I just read The Secret of Instant Healing by Dr. Frank J Kinslow. It seems too good to be true, but it stacks up with everything I have read about quantum physics and stuff. I was wondering if anyone has read and implemented the technique.

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Fairy Princess

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@Fairy Princess - have not read it, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Just ordered it from Amazon. Here is an interesting lead in, I like the example of the "coiled snake."


Will get back to you after having read it.

(04 May '12, 07:01) Dollar Bill

@Dollar Bill I look forward to your feedback. It's a very thin book. Good though.

(04 May '12, 08:18) Fairy Princess

Awareness is very important--indeed! Thanks Dollar Bill.

(08 May '12, 17:39) figure8shape

I ordered the next one too The Secret of Quantum Living. I suggest anyone who orders this should order both at the same time.

(09 May '12, 09:21) Fairy Princess

Hi maybe you already know? This author has a new book coming out on the 15th July EUFEELING - http://www.shop.qeprocess.com/Eufeeling-The-Art-of-Creating-Inner-Peace-Outer-Prosperity-Eufeeling-BK.ham

(02 Jun '12, 18:42) Satori

Yes, thank you, I have it in my amazon shopping cart.

(02 Jun '12, 23:18) Fairy Princess
(03 Jun '12, 06:20) Satori

@FAIRY PRINCESS-Hi,maybe you already know,the book Eufeeling is now available here http://www.shop.qeprocess.com/Eufeeling-The-Art-of-Creating-Inner-Peace-Outer-Prosperity-Eufeeling-BK.htm

I canceled my amazon order as it was giving a despatch date closer to the end of the month,maybe your not as impatient as i am;)

(02 Jul '12, 12:10) Satori

@Satori Thanks for the link. I have it in my amazon shopping cart also.

(02 Jul '12, 12:22) Fairy Princess

Nope, just ordered it from amazon

(02 Jul '12, 13:25) Fairy Princess

Nice one,I'm on the amazon uk site, must be a different release date:)

(02 Jul '12, 14:11) Satori

yes @Fairy Princess i've read the french version "La Guérison Quantique" ... the technique is a simple and efficient way of accessing the complete unlimited consciousness, easily available to all those with an open mind :)

(20 Oct '13, 04:14) jaz

I've read both Eu feeling & The Secret of Instant Healing. I'm bumping this thread back to the top because I think jaz stopped by because he had a feeling someone here could use this book. I'm not sure if they saw it ~ lots of activity here.

(23 Oct '13, 01:47) ele
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This question that you asked is a very good example of a collective consciousness or mind meld happening right here at IQ. I actually just finished reading The Secret of Instant Healing for the second time yesterday.

I first read it and Frank Kinslow's other book The Secret of Quantum Living about two years ago and had some profound vibrational experiences with Pure Awareness similar to what Rindor has already mentioned. That was back in the days when I dabbled around with a book for a short time and went on to something else and kind of forgot about it.

I feel that the Pure Awareness and Gate Technique are two of the most simple and powerful ways to raise the vibration in my body. I never in my life felt a more powerful, quick and easy way to do it. This is the reason I opened the book back up about a week ago. I remembered the blissful experience that was Pure Awareness.

I have been focusing more on the two free audio exercises along with just reading through the book to resfesh my memory over the past week. I haven't really had an opportunity to try any significant healing yet. I did try to help my girlfriend with a headache the other day though. It was my first attempt and only lasted a few minutes but she told me that I took her throbbing pain down from a 7 to a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. I have also noticed that a throat problem I have had for numerous months has felt quite a bit better over the last week by doing the Pure Awareness exercise everyday for the last 10 days. I would like to continue to learn to raise my vibration a little more consistently and then try some healing or possibly even some remote QE or distant healing as the book mentions.

