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I seem to be fairly lucky when it comes to opportunity but it's not until it's too late that I discovered I wasn't lucky, it was just another animal kingdom ploy..always, be it school, marriage . . . . I have yet to attain anything through miracles. I work and anytime my brain lies to me it's a miracle, it's a matter of time and I then realize how naive I can be.

Now I am in debt (followed my husband out of state to Seattle ), with a 3 week baby thinking he would take care of us, now am back to Salt Lake City starting to repair my credit, that was screwed up by my delusions.

In addition I am getting cured for depression and he infected me with an STD. I have nothing to be proud of. As a woman that holds traditional values of honesty, no one seems to be honest. Everyone wants to take from the weak, this is the true animal kingdom and the sooner you can watch Discovery Chanel, the quicker you learn human nature.

Don't be naive, or you may die broke and angry like my sister and brother. They DIED at 34 and 23 respectively.

I got a reality check and it hurts to know I could fight. I chose not to and to be my brother's keeper and am now paying for being nice. Patient but lesson learnt.

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ukweli, if you were free to decide there must have been a miscalculation. if you wanted to believe what was not there that was still your decision. to change, you need to see who it is that feeds off you and then decide if you let them. you may be more in contol than you say.

(27 May '12, 22:27) fred

Have a close look at what you believe. You speak about the Discovery channel and the animal kingdom. You speak of yourself as being "weak". You seem to believe that you are a victim and from what i have learned so far - this is what we manifest. What we think and believe becomes our reality. You are searching though - and when you ask it will be given. Always look up and up...and know who you really are No less than the trees and the stars (to quote one of my faves "Desiderata") Take care, best of everything to you xxx


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Charmian Brinck Webster

Love this positive answer.

(24 May '12, 12:08) Paulina 1

Dear Ukweli, You are a strong and wonderful woman. I know you won't believe this right now but you are. You saw what was wrong and unfair and got out of it so that you could start again and take care of your baby. You are courageous for there are many that would have simply given up and become doormats.

Yes you are hurt and angry and mistrustful of others but at this moment in time you have a right to be. This too shall pass and as the pain of betrayal diminishes you will be more positive and believe in miracles. You survived against all odds and that in itself is a miracle. You were what we call lucky even though you don't see it that way yet.

Count your blessings and you do have blessings. The little beautiful baby is a true blessing and the fact that you have a good brain and can recognize deceit and distance yourself from it is a blessing but most of all you are a survivor. Give thanks for your life and forgive yourself for whatever you think you did wrong for God already forgave you. Look to the bright side and soon the bright side will look for you and you shall smile and see miracles in ordinary life again.


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