Do you find it tough to practise appreciation in the moment?

Writing out focus blocks and positive aspects lists are fine.Its easier for me to focus when im writing and good feelings just flow through me.Finding things in my head to appreciate in the moment is tough for me though and then i get annoyed at myself for not doing it.Like my mind just cant focus.

i dont want to be limit myself to having to sit down and write to feel appreciation.


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First, some can't express genuine appreciation (in the way that the word is meant vibrationally) from outside the Vortex.

If you try, you'll just find it annoying and the words of appreciation you try to conjure up will feel false, like you are trying to deceive yourself about your mood.

That's why the other processes exist to help you reach a vibrational place where you can genuinely appreciate.

Appreciation is maximum energy flow to what you want without resistance, even if you only want self-alignment and nothing else. If there's any resistance present, you need to use a slower process to start with and gradually ramp up the speed of flow.

alt text

Click here for a full explanation of the above chart

The point of the Rampage of Appreciation is to ensure you remain within The Vortex for long enough that it starts to feel familiar or habitual. It's a trick to keep you in the Vortex longer than you might otherwise do. Abraham call it "milking the experience"

It is our habits of thought (beliefs) that define our realities so by making In-The-Vortex thoughts more habitual, your life reflects what's in the Vortex i.e. everything you want :)

Now coming to your question, whenever you try to force anything, it's an indication that you are outside The Vortex on that subject.

Inside the Vortex, everything feels free-flowing and inspired, never forced. And when you are solidly inside the Vortex, you'll be able to use a process like Rampage of Appreciation easily in your head without any writing, if you wish to.

In the Advanced Focus Blocks Method, I would never touch a Rampage of Appreciation unless I'm well and truly within the Vortex and I can absolutely feel strongly that I am there.

Until then I will use Positive Aspects only.


If Positive Aspects alone doesn't hold my attention enough then (even though it's not documented in the previous method link to keep things simple) I will additionally use Touchstones and Virtual Realities as extra ammunition. These are really just past and future Positive Aspects. But I will only use them because it feels inspired to do so, not because I'm trying to force the alignment.

And notice that the only process out of all of those I've mentioned (Focus Blocks, Positive Aspects, Touchstones, Virtual Realities, Rampage of Appreciation) that it's really essential to do in written/typed form is actually just the Focus Blocks/Focus Wheels themselves. You'll find that everything else you can do in your head quite easily when you are feeling inspired to do so.

For me though, I like to have as much written down as possible (or, in my case, typed into a spreadsheet) because I'm supremely lazy :) ...and I don't want to have to trouble my lazy mind to conjure up all of those good-feeling thoughts again later. It's easier for me to just re-read what's gone before and get the same effect :)


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WOW.thank you for answering my question Stingray.this explains why my "appreciation of everything" is making me feel worse sometimes.I have been "APPRECIATING TO TRY AND FEEL GOOD,INSTEAD OF FEELING GOOD FIRST SO I CAN APPRECIATE".I cant believe i couldnt see this.THANKS AGAIN:-)

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(26 Aug '11, 15:32) Satori

Yes, that's a wonderful way of putting it :)

(26 Aug '11, 16:51) Stingray

once agian stingray, you outdid yourself and teh rest of us lololol ;-)

(26 Aug '11, 19:35) TReb Bor yit-NE
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is your perception that of an awareness of accepted values as being whipped into an obedient student,
or for the individual to see how the reactions of their past and current choices come back to them;
are they compelled to recognize the many consistent gravitational patterns towards compassion,
or do they use their life's breaths to willing focus on the possession of additional toys.
at what age are you allowed to choose for yourself!
without the fear of having to reverence somone or something
of which yo know not the truth,
or are you true to yourself when wishing to appreciate or beholding to others!


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if you don't appreciate what you experience. why do you even bother to experience it? and if people do not appreciate what you do for them or do not appreciate you do you have to appreciate them or can you give them what they deserve? sometime also you do not needs words to see that someone appreciate what you did. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

Absolutely yes appreciation should be forced, children growing up don't care about "Thank you", "You are welcome", "May I" and "Please" they must be taught manners. If they do not learn appreciation they will not get far in life and feel that everyone is against them.

Too many parents today don't teach their children, my niece thought her disruptive son was cute and funny until now. Now he goes to school and his teacher calls her and tells her he is disruptive and unruly and she had better do something.


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Wade Casaldi

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