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People want all kinds of things like fancy cars, nice homes, exotic vacations, etc... But what is the ultimate underlying desire that is in need of filling? If you could satisfy that desire without the car or house, etc... would you?

asked 21 May '12, 12:37

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Fairy Princess

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Great question ^5

(21 May '12, 17:35) ursixx

To live without fear. There's nothing else I want. And living without fear open the doors to everything else anyway.


answered 21 May '12, 17:16

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@CalonLan - I agree. Living without fear allows one to also be happy in addition to opening the doors to everything else. Nice comment. Thank you.

(22 May '12, 18:30) figure8shape

Well said. To live without fear is to have joy.

(24 May '12, 11:41) Paulina 1

Hi Fairy Princess, My ultimate goal or desire here on earth is to be happy. I supose we all want to be happy and that means healthy physicaly and mentaly, well fed and housed with a wonderful social circle. What more could one ask?


answered 21 May '12, 15:20

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Paulina 1

To see things and people without a predetermined judgement.
As one would say not judging a book by its cover


answered 21 May '12, 17:35

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to learn to know who i am
what it is i'm here to do
how to do it forthrightly,
ready to assist others


answered 22 May '12, 06:13

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Wonderful Fred.

(24 May '12, 11:42) Paulina 1

To encounter God, or oneness, somewhere. In music, in nature, in love.

To feel a satisfaction and fulfilment at a life well lived...


answered 22 May '12, 07:15

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sr7, may i ask from where the imputation flows, the overall intent; since i tend to balance good and bad

(22 May '12, 18:09) fred

Hi Fred, can you paraphrase the question please? I haven't encountered the word imputation before.

(24 May '12, 00:04) SR7

You encounter God on a daily basis all you have to do is see, hear, touch, taste, smell and sense for god is in everything and everyone including you.

(24 May '12, 11:44) Paulina 1
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I was just reading of this in The Law of Success from the 1925 Manuscript lessons.

This is having a definite purpose, Napoleon Hill says without a definite purpose we are like 95% of people that feel we are going nowhere and get depressed.

This is like a boat on the water the engine is running but it hasn't a rudder so it uses all the gas going in circles never making it across the lake and back. With a rudder it would have made it across and back many times but instead it runs out in the middle of the lake unable to reach either side.

He says we need to pick something that excites us to the point of having to achieve it. That we must and will make it no matter what comes along we have our course set in stone and will let nothing divert us away.

There was a man in prison with a sickness that was killing him. He had nothing to live for but he decided to beat the sickness. He beat it then he decided he wanted to be free, he achieved that too. Then he decided he wanted to be a respectable business man. He achieved that as well. Every time he set a definite purpose his mind went to work attracting it to him.


answered 23 May '12, 01:38

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Wade Casaldi

edited 23 May '12, 01:41

My ultimate goal is continual Joy through connection with Spirit, God, Universal Mind!

There is nothing else.


answered 23 May '12, 08:11

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Dollar Bill

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