So in my personal opinion, I think the benefits we receive ourselves from the techniques that Dr. Kinslow provides are worth their weight in gold alone. I have to get a little deeper into the triangulation healing technique to give my honest opinion on that. As Rindor mentioned in the comments, you have to find the right situation for a healing that is comfortable for you and the person who needs healing. If you get too focused on healing in general instead of focusing on your Eufeeling and contact points as Frank mentions, the technique may not work so well.

I have just started to read his other book that I linked to above (The Secret of Quantum living) for the second time as well. I remember having such a blissful experience with his phrase of "where will my next thought come from?" Then just watching your thoughts pass by until you get to that zero point. Then comes that intense blissful Eufeeling which seems like it is more powerful for me than his guided audio recording. I want to refresh my self with this book again and really get these process working in my everyday life.

I highly recommend these two books for anyone looking for something that is quick and easy to understand, and can also be very beneficial for raising the vibration in a most blissful way.


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Hi Cory. Good to hear from you. Franks books are wonderful. You mentioned the question that Frank poses to get the mind into the Eufeeling. I played with it and liked what happened. Then I played with the question itself and this question came to me... "What is the answer to this question?" Makes me laugh every time I ponder it. And I believe the feeling that comes with laughter is the Eufeeling. That light, in this moment feeling that makes it possible to "move stuff" with your mind. Cool!

(04 May '12, 13:46) Rindor

ALso, this lady seems to be helpful with Matrix Energetics... http://lightspiritedbeing.com/2011/09/how-you-can-do-matrix-energetics-yourself-right-now/

(04 May '12, 13:50) Rindor

@Rindor Yes, the simplicity of the Eufeeling and the pure bliss that comes from it is so very enjoyable. My very first experience with pure awareness was amazing and lingered for over an hour and I can't understand why I stopped using the process. The question asking technique is pretty nifty. The conscious thinking mind does not know how to react to such questions and it is so cool when you feel that blankness or zero point kick in instantly. It is really fun to play around with the questions.

(04 May '12, 13:53) Cory

I also want to read The Secret of Quantum Living. Are they different enough to buy both? That phrase you quoted from it is also in The Secret of Instant Healing.

(04 May '12, 20:15) Fairy Princess

I also was thinking about the question, "Where will my next thought come from?" And around the same time, I am reading The Power of Now, and Tolle states it as a statement, "I wonder where my next thought will come from." I think that is the statement. Anyway, when I wonder it, the answers don't show up the same way. I haven't used it in this, because I wanted to try it unadulterated first, then make adjustments. Like combining it with the midline.

(04 May '12, 20:19) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess It's been a few years since I read the Quantum Living book and I can't remember it as a whole in detail. I just started the first chapter again yesterday. The book focuses more on the concept of pure awareness in all aspects of life instead of just the main concept of healing. I do remember that I actually preferred the Quantum Living book more because of the detail it gets into. They are both great books and I would highly recommend them as a pair and not just singly.

(04 May '12, 23:25) Cory

@Fairy Princess I'm not sure exactly what you are asking with you second comment. For me the phrase "Where will my next thought come from" simply clears my mind into complete blankness for a good 5 to 10 seconds. Then with the combination of watching my thoughts pass by as the observer and doing this for at least five minutes, my Eufeeling starts to be very noticeable throughout my body. For me it has been the most simple and profound technique for raising vibration that I have ever come upon.

(04 May '12, 23:30) Cory

@Fairy Princess If you are saying that you want to use the Pure Awareness technique in combination with the midline process, I would say go for it and see what happens. Practice the technique a few times to get a solid basis of your Eufeeling. I actually want to start combining my Eufeeling with affirmations because I know for a fact when that feeling surges through my body, I am totally in the vortex.

(04 May '12, 23:34) Cory

In the second comment, I am talking about two things. 1. The difference between saying, "I wonder where my next thought will come from." versus asking, "Where will my next thought come from?" see this question for clarification http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/49485/why-does-wondering-not-get-answers-like-asking-does and 2. Once I get the hang of the instant healing, I want to add the midline to it.

