A hundred-year-old man has spent thirty-three years of his total life asleep. That is quite a lot of time. And while asleep, the subconscious mind rules the roost. We awaken after sleep with dream images, and perhaps a feeling from sleep, which seems to fade rather quickly.But that amount of time is huge. Imagine that that man spent thirty three years in college, for example. Or at a job- as most of us do- we would become experts after all that time...and so on. But with a third of our lives spent under the control of our subconscious mind, is it possible that that mind could really have much more influence over our lives than we have been led to believe?

But I also wonder: Is it possible that we are more a sum of all our subconscious impulses, including our dream states, than our conscious mind? This would explain a lot of strange things that never used to make sense to me.

Since I was abused as a child, and repressed my abuse, I believe that sometimes those powerful and frightening experiences drive me out of a sheer desire to survive. I sometimes seem to choose surviving instead of thriving, for example.

Help me to puzzle this out. What can you say to help me understand this? What rules the roost- thee subconscious or the conscious?



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surviving is security.So i guess that you have understand that.As for thriving if you mean accumulating richess and power in this world, the real question is will it help you?Is there a division in your mind? Could it be that it is clouded and there is a part that you do not see?

(09 Feb '13, 15:50) white tiger

Look at Maslow's pyramid. Because I am so scared, etc., I spend a lot of time at the bottom of that pyramid, instead of progressing upwards. That is what I mean by surviving and not thriving. I do NOT mean I desire or want necessarily to be a millionaire-i just would like to get out of survival mode. Understand? Love, Jai

(09 Feb '13, 15:54) Jaianniah

Ok that is what you mean. well i think we all have a little of everything in there and what you are lacking you can work on.why do you see a problem?See opportunity to work at it. know your self.

(09 Feb '13, 16:30) white tiger
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Yes it is "normal" and same for everyone else :-) No tis not running riot

Today , I was trying to remember how powerfull the subconscious is , in comparison to the conscious mind and came across this from John Kehoe hope it will help you understand the mechanism


I also think that the youtube videos of Bashar Brick Walls Beliefs explains beautifully how the survival instinct is programmed into us :-) . I downloaded them all 13 x 9 mins average, and kept myself a copy of the diagram he used , as he said once you have this info , there is no denying it :-)


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