What does being courageous mean to you?

How do you achieve it for/over yourself?

asked 10 Dec '10, 01:36

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I used to think it was overcoming fear. Yes fear is involved and that usually means some sort of made up scenario in my head. Like most fear and worry not much of it ever comes to fruition. The mind plays dirty tricks on us.

I guess you can't have courage without fear. But it is not in overcoming the fear but going forward anyway in spite of the fear.

Now that I know fear is most of the time an illusion I go forward anyway. How? Like ripping off a band aid. But a lot of the times I rationalize my fears and justify staying put.

But I am working on it :)




answered 10 Dec '10, 02:34

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jim 10

Good for you Michael - The more you can keep ripping off that bandaid, the less often that illusion will pop up :)

(10 Dec '10, 02:47) Michaela

Nice, it is very true about these illusions, they stink!

(13 Dec '10, 17:28) Back2Basics

Courageous to me means being able to face challenges and fears with a determination and resolve to not allow those fears and challenges shape our life. I think true courage can only be developed by feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It is not allowing that fear to determine who we become but facing it resolutely, moving through it, and realizing that the only power it has over us is the power we give it - it really is an illusion that we feed with our mind. The more we face our fears, the more courageous we become until fearlessness becomes one of our strongest allies and those longheld fears begin to shrivel.


answered 10 Dec '10, 02:45

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Being Courageous means doing what you think is right, or staying on your path, in spite of... Be your own person even if you're not popular. It takes guts to go against the grain. As long as really believe in what you are doing and not trying to be a rebel. Stay true to yourself. If the majority want to do something wrong or hurtful to someone else; you have to step up and say no.


answered 10 Dec '10, 03:13

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i agree with what you all have said about courage being acting in spite of fear, but i would add to that: courage also means carrying out honest and critical reflection upon one's self and actions; otherwise, one's 'courageous' act of being 'oneself' in spite of fear could just perpetuate intolerant, ignorant, and generally douchey behavior. so, in my view, a 'courageous' act is not courageous until one has not only followed through with it, but also resisted the temptation of self-congratulation and replaced it with self-reflection.


answered 10 Dec '10, 06:30

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Profound. Thank you.

(10 Dec '10, 19:08) Hu Ra

very good point.................

(13 Dec '10, 17:30) Back2Basics

With all the above thread of wise words,i rest my case.

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answered 10 Dec '10, 07:50

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I've been in several life and death situations where I had a chance to experience first hand the meaning of the word courage. I agree with most of the answers here, but have to add that other than overcoming the fear and proceeding inspite and despite of it, and the self-reflection afterward is one more element. I am not sure how to put it. But for me it seems the most courage I've seen had to do with altruism. It is like one gets the strength to be courageous not so much for oneself but for loved ones. It is at points like these that I've seen the most acts of courage. As a service to others.

Thank you, namaste


answered 10 Dec '10, 11:02

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after reading many of your posts I am curious to where you lived when a lot of these things occurred.

(13 Dec '10, 17:32) Back2Basics

In the city of Beirut :)

(10 Jan '11, 14:34) daniele

Back2Basics, being courageous means humbly and graciously accepting that growing intellectually and spiritually will take some time and concerted effort... By Divine design, growing is not an easy process...

God designed the process to be difficult, so that we would be constantly challenged to be our BEST, at what he uniquely and individually designed us to BE ... Never forget -- this world is just the first rung, of an incomprehensibly long ladder, that brings us from this relatively squalid human condition, to the inexhaustible beauty and truth of everlasting life.

That's why we start our journey by living this difficult human life, on this difficult to improve physical planet... That's why there is no growth without conflict... As you may have already experienced -- this ego-centric human-animal does not like to change... Thus our loyalties will not be exercised on behalf of the great, the good, the true and the noble without a fight.

Accept the challenge!

When you do, life will almost immediately become more thrilling, engaging and rewarding... Now, when you win -- you win yourself... You bring yourself back from the abyss of potential discouragement and despair, to the threshold of eternal life.

Just the prospect of winning this TRUE goal, will make you capable of winning it!


answered 10 Jan '11, 12:17

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The Prophet

An interesting idea Neil Roberts, luckily we all have the option to decide what is right for each one of us and not go blindly with the pack.

(10 Jan '11, 13:16) Flame

Lucky indeed... Especially for those of us who have the courage to take their own road -- following their own path to their own Truth in their own right... Avoiding the pack is the more difficult way, but in the long run, it bares the more precious and life-affirming fruit.

(10 Jan '11, 18:15) The Prophet

nice answer.........

(10 Jan '11, 19:29) Back2Basics
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Being courageous is giving up a part of your body (an organ), to save a person, and to improve the quality of their life!


answered 12 Dec '10, 02:24

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Inactive User ♦♦

yes, that is a good example.

(13 Dec '10, 17:31) Back2Basics

when you are able to face annything(for you or for other even death or harm) staying in the truth what ever happens(that you like it or not). that is courage.


answered 10 Nov '11, 18:47

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white tiger

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