I used to get irritated or tension in my chest whenever I have to interact with this family member of mine. Usually I will completely ignore that family member, else I get agitated. I literally feel my chest tighten.

And usually when there is a disagreement with my spouse, I will be uncontrollably emotional. My entire body will get tensed.

I have been and still in Buddhism class for more than a year. I try to keep my emotions intact when I deal with the people who affects me in my life by remembering the teaching. It was so tough and I struggled a lot.

Out of desperation to feel better, I turned to New Age Energy Healing as well. With constant meditation, connecting with angels, yoga, use of essential oils, listening to solfeggios and continue listening to Buddhism Mantras.

Recently, I am a lot more calm and I feel inner peace even when dealing with people I had difficulty with. I don't tremble in anger, I don't feel my chest tighten. It is not that I have a different view of people I dislike but I just feel neutral. It is not that I compromised my principles and became hypocritical. In fact, I am able to be myself and be assertive when needed. They just don't bother me.

How did it happen? Is this the feeling of higher energy/vibrational level? Please share.

I really hope I can feel this way all the time......

asked 14 Oct '12, 22:10

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How did it happen? Is this the feeling of higher energy/vibrational level?

I actually think that you answered your question with a few statements that you made already.

You said...

I just feel neutral


They just don't bother me

Those are two very powerful affirmations if this is what you truly believe. Keep defining your life just like this by choosing definitions that best serve you. The more habitual those two statements above become, and the more habitual your beliefs in those kind of statements become, the more of that higher energy/vibrational being you become.

Every single second of our lives are neutral. Everything is just like a neutral prop on the stage of life. We have the power inside of our being to take a second, stop in the current situation, and then choose what we want to say, feel, or how we want to react. When we remember the power of neutrality in every moment of our day to day lives, every decision we make can be a conscious one instead of a habitual reactive one.

Also, when you state to yourself that people just don't bother you, and you stay in that frequency range on a regular basis, then people will not really bother you all that much and will eventually not even manifest in your reality. Two opposite frequencies just can't match up to each other.

Everyone on this journey of awakening has different emotions in certain situations. I can't speak for anyone else and say that their higher vibration level doesn't make them get angry easily.

I know raising my vibration has greatly reduced my bad habit of reactive anger. I just simply don't let people bother me anymore. The state of being we are in gives off a vibrational bubble or energy pulse. I have learned that the more I can give off positive, appreciative, and loving vibration bubble, the more similar loving things will show up in my reality. The key is to have 100% belief and know that this is the reality that you prefer.

I really hope I can feel this way all the time......

You don't even have to hope this is true. Just believe without a shadow of a doubt that this is your reality.

That's it. It really is that simple. You are the creator of the neutral props so just have fun creating the universe that you prefer. I'll even help you out a bit by rewording your last sentence.

"I know for a fact that I can feel this way all the time......and it is absolutely exhilarating to feel this good!"

If being at a higher energy and vibrational level helps you to feel good and feel less anger, then that is all that should matter. Just continue doing the things that excite you and enjoy this game of human life that you chose to play.


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@cory..great answer

(15 Oct '12, 09:45) supergirl

@Cory - "The key is to have 100% belief and know that this is the reality that you prefer." This is an important point for me. Sometimes I have to wonder, do I really want to feel so good all of the time? Why the hell would I keep going back to feeling bad, otherwise? I guess its just habit and comfort zone. I feel nostalgic a lot, and I think I have shot myself in the foot with it, thinking that it is a positive thing. I don't know now that it is. Thanks for bringing this up.

(15 Oct '12, 12:12) Grace

@Cory Thank you! :) I have a bad habit... when things are good, I will think .. "One day, feeling so good will end."

(15 Oct '12, 21:53) mskityin

@supergirl I appreciate that thank you

(16 Oct '12, 16:21) Cory

@Grace Your welcome. Just remember that when you are consciously aware of certain patterns that you experience in your life it is no longer a habit, it becomes a conscious choice. Just ask yourself if this choice is the choice that you prefer. You are in total control of everything.

(16 Oct '12, 16:24) Cory

@mskityin Your welcome. As I said to grace already, it is no longer a habit if you are aware of it. You have complete control in every moment to say "I choose to feel good all day every day." Ponder this sentence and the quote you gave above for a few moments and decide which one feels better to you and follow that feeling.

(16 Oct '12, 16:27) Cory

@Cory: Excellent post, thanks for the reminder:)

(17 Oct '12, 05:42) Satori
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the feelings are most likely still there
however, now under some control and
not necessitating an imbalance in thinking,
as though just observing


answered 16 Oct '12, 16:19

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