I turned 32years. Started loa last few months, taking antidepressant my worry is I had great friends or so I thought!

Now I got no friends,now I found out am enjoying been alone as am an introvert, I loved my friends but I put up with people pleasing that I could not do it nomore.

They betrayed b abandoned me when I lived at a domestic violence shelter now, I hate people but I enjoyed been adored and cared for when my life was working well,now am having new people wanting to be friends but am soo distanced.

My question is why does God give us people for every season?

I want to attract eternal friends by working my demons. As an introvert am hoping to attract an introvert hats loves education, loyal as a dog b who is a mom, open minded, I believe I will attract.

I live with my perpetrator as I have a 2year old and as a foreigners I have invested my life on him,want to also attract a connection b the right relationship with a man that's stable, consistent, loving, what can I do, I seem to lack socially but am never

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"I want to attract eternal friends by working my demons."? You need help to work on your demons, God's help. You won't win this one alone.

(29 Apr '12, 21:32) Dollar Bill

We choose the plays, acts, scenes, costumes and actors. It makes sense to have a clown in a tragedy play only if you want to make it look bittersweet.

In other words, if you wanna change your rainy days for loving warmth of sun, you have to change the weather of your attitude towards the life.


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Well said @CanlonLan. It is your attitude that gives you altitude!

Not at all talking about you, but some people seem like their life is one long inspiration for a Country and Western sad song.

(29 Apr '12, 21:27) Dollar Bill

the seasons are what they are
they effect us since part of
us is of form from nature

yet a special gift is ours,
an ability to join the
conscious with the unconscious

to get to know ourselves


answered 23 Apr '12, 07:19

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