(05 May '12, 06:25) Fairy Princess
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Just wanted to share a few more techniques that help become aware of awareness/eufeeling. It should be interesting for all interested in integrating pure awareness into daily life in a more powerful way.

Tom Stones has 5 pure awareness techniques which are imo highly valuable and perfect additions to Kinslow's work although there are overlaps. You can learn those quickly in this book online for free.

Here is what you'll be able to do with them:

The Five Pure Awareness Techniques And When to Use Them

1.CORE—Center Of Remaining Energy (Demonstation video)

  • Feeling into the Core of the Energy of the Feeling
  • The technique for rapidly and thoroughly completing unresolved painful experiences without suffering

When to use CORE:

  • When you feel that you are in the grip of an emotion and want to be free of it
  • When a situation triggers the feeling of a painful experience from the past

2.GAP—Greater Awareness Place

  • Experiencing Pure Awareness in the Gap Between Thoughts
  • The technique for experiencing the essential nature of who and what you really are – Pure Awareness

When to use GAP:

  • As a regular daily practice to become very familiar with the experience of Pure Awareness
  • Before doing something important to you where you would like to be operating from wholeness
  • Any time you want to directly experience Pure Awareness

3.AGAPE—Accessing the Greater Awareness Place Everywhere

  • Experiencing Pure Awareness Everywhere
  • The technique for directly experiencing that the essential nature of who and what you are is the same as the essential nature of everything in the universe - pure awareness

When to use AGAPE:

  • Directly following doing the GAP technique
  • As a regular daily practice to directly experience that the essential nature of who and what you really are is everywhere in the universe
  • Before doing something important to you where you would like to be operating from wholeness and experiencing yourself as One with everything
  • Anytime that you want to experience being One with everything

4.WAIT—Waiting Allows Intuitive Truth

  • Wait for clarity and only make decisions from a stable state of Pure Awareness
  • The technique for being certain

When to use WAIT:

  • When someone is pressuring you to make a decision such as to buy something
  • Whenever you are making big decisions such as who to marry, where to live, what job to take, whether or not to start a new business
  • Anytime you have doubts
  • While waiting, fully feel whatever there is to be experienced. Use CORE•if needed.

5.WONDER—Wait On Neutral During Extreme Reactions

  • Unplugging the power cord on habitual thoughts and behaviors
  • The technique for eliminating unwanted habits

When to use WONDER:

  • When you feel the onset of an emotional reaction
  • When you notice that you are about to energize an unwanted habit
  • When you feel impulsive

This is the way that you start the technique of WAIT

  • Prior to an emotional reaction and leading directly into the CORE technique

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cool. Thanks for sharing

(17 Jan '13, 09:54) Fairy Princess

@Releaser99 - Nice one. Thanks for sharing these links & techniques:)

@Fairy Princess - Welcome back FP:)

(17 Jan '13, 16:46) Satori

You are welcome @Fairy Princess and @Satori. Hope this helps:)

(17 Jan '13, 20:02) releaser99

@Satori Thank you :)

(17 Jan '13, 22:16) Fairy Princess
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I read the book about two years ago and then I got his next book, The Secret of Quantum Living. My first real experience of pure awareness blew me away and can be found on Franks website here... http://www.quantumentrainment.com/downloads.html

When you get there, be in a comfortable position and give yourself about 25 minutes to let Frank guide you to an experience of "Pure Awareness". Then click on the blue link to the audio called "Pure Awareness" and relax and just listen and follow along. This is where I first got in touch with the EuFeeling as Frank calls it. Stands for Euphoria or Euphoric Feeling and it was amazing.

