There is someone close to me who is amazing at manifesting. Like seriously amazing at it. This is a self-made man who dropped out of high school in 9th grade and is currently under 40 and a millionaire MANNNNY times over--and is happy in life!

He is very confident in his ability to manifest anything (and actually does)...and likes people to follow his lead when it comes to decision making, taking leaps of faith, and so forth, because he knows he is so great at this thing called manifestation. Similar to: "because I am so good at getting what I want, when I want, I know what's best for you type of thing". (Not entirely arrogant, but maybe a tad bit.)

I want to (and do) trust this person, yet I also want to find kind ways to respond that I believe in my ability to manifest and that I also have vision and direction as well.

I am working toward being a SUPER MANIFESTANISTA too! :)

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It is amazing how arrogant people seem to manifest easily but it is this very arrogance that shows their self confidance and faith in their own abilities. This has impregnated their subconscious mind with the fact they can and will get whatever it is they set their minds on. They have created a positive momentum in their lives and things come to them as if by magic.

If you want to manifest the way your friend does you too must impragnate your subconscious mind with the fact that you can have all you want and you don't even have to be arrogant to do it but you must have unwavering faith in your abilities. It might go slow in the bigenning but once you have created a positive momentum there won't be any stopping you.

It does help a lot to be surrounded by positive people for your vibrational energy needs to be high and being surrounded by negativity will drag you down. You are lucky to have a friend that can show you how this is done although be careful to be the master of your own ship so take advice but do it your way.


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You pretty much took the words right out of my mouth Paulina. Very well said!

(17 Nov '11, 04:50) Cory

You might use some of the free resources on the website.

There are many free books to read and weekly lessons to train your mind.

You already are every bit as powerful a manifester as your friend, just train yourself to have the confidence to aggressively go after what you want and suppress the negative thinking processes that are hindering you.

Namaste Carl


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be careful what you wish for. it is not because you have all you want that it will make you happy. experience and enjoy.


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Is it your pride that is keeping you from seeking advice from your friend? If you are worried about him treating you badly because of it, use EFT to eliminate your fears and limiting beliefs. Then ask your friend for advice. Present yourself in a way that opens him up to share but not gloat. Tactfully keep him on task if he veers off into boasting instead of teaching. But first, you must be willing to learn from him.


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