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20 years ago my mom passed away, if she were still here with us she would have turned 66 years today. I guess I never really could picture her an old person while growing up, I thought she was too beautiful to become old - I guess I was right. Anyways, this is not a question, just sharing my thoughts and feelings.

We didn't have much while we were growing up, her life was not exactly what she expected it to be so I think she gave up at the age of 46. I wish she knew what I now know - she could have made her life a better place, my dad was none the wiser. Anyways, I'm thankful for having her as a mother, for the sixteen years of my life that she was with me (my other siblings are older so had much more time with her), I'm also thankful for having the best father ever.

I always joke about it - but if there's one thing that my parents gave us it's good looks... and I think these looks have taken me very far... along with my intelligence of course, but it has made the journey so much easier. I always think about it when I remember her because I look just like her...

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Is she really gone? I have no doubt you can still clearly communicate with her. If you go to any psychic don't be surprised to hear she's still sending her love to you :)

My regards and love...And I don't think anyone minds you posting this. I'm sure expressing your thoughts with us makes you feel a bit better anyhow, which I defiantly support :)

(17 Aug '12, 11:17) Nikulas

@ Nikulas - you are right, she isn't really gone and yes I have received messages from her through psychics and in dreams as well.

I am feeling better now that I've shared this on InwardQuest - not something that I ever express but I'm glad I finally shared it.

Thanks for sending me your love and regards... right back at you my friend..

(17 Aug '12, 14:17) MoonWillow
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I just passed the anniversary of my Dad's death- I was luckier than you- he was 71- but he died so suddenly and unexpectedly that I still ache from his passing.

I look just like my Dad. As I age, and look in the mirror, guess who I see there? Dad. It is like being haunted or something...Anyway, I don't know if he gave me good looks or not, but he gave me his looks....I digress! LOL!

Our parents are very special to us, especially when they are gone forever. I am a substitute mother to a woman who is an orphan; her mother died in childbirth, and her father then went crazy. How she hungers for her Mom! I try, but it just isn't the same for her. She is wailing deep inside for her Mom, and no one else will quite do.

Remember that someday, you will be reunited with your Mother. In the meantime, remember that she is loving you and watching over you right now! And look around you at the "other mothers" she may have sent you along the way, to help you when you needed love...Including your Dad. You were lucky you had him, weren't you?

I wish you a Mother's Love, and Peace,



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Jai, as always - thank you for a most beautiful response, you made me well up... lol. Looks like I'm going to be this way for the rest of the day. I miss her today more than I've ever missed her in the 20 years that she's been gone - I think it's because I never "allowed" myself to feel the intense pain that comes with it. I'm the type to quickly pull myself together once I start slipping but I need to let these feelings out rather than surpress them - 20 years is a long time to hold on to something. I'm glad I have this forum to share this and I'm glad for people like you who will share with me without judging me.

For your daughter who lost her parents - I send her my love, let her know that we're always more special because we have someone EXTRA looking after us, and also that because of this we have a direct link to God, since they are there with him... God looks after the orphans himself...

And for you Jai, your father will always be with you - I'm glad you look just like him, I know how special... and lucky that must make you feel. I know how incredible a close father-daughter relationship can be, my dad is the most special person in my life - he is so full of life and loving every minute of it - and that ability to love filters down to his kids.

(17 Aug '12, 09:19) MoonWillow

@MoonWillow, I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad you shared your thoughts with us. I'm glad that you know that you are safe and wanted here.

(17 Aug '12, 09:44) Grace

Thank you Grace for reading my post and thank you for your very kind response... all my love...

(17 Aug '12, 14:18) MoonWillow
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