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Possible Duplicate: Can a person manifest a relationship with another person?

There seems to be a 50/50 split in the belief that you can attract using Law of Attraction a specific person in your life. In the dozens of books I have read, youtube videos, and articles on the internet, I have read and heard that yes it is absolutely possible or not possible because of free will. This is just very confusing. I have done it several times myself. I will think about someone completely out of the blue, and they will call, text, email (or regular mail) even run into them within days or even withing a few min after me thinking about them. It has happened almost every time. So how can it be not possible?

There is a person I have been trying to attract using Law of Attraction for quite awhile. While I see this person from time to time I do get signals that it is working. It's undoubtedly working. I can see the difference in the way this person acts around me, and looks at me. Even other people around me notice. I get synchronicities and signs everywhere. Yet I haven't received any contact from this person as I have others. Even if I feel that I should take the step to send a short, quick, friendly hello once in a blue moon email I get no response.

I'm thinking that I have let go with the others, and I really haven't with this particular person. It's so difficult. Also reading that doing Law of Attraction for a specific person won't work is discouraging. Then I will come across something that says it can be done, and I get excited again. Just was wondering what your opinions are about this..... Thank you...

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@believer1 I wondered about the same thing and I too have had random thoughts of a person, next thing they ring, write etc. I read about Mariah Carey's husband and figure if it can work for him , then why not me . I also read somewhere here on IQ that dont worry that it's a specific person because , if you are not on the same vibe wavelength it can't come about , so alignment I believe is the key

(03 Sep '12, 22:22) Starlight

Also I listened to Abraham talk about the Grid the other day and she said that The Grid filling in ( signs etc ) is just the way of saying The current manifestation is in progress

Knowing this has helped me enormously ♥♥♥

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Thanks for posting @Satori. This is a recipe for healthy relationships, and one I want to stick with me forever.

(03 Sep '12, 21:39) Grace

@Satori , thanks for the link , i enjoyed listening to Bob,love to you both ♥♥♥

(03 Sep '12, 22:41) Starlight

@Grace-@Starlight- Thank you. There is some good advice in this clip. Im glad you found this useful :)

(04 Sep '12, 04:18) Satori
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Then I will come across something that says it can be done, and I get excited again.

How much will it hurt if your desire doesn't come true?

You're so engulfed in your attempts to attract that specific person, you don't realize the very nature of your endeavor. The desperate tone underlying your questions makes me sense your pain.

I understand you want to be happy. You want to end your suffering, but the path you have taken is the very source of the suffering you are trying to get away from. It is the never ending cycle if you go on like this.

What's in it for you? What do you think that specific person provides you with that you believe you are missing?

We create our own "holes" within our soul with our believes. And then, because we feel incomplete, we desire to patch them. Where it feels something is missing, a DESIRE to find the missing piece is born. Just take a look at any desire you have and it will expose the missing parts in you. That great suffering you want to get rid of.

I'm gonna swim against the flow now.

It is believed by many that Law Of Attraction means that LIKES attract LIKES, but that is a statement of ignorance. Magnetic poles of the same charge never attract themselves. It's is the OPPOSITES that attract!

How that relates to LOA? Very simple, whatever vibrational level you are, you are that level for a reason. It is to compensate for the missing pieces within you. It's important to understand, that "missing" pieces or "holes" in your soul are just an illusion created by your ignorance. By your lack of knowledge of who you are. You are already COMPLETE and nothing is really missing.

It may seem that confident people attract confident people. But people need confidence only because of the way they are defining their self-worth is the cause for the need of confidence. Deep inside they are afraid, unsure, worrying. So they build confidence to counter it.

Then you get either people who display those fears and worries openly, they are drawn to confident people.

And then you see confident people, who cover those fears and worries with confidence. But it is the FEARS and WORRIES in them which ATTRACT the confidence of OTHER PEOPLE.

Are you beginning to see the picture now? Negative always attract positive. But even if two positives seemingly attract each other, it is their negatives that has given birth to them which attracts the positive of one another.

And final question to you. Do you think that person would want to be with someone desperate, would you want to be with a desperate person yourself?


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You're search for the answer outside of yourself suggests great ambivalence about that person. This could be the reason they are not responding to your attempts to contact them. You are not ready or not fully committed to having them in your life.


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