I think we all have times when we feel this way. It isn't fun, nor is it something to ignore. I was wondering, in the face of the Law of Attraction, how you turn hopelessness into hope.


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I think the main reason as to why we are hopeless sometimes in life is because we treat unwanted manifestations like they are "big" issues. We make them the focus of our lives and we feel that until the issue is fixed, there is no point fousing on anything else in our lives, good or bad.

Instead, what we should be doing is not making a big deal of anything in life. When we start treating things less seriously, and know that whatever situation we are in, we can get out of anytime as we have the ability to feel better and change things for the better at any given moment, then we will rarely or even never feel hopeless.

When I did not think I was in control of my life, I used to think that things just happened to me and I used to get hopeless a lot of the time. However, since I started to learn and practice the law of attraction and I know that everything that happens to me is my own creation, I take things less seriously as I know that life is just a ride and we were meant to co-create and enjoy it. With this attitude, I don't think that you will be experiencing hopelessness very often.


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Pink Diamond

The only way to turn that feeling of hopelessness into one of hopefulness is by finding one little thing in life to be hopeful for. When someone feels like they are in a place of hopelessness (like LeeAnn's cousin), it can seem like a pretty futile task to find one little thought to focus on that offers some kind of hope. I would suggest to her that she has a beautiful son who needs a Mom and maybe if she tries to focus her thoughts on him, she may experience some sort of little shift.

Right now she has to find one thought that can take her attention away from all that seems hopeless and somehow,if she can find that thought,pivot, and give all the attention she can to it. Where she is at right now this will probably seem almost impossible and commiserating with her will only help her stay stuck in the doldrums. Let her know she is worth investing her mental energy in and you believe she can do it - there is a purpose for this and a greater life awaiting her.

Advice can be easy to give when we are not the ones faced with trials and tribulations. All one can do is offer the advice, with the best intention behind it, and let her know that you are there if needed.I hope she discovers the strength to get through this and I will remember her in my prayers.


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Thanks Michaela, and you know, you're right, I will have to be careful I am not commiserating. I think I had forgotten about that because it's a family member. I don't want to help her unconsciously ask for more of the same! Best wishes....

(18 Mar '10, 17:04) LeeAnn 1

You're welcome LeeAnn - I hope your cousin gets through this.

(20 Mar '10, 01:16) Michaela

A couple of years ago one of my favorite cousins was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We live far away from each other so the only communication we had was the telephone conversations every week-end. One thing I discover (as well she), is that when you surround yourself with people who, who feel sorry for you, it is very difficult look at the situation from a positive point of view. It is also very difficult to find anything positive about cancer, you spouse leaving and losing your home.

For people who view all situations from a spiritual, as well positive perception, it’s easy to say that all situations regardless of what they are have a positive solution. However, for the average person, it is very difficult if not impossible to overcome these type issues. In the case of cousin, she was very much in the situation which LeAnn described. However, because my cousin is a fighter she decided to hang out with people who are positive. After we had a few conversations on all the issues she related to me that she really enjoyed and looked forward to our conversations because it gave her hope. That led me to make it my job to find her places where she could go and find the people she needed to be around with. It was not easy for her in the beginning because it easier to feel sorry for yourself then to get out and work on it.

The point is, to get positive you need to hang out with people who are supportive and positive about everything you do. Remembering to take life one day at a time is a good way to start. We know that happiness attracts more happiness and sadness attracts more sadness. However, for people who are barely discovering this fact is hard to understand let alone believe. So I believe that it is our job to spread the word. After I read the Master Key System it became impossible for me to keep that wealth of knowledge to myself. I have found that sharing my beliefs about the law of attractions with others, especially those have lost hope, does bring in real hope. One comment I often hear from people is. “It really makes a lot of sense”. My cousin is going on her second year of cancer free and loving life regardless of losing her home and husband. He words, “I have my life and “I’m happy to be me”


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My name is rahul and my life was worthless, boring and impassive because of too much failures. I tried my best to get success but always ended up in a dark hole.No sign of light in my dark life until one day when i came to know the secret of life that changed everything.One of my teacher told me if you'r getting so many failures that doesn't mean you are the biggest loser, instead of that you'r getting closer in achieving biggest success in life.I applied those words what he said to me and that helped me to come out from mourning.After so many hurdles finally i got the success.

