oh boy, I hope someone can help with this one....

yesterday I was on here skiting about being on Level 1/2/3 (refer Stingray's Abraham diagram) KNOWING that 'stuff' was happening and I have just now had a conversation advising that the 'stuff' was not going to happen - a kick in the head that should send me rocketing down to level -11145. But I can't go back down - I have to stay here where my manifestation is just around the corner.

So I am thinking of positive things: -I didn't jumped off the nearest cliff when I found out -I have not had a complete meltdown (at work and no one to cover for me) -I am a good person and just because this door has been slammed in my face does not mean that an even better door that I am completely unaware of will open tomorrow

I am just struggling with finding something concrete to replace the 'stuff' that should have been reality.

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If you think about why you want the physical manifestation, it's to feel better.

There's simply nothing we could ever want physically in our lives that is for any other reason that we think that, once we've received it, we'll feel better.

Try and find something that contradicts this idea - you won't :) Even "selfless" acts like helping others make us feel better... we are actually selfless for selfish reasons :)

So when you have reached the vibrational place regarding what you want physically that you already feel better because you know you will receive it, you've actually already reached the point that the physical manifestation would have brought you to anyway.

You might have to read that last sentence a few times because it contains a hugely important concept :)

The reason you feel disappointed is that you are judging your success by whether or not you can observe the physical manifestation in your reality... because you are effectively telling yourself that once you can observe it physically, you will then allow yourself to feel better.

But that's a painful way to live, even though most of humanity chooses to live that way.

A better judge of success would be whether you already feel better because of your vibrational work.

In other words, once you make the good-feeling emotion the end-manifestation and leave it at that, you'll not only get right now what the physical manifestation would have originally brought you but, almost paradoxically, you are also in the best possible place to allow the physical manifestation to happen also

You'll also realize that the physical manifestation is actually irrelevant because you already feel better even when you don't have it :)

And eventually you'll reach the point where you realize that physical manifestations have no purpose but to give us a reason to focus to feel better :)

Treat the positive emotion as the manifestation...and everything will take care of itself


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Amazing insight as ever! Wow! Why didn't I see that before? :) Thanks stingray!

(04 Jun '12, 17:08) MagicalUniverse

I had a hard time really "getting" the bottom line here until just recently. Now I am so darned happy sometimes, it really is at least as important as the end-manifestation I'm after. It feels great to feel great!!! Aiming for more important.....working on it....

(04 Jun '12, 17:28) Grace

Yeah, actually that insight is so powerful, and yet something we so often miss! The idea really resonated someplace deep within...

(04 Jun '12, 17:50) MagicalUniverse

...and thank you again, Stingray.

(04 Jun '12, 17:55) Grace


(10 Jul '12, 11:07) Satori
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you have the organization of a human being
yet an individuality specific to you
what you allow yourself to think
sends out a vibration

but is also receptively drawn to
other homogeneous thought forms
then reinforcing the vision of
which you have the power to alter

or follow


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