One of the things about getting older is that you can develop a huge toolbox of ideas, metaphors, analogies and similes. The problem, if there is one, is that I don't rmember if I read it someplace or just came up with it one my own.

"Wrong Prong Bong Gong" may have been a story I read, or the genesis for one I am writing, here, now, today. I don't know and don't care. Here is the idea, What if you suddenly realized that you had gone down a disuseful path? The outcome at the end of this branch of the maze has no cheese? What if you could "bong a gong" and go back to where you began the disuseful path? Rewind the tape? Go back in the past of this reality and change it?

Time travel has its paradoxes. You can't go back in the past and kill your own grandfather when he was a child, because you would not be here to go back there. (Shakes head)

I am also curious about whether our future selves can come back to our (their) present and help us?

Richard Bach in "One" was exploring different realities. He and Leslie would fly in their seaplane "Growley" and land in different matrix-like realities. They would fly away from these diferent relaities and land in another.

One time, Richard was taking off, made a mistake, crashed hard, and killed Leslie. Later, he realized that he could go back in time and unmake that mistake. Wrong prong, bong gong. He did unmake that mistake and went forward in that reality with the living Leslie. As he did, he felt a dim memory of having crashed, but it seemed unreal, surreal and at most a weak deja vu experience.

Perhaps he created a world, a different world, where Leslie was alive.

And is this a metaphor for our lives? There was a reality in my life where I took a different path, where I decided that I would enjoy being rich and powerful, and I do. There could have equally been a reality where I was poor, old, sick and homeless. But I decided to go back to that juncture, when I was twenty, to that place where I took the different path that led me to where I am now. Again, I don't remember, but there is that dim remembering.

alt text

If you want a nice shade tree in your yard, it would seem easier that you go back 20 years in time and plant a seed. Now you have a big shade tree. Or do you manifest a tree? Whatever rings your representational belief system's chimes! What is easier for you to believe and thereby create a different reality?

Do these concepts resonate with anyone else. Have you used this metaphor in changing your life? Could you use it?

I don't know if this qualifies as a Community Wikki or question. Will leave it to the mods to decide. Anything is fine with me.

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Dollar Bill

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Very interesting idea! How exactly would one do this? What is the technique? Thanks

(09 Jun '12, 09:39) Fairy Princess

Raphael Aloysius Lafferty seems to have something to do with this Wrong prong gong bong dong button. He was a humorist American Absurdist science fiction and fantasy writer, famous for his humorous use of language, metaphor, and narrative structure, as well as for his etymological wit.

Could this be what you are talking about?

(11 Jun '12, 23:48) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Thanks! You are right! RA Lafferty! I am going back and re-read him! He had lots of good ideas.

Keep the mind elastic.

(12 Jun '12, 07:10) Dollar Bill
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Time travel has its paradoxes

I would say that is because the paradigm of "linear time" is faulty.

Past, present and future are only mental constructs that exist in order to help provide us with the illusion of a physical reality.

Like in the example of library books, all the books exist right now and can be read in any order. But in order to read a particular book, you then have to play the game of the "linear" interpretation of the words in order to experience the story/information within the book. If you don't read the words in the book one at a time from start to finish, unfolding one page at a time, you don't get the experience that the words were intended to create within your mind.

It's the same for what we call Time - all Time exists right now but in order to experience it, we have to play that linear game of unfolding.

There is no past, present and future...only NOW

Our shifting perspective around the NOW moment is what gives us the illusion of past, present and future. See How is it possible for the past, present and future to be happening simultaneously? and the related links, for more information.

In other words, your past and future selves are living their lives right NOW along with you...which means what you interpret as the "past" is not fixed, it is in a state of constant flux (expansion).

And, yes, you can help those "past" selves (send them energy and insights) because they are existing NOW but, as with all healing, it's up to them whether they wish to accept the energy or whether they wish to continue with the experience for their own reasons.

I do, on occasion, attune with a past self that I know was struggling with a particular issue (because it was me at that time!) and flow energy and insights (that the me of today has figured out) towards him.