All I want to say to all people just ""wait for the right time and hope for the best"".We all have something special.Believe in your capabilities.


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this helped me

If you are lost, if you are confused, if you are depressed, if you are angry, if you are frustrated, if you are cold in your heart; all of these are human, and almost every human experiences every one of these, sometimes. Silence is a source. It is a return to your center, by simply letting go of everything that is not silence. Use silence when needed; as you would use the medicine. Give yourself two doses of silence. See what comes from silence, it is the best cure. It allows everything to complete. And suddenly, you are a new being, in a new world. But, the voices they will scream as they attempt to keep continuing, and silence will make it difficult for anything, except absolute emptiness and presence to be true. And, that is exactly why silence is a source. If you are lost, if you are confused, seek silence and find what comes from the source to you in that place. We honor you, we are you.

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

My cousin is going through some rough times. Although a fairly positive thinking person ordinarily, it has been a hard two years. Her husband walked out on her, she got cancer, and has a teenage boy to raise. She has missed a lot of work, and has a lot of uninsured medical expenses. I had recommended the Abraham-Hicks books to her last month. But she told me point blank over the weekend, that it's awfully hard to write in your appreciation journal or feel gratitude, or think positive, when the foreclosure papers are just a step away, when the bills are coming in daily and when you are facing possible death. She told me it just adds more stress to her life to try to make changes right now and makes her feel inadequate or as if she deserved all that has happened through wrong thinking. That just adds guilt. Our long talk really made me think about so many people in her position today with the difficult economy.

Good question for the times, Jaianniah......and I will be reading to see what advice that people have here. I would love to tell my cousin something more hopeful and constructive.


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I hate living. It's overpriced, overpolluted, love is conditional.

Life is suffering.

And I'm supposed to believe in a loving god, whew! Talk about a stretch!

Ok, he loves us, but he must lack power...noone would love his children as much as christian purport he does, yet he sends his son down to supposedly save us, accroding to human's interpretation, but the result?

Look at wrold history since Jesus died for us: IT has absolutely sucked and been full of incredible suffering and wars.

All I can say, is God must really, really really be in a lot of pain looking down on this hellish idiotic dirty planet if he is so lovingly impotent...oh yeah, the non interference rule...well isn't that the most frickin convenient escape to counter the implausible and unbelieveable?

That one little rule explainns everything. Free will. Ok. Well, fine. but why?

Nothing personal against god, but just so very very very hard to believe in the opposite of everhting this world appears to be. Frustrating.

Christians have no asnwers. Only buddhism explains the truth of this misery of mankind.


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I have noticed your two posts today and can feel the negative energy you have become.

I'm actually worried for you.

Please start reading these 2 posts here:



If the world is completely fucked up, then how could some random person be trying to help a person I now nothing about??....... and I am trying to help him/her within the first 5 minutes of reading your words??

(09 Nov '10, 18:03) Back2Basics

In my life I have learned to do my best one day at time. For others less fortunate it must be a lot to face each day. My uncle Mike decided to just let the cancer take him. It was to much to fight after so many battles. He was very brave person and received many medals in Viet Nam as a Combat Medic. He come home only to dye here years later from exposure in Viet Nam. He was survived by a wife and son. I'm starting tear up a bit so I stop now.

Peace and Blessings


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The feeling of Hopelessness is very devastating, and it is a place where you do not want to be. Thus in the time of need when you feel lost, and you do not know what to do, you ask someone for help!

And there are people who will help you in the time of need, if you ask the right people in authority to help you. In terms of the LOA, you will get what is yours, and although things may appear to be hopeless, ask yourself this question how much worst can it get, and is there anything that you can be grateful for?

Usually the phase will pass, and something will change for better or for worst, and it is totally up to you to make the changes that are right for you. If you sit back and do nothing to change your situation, then nothing will change, but if you take action to change the negative into a positive, then you will reap what you sow! It does not matter how hopeless a situation is, it is my belief you can change it by taking the appropriate action to get whatever help is available to you! Hope this helps.


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when the going gets tuff the tuff keep going. know this there is always hope. so have faith. experience and enjoy.


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