are a supporting part, getting to know how our capabilities assist with seeing truth over relative realities and then accepting responsibility for choices. and yes we are always in motion within our incarnated form so reflection over decisions helps

(20 Feb '14, 04:15) fred

@fred , thanks, you are correct, and since the default of our life are within current waking life, therefore anything should be adjusted according to our current default (waking life), unless on life after death (if we believe it) then perhaps intuition can be accepted easily since intuition could be mostly representing new environment (new default)

(21 Feb '14, 10:44) Seremonia
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