Whether it makes a difference to his NOW life, I don't know because it's his choice regarding whether to accept the information...I was a lot less open-minded in times gone by than I am now so I wouldn't be surprised if the information is completely ignored :)

But then again, the me of the past "Then" is a different me than the me of the current "Then" - because it has also been evolving in the NOW moment - so maybe there's hope :)

But what's interesting about sending that "healing" and "information" to the past is that my NOW self (the one writing this) also feels uplifted in doing this as though I'm also now on a different timeline with a different past where that me of the past did not struggle as long (if at all) with those experiences.

So I get the feeling that all one's selves benefit from the energy flow of any self to other selves.

In doing all this "time travel" to the past, one incident keeps coming back to mind for me. It was a time, probably about 2001, when I was sitting at home by myself late in the evening and I felt a massive surge of uplifting energy like someone deliberately focusing on me. It lasted for about 30 minutes or so and it was like being bathed in an energy bath and it seemed totally unrelated to anything I was doing at the time, then it suddenly stopped.

I can usually trace these kinds of energy surges to someone I know sending me energy, some technique I have been applying or even some non-physical involvement. But that incident was different because it completely came out of nowhere and it felt different. I thought about that incident for a long time but was never able to understand the sudden energy surge.

But it's been interesting to me, that while I've doing these attunements to past selves and feeling the "relief" of a past self as I send energy to it, that incident again popped into my mind as though to point out to me that the person sending the energy to that person 10 years ago was the me of today.

It's a fascinating thought and I'm still thinking it over :)


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That is very interesting. How do you send energy? What exactly to you do? Thanks.

(10 Jun '12, 10:18) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - You send energy the same way as you do for any other human being: Can we send our energy remotely to other people?

(10 Jun '12, 11:24) Stingray

I agree, fascinating stuff.its hard to get your head around everything existing right now in one Eternal Now Moment:)

(10 Jun '12, 11:30) Satori

@Fairy Princess-I think Remote QE is the same principal as this:)

(10 Jun '12, 11:34) Satori

@Satori that's what I was wondering. But different because QE requires the focused attention to the hands. I have an idea how I would do it. I was wondering what technique Stingray used that was successful.

(10 Jun '12, 11:49) Fairy Princess

Nice one Stingray. Recently I was at a villa on a mountain looking at the opposite side of the bay, around 2am. I was looking at the lights from houses, but because it was pitch black the sea and the mountain were invisible to me. All I saw was lights floating in blackness. I entered a meditative state and suddenly I felt electricity rise up from my neck to the top of my head in uniform fashion. This only lasted a few seconds, but afterwards my head felt huge. Future self download? :)

(10 Jun '12, 20:55) Eddie

@Eddie - People tell me I have a big head too sometimes, but I guess they mean something else :) I really can't say what your experience was - I have enough on my plate figuring out my own :) - but certainly we are living in interesting times where reality seems much more fluid than it used to be and these kinds of experiences seem to be becoming more commonplace for people

(11 Jun '12, 06:05) Stingray

[Loud, appreciative chuckles :>])

(11 Jun '12, 20:20) Dollar Bill
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I read years ago, I don't remember where, that you can leave messages for yourself to find. They can be encouragement, wisdom, even specific information for your own use. Its facinating, and I believe it has helped me deal with some difficult circumstances in my life.

It works like this:

I look back into my past to an intense, upsetting moment, one of the times when I felt shocked and hurt or afraid, and unable to see a way for me to ever be ok again.

The memory that comes to mind is the moment I was told my boyfriend of five years had been cheating on me, and was now in fact leaving me for the love of another woman. Awful, searingly painful moments, and all of the many moments that follow such events when I have felt so hopeless and could see no way of ever getting out of the pain or even being able to think clearly again.

In my mind, I bring up the full, detailed, scene and feelings of the memory of an experience and step right into it. I wrap the arms of my now stronger, wiser, more graceful present-self around this poor suffering younger woman and whisper things I know she would have loved to have known at that moment.... You will survive this. You will learn to love again. I love you, and you are beautiful and valuable no matter what anyone else says. Everything is going to be ok. And, yes, for better or for worse, he will be back...

You can impart whatever knowledge your past, unhappy self would have wanted to have, and feel the relief as your past-self relaxes into the comfort and love your present-self is providing. Its a beautiful feeling, and a helpful way to rewrite memories that are too painful to bear.