But I never went to a class or anything and never really felt I understood how to use it as a healing modality. But since then I have come upon Midline Therapy and I get basically the same feeling with it and can use it better. I would really like to attend a training with Dr. Kinslow so I can learn how QE really works as a healing modality.


answered 04 May '12, 08:05

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@Rindor- It does explain how to use it for healing by triangulating with two touch points and then a eufeeling. He said you can even use it on cars and stuff. He didn't say how though.

(04 May '12, 08:17) Fairy Princess

I do believe his technique is good. I just never had the confidence in it to try it on anyone. That was always one of my difficulties with hands on energy healing. Offering to do some energy healing technique on someone and have it not work because I didn't understand it well enough. Makes for an awkward moment. On the other hand I've used and taught classes on EFT and Kinesiology. And now I'm very excited about The Sedona Method. A most Excellent modality!

(04 May '12, 08:30) Rindor

Yes, well he says that you are not responsible for the healing, you just set the stage for healing and not to be attached to the outcome.

(04 May '12, 12:47) Fairy Princess

And I was thinking of adding the midline to the triangulation after I get the hang of it the way it is.

(04 May '12, 20:21) Fairy Princess
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How cool is this... I started working with Dr Kinslow material about a week ago, and just yesterday I began searching for more people practicing his material and now you post this question :-).

Funnily enough, I've also been interested in Matrix Energetics and in the QE's FAQ some people have said that they are similar. (I've yet to read or attend a ME workshop).

I have used both the Pure Awareness audio and the Gate Technique. I've been busy this week so I haven't started reading the book you mention but I started doing the "Exercises for Quantum Living" about 3 days ago. Yesterday was my first day with the Fixing Financial Worries audio and about 10 minutes after I was done my brother had transferred me some money and more than I had expected.

Also like @Rindor commented, I've been using the Midline Therapy (I've only seen a couple of videos so I know very little about it) and I've found similarities with the feeling, and I actually tried to do both at the same time and got good results with my wife (considering I just started practicing, etc).

In case you haven't checked QE's website, there are about 8 videos which have some good information, here's the link: http://www.quantumentrainment.com/video.html (The growing finger exercise is spooky!!!!)

There is also a forum: http://www.qediscussions.com/qesimplemachinesforum/index.php

And last, I found a participant in that forum which hosts QE weekly webinars, I don't know much more about it, but I plan to attend once I finish the book (which hopefully I'll start today): http://www.anymeeting.com/AlfredHeath


answered 04 May '12, 12:08

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Yes, thank you for sharing. I watched the videos before I bought the book. I didn't see the forum though, thanks.

(04 May '12, 12:45) Fairy Princess

I'm new to this site and I'm not sure whether this should be in the comment section or as an answer but you do ask whether anyone has had any results with quantum entrainment so here goes ...

My son is fifteen years old and on the autistic spectrum. We've tried many different things - some of which made noticeable improvements and others made no difference whatsoever although they appeared to work for others. A friend suggested a healer who uses a technique based on Frank Kinslow's quantum entrainment. She asked me to look at various clips explaining it and I also read the book.

The healer didn't actually see my son but carried out around six sessions over an eighteen month period remotely using the technique and wow what a difference. Everyone who knows him comments on it and family and friends who only see him occasionally are absolutely amazed. I mentioned the healer to a few people and as you can imagine got varying responses! I asked her why people are so resistant to believing that it was her technique, preferring to explain the dramatic improvement by "his age", "one of those weird things about autism" etc and her reply was that most people don't believe that healing should be this simple. They think it should take a long time and involve a lot of input. Personally this is a really interesting area and I believe that in the future this is what healing will look like but if my experience is anything to go by not for a while!

Thanks for asking the question and allowing me to share my experience.


answered 05 Jun '12, 04:11

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English Rose

Awesome! Thanks for sharing that story. Did you do any treatments for your son as well, or just the healer?

(05 Jun '12, 08:12) Fairy Princess

This was the only treatment in the past two years when we have seen these phenomenal changes. I must stress that he is still autistic but so much more engaged. My personal opinion is that the healer opened up the existing pathways - sort of made the best of what is, but what a change!

