While trying to manifest you face a lot and start to dig in our human beings with what they include body, mind and spirit so we become familiar with the nature and the core of what we are made of. So Are we born resistant? Since you have to overcome resistance, fear, negativity, doubts,... and the list is really big

While scanning children reactions and feelings, keeping toys, owning their moms, so are we born negatives since the phrase is raising children up, civilizing them,...

In order to manifest the task is to release resistance, doubts.... filter the bad feelings creating good one to be like the universal mind and to do create and only then you can create.

If resistance is something created with us, is the effort to release it is larger since it is not acquired thing?

And are there some practices, general one on manifestation in general, to release resistance?

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

If anything, I believe we are born into this world with no resistance whatsoever. There may be a few souls who choose to experience resistance upon birth but the majority of us come in resistance free.

When we are young infants we are not usually focused on negative thought patterns. Our focus is feeling good and manifesting what we want when we want it. That is usually why a baby can easily become the center of attention. When a baby needs something, it most definitely makes its presence known and the parent is like the genie who accepts the masters wish on command.

Most of the people on earth were probably much better at the mastery of manifesting when they were under the age of five, compared to when they became conscious thinking, analyzing, judging, and supposedly know-it-all adults.

A lot of us lose this mastery the further we get away from infancy. We start subconsciously absorbing the negative vibrations of our surrounding environment, have it be negative or positive. That's why a lot of people end up like their parents as they get older. We thought what we were taught, saw, and heard was the way things worked, but it was only or subconscious programming that we picked up and our ego self keeping us safe and secure in our comfort zone.

In the end though, it really only comes down to a decision. A decision that we do or don't like the direction that our life is going towards. Once we realize or become aware that we don't like the negative thoughts and habits we have accumulated over the years, then there is no excuse not to change how we think and experience things for the better.

And are there some practices, general one on manifestation in general, to release resistance?

There really are quite a few very useful suggestions on this site for releasing resistance.

The Manifesting Experiment Guide may be one of the best complete packages that has a very good variety of techniques. You just have to find something that you enjoy doing and something you feel you can stay consistent with for an extended period of time.

Faster EFT in my opinion is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get started if your not sure where to begin.

Ask and it is Given is one of best books I have ever read on releasing resistance and manifesting desires.

Lots of other great info under the resistance and manifesting tags as well.


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So resistance must be an acquired thing from parents, environment, traditions and and.... religion says we are born both dark and light and the duty is to transfer dark into light in order to be spiritual, i love to think we are born blank and we have the decision to fill that blank, well when others are filling that blank and in age where you are so sensitive, we cannot always forget childhood memories, then resistance or whatever is a trait you acquired in a way that looks like it is something you are born with since you raised up on that thought, then it looks like something natural with u

(28 Dec '11, 06:46) r0la

Jesus raised up on spiritual traits, characters, he can manifest and create in no time because his inward is free resistance. I believe we are free resistance, I should, but since i feel it i should release it to be the person/spirit I want, Your exercises are helpful, Thank you and I liked your comment too :)

(28 Dec '11, 06:50) r0la

this was a part of question that was asked by soemone here at least in the last part,


love n light


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TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you rob :)

(28 Dec '11, 06:50) r0la

yes, u r welcome my freinmd, love n light

(28 Dec '11, 16:05) TReb Bor yit-NE

No, I don't think so.

I believe children are born good and pure, but weak and easy to influence.

Do believe, however, that God protects all of HIS children from everyone, EXCEPT themselves.

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Yes god is the lovely protector

(28 Dec '11, 06:51) r0la

we seem to be born as infant human beings,
with all the potential of it's species.
how do we let it be raised,
with nuture or resistance


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It would be interesting to look into the idea that we have free will and how this belief is tied into the cultural and social soup that we are thrown into. I believe that I have free will but if I was born into an Indian culture three hundred years ago I most probably wouldn't.

(27 Dec '11, 13:06) Alan Crabbe

alan, free will from a perspective outside of philosophy. little point in starting at a deterministic mind set, at the whim of rhythm or as a subject of the archon. it is there, thought about and scribed for a long length of human time

(28 Dec '11, 01:41) fred

I came from oriental culture too, and I recognize that i have double effort to grasp all that and exercise my mind on these new ideas. Resistance is something looks like we are born with, but we should not since we are like father, maybe it depends on everyone culture and surroundings, no matter what it must be released

(28 Dec '11, 06:56) r0la

r0la, our culture is what we grow up in until we begin to think for ourselves. the east and west are not really that far apart unless our ego needs to make a point of it. the resistance is against letting go of that which draws one to the material, since it is what we percieve daily. don't shut out your individual wisdom, seek it to it's fullest over your cultural personality. do not be afraid to think

(29 Dec '11, 01:22) fred
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resistance or no resistance. again a duality. resist what should be resist and let go and experience what should be experience. you have free will and are at the control. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

'resist what should be resist and let go and experience what should be experience' I liked that.

(28 Dec '11, 06:57) r0la

we should not resist all time

(28 Dec '11, 07:02) r0la

Sure we are born very maleable ... however we are also born unique with our own unique vibration and this vibration is our starting point so to speak and offers a certain resistance.

have a great day


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blubird two

I believe we are born malleable too, because only then we can release resistance :)

(28 Dec '11, 07:03) r0la
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