I informed my son at the time about the healer and he said "cool, sort of like a cheat code on the Playstation" - that is how I see it - a means of optimising his existing potential.

Thanks for responding!

(05 Jun '12, 10:27) English Rose

Thank you for sharing your experience, it is truly remarkable!!. QE for me has been the latest in a series of personal discoveries, almost all of them pointing directly or indirectly to pure awareness. QE in particular is a powerful and practical way of practicing it. I find it incredible.

(07 Jun '12, 20:25) Kriegerd

Yes, Kriegerd, me too. THT is the fastest, easiest way I have found yet.

(10 Jun '12, 10:31) Fairy Princess
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@fairy princess- thanks for bringing this book to our attention.i have read through all the books and been practising the techniques.Im finding QE a very fast method to get into the vortex.

Despite the title of this book I would say that QE is a Self-Awareness technique with healing as a byproduct of that Awareness.

I started out with the triangulation technique but now use The Refined Technique.

Every-time I remember to or get a chance throughout the day I close my eyes and become aware of my thoughts, then the thoughts slow down or stop.Then I'm aware of Nothing/pure awareness and out of that Awareness comes other thoughts or what Frank calls Eufeeling/awareness of pure awareness which is just the minds reflection of this Awareness.i focus on the Eufeeling  And it becomes stronger, then I open my eyes and find the Eufeeling again and then just hold that feeling in my awareness.Ive got the process down to a few minutes now and can hold the feeling in my awareness for a few hours sometimes.

It's great.i only used to experience this Eufeeling after a long meditation and even then only sometimes.

What the author is trying to encourage here i think is become aware of this Eufeeling all the time.As he says QE is the technique to end all techniques.become aware of Eufeeling and then live your life,similar to Stingrays " Vortex first and then everthing else". i didnt think this would be possible but after purchasing this cd    http://www.shop.qeprocess.com/Exercises-for-Quantum-Living-2-CD-Set-QE-EX-QL2.htm.

and following the technique on  i finally got it.I highly recommend this cd as it can teach you everything you need to know. whats great its an unconditional good feeling.Now I can finally feel good for no reason:)


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Thank you for sharing that with us. I am so glad you benefited from it. Before I read the book, I noticed myself watching my thoughts. I didn't do it quite the same, but I only got so far watching my thoughts. So that's why I came up with the Two Hands Touching, so I could do it faster and easier. The two hands can actually be touching anything, but the loop created when they touch eachother seems greater than touching other things.

(01 Jun '12, 10:16) Fairy Princess

And thank you for sharing how you use it too.

(01 Jun '12, 10:16) Fairy Princess

@fairy princess-no problem.yes your technique provides a great focus.i just find obsevation of thoughts something i could use anywhere.according to the author as we become accustomed to Eufeeling we won't need a technique.thanks fairy princess,I'm happy your finding some benefit from this also.cheers:)

(01 Jun '12, 11:05) Satori
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After reading it, I ordered The Secret of Quantum Living and Beyond Happiness: How You Can Fulfill Your Deepest Desire. I haven't had great healing yet, I am still learning, but I have found relief for emotional, mental stuff.

I also came up with a 'trick' to quiet the mind and find peace quickly and easily anywhere based on what I learned from The Secret of Instant Healing and the videos and audios on the quantum entrainment site. Put the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Feel your hands touching. Without naming the feelings, ask yourself quietly in your mind, "What do my hands feel like?" Feel the pulse in your hands as they touch. Don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands touching. Do this for at least 30 seconds and as long as you want/need to as often as you think of it.

I would love it if you would try this and let me know what you think.


answered 14 May '12, 11:47

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Fairy Princess

edited 29 May '12, 09:17


@fairy princess-very simple and effective.i felt my mind and body relaxing after about a minute,nice:)

(14 May '12, 17:33) Satori
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