But it has another, wonderful effect. Do this regularly, whenever you can look back and say, I wish I'd known then what I know now, and give that past you some comfort and advice, and you will find yourself coming across these little gems all over your life. It doesn't only have to be for those earth-shattering moments.

I have used this idea to go back to the time I ran out of gas on a busy, dangerous stretch of road. I was alone and frightened, broke, and without friends or resources - I did't know what would happen to me. A week or so later, I went back in my mind and gave myself a warm hug and reassurance that all would be well, as of course it was.

It sounds nutty, but now when something like that happens to me, because I have made a habit of this practice, I will sometimes feel that comfort, and understand things that I have no logical way of knowing, and so don't get thrown into panic as much as I once did. Its easy and fun, and it works!


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@Grace - That seems quite similar to what I've been doing also

(12 Jun '12, 06:23) Stingray

@Stingray, it does. Well great minds and all that rot, wot? ;) I don't think I read your post before I wrote this, I would have seen that. You have expressed it more gracefully than I, however, and without spilling your guts in the process. Having second thoughts on that bit this morning. Feeling a little exposed... But, let it stand. Maybe someone will need to see it.

(12 Jun '12, 11:18) Grace

Grace - actually I really liked your post and I'm sure others did too. I'm going to give it a try.

(12 Jun '12, 14:41) English Rose

@English Rose, Thank you. I'm glad you did. I hope you enjoy the practice as much as I do.

(12 Jun '12, 16:17) Grace

I needed to see that right now Grace :) It made a lot of sense to me and has me inspired to try this out.

(12 Jun '12, 19:05) cassiopeia

@cassiopeia, That's good too know. Thank you for saying so. :)

(13 Jun '12, 16:16) Grace
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I think it's worth remembering that when we say 'create our own reality' what we're really doing is choosing to experience an already existing reality. While we can imagine a reality that's seemingly our past reality, that version of reality only exists in our mind. In that actual reality another spirit is occupying the you which you may believe is really you, but it's not really you. So you can't really go back to kill your grandfather, thereby negating your own existence because the reality in which you did that is a parallel reality to the one you exist in now.

Further, because we absolutely do create our own reality, every part of it, by choosing which part of creation we now choose to experience; even when we die, from the level of our higher self and our spirit, we still have a choice of whether to continue in that life or not. Regardless of our decision, we did die in that reality. However, if we decide that it's worth continuing along that path then we return in a parallel reality timeline to the reality in which we died. We might say 'phew' that was close or I was really lucky etcetera, but really we died.

The thing to consider about parallel realities is that all possible realities exist here and now. However, due to where we are currently we're limited to choosing infinite probable realities :) That's what life really is, us moving through a series of infinite probable realities all of the time. You have to bear in mind that there is only one moment in creation, so there's no time in which anything new can be created, creation is and always has been already finished, already complete; only our experience of any particular reality is new, that's eternal expansion.


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Yes Eddie that is what the man in the interview said that they tried to change our present and future by going back into the past and killing the grandfather of the man that started the New World Order it had no effect. It was a past from a different time line. He said all it did was continue an alternate time line that that guy would have never existed anyway.

(10 Jun '12, 22:15) Wade Casaldi

Thanks for all the lovely answers!

EVERYTHING IS A METAPHOR! Our collective helps us in many inspirational moments. Believing IS seeing. Until you believe it, you won't see it. Hugging your past selves in needed past moments. Focusing the strength of your youth in your later days to give you stamina to enjoy.

Seeing in the paradigm that there is no past, no future, only Now. Seeing ourselves in the people around us. Is he/she a probable self sitting over in the corner of the restaurant? Your eyes meet for the micro second and that is enough.

When I was single, I got a two meals for one coupon book. You go to a particular restaurant and pay for one meal and get another for free. I went by myself. While I was eating, I would notice someone sitting and eating alone, like me.

I would enlist the help of the waiter and tell them I wanted the other person's meal to be my extra free one, but I did not want the waiter to let the other person know who was "buying" their meal.

I would watch, covertly, as the person asked for their check and see the waiter tell them that someone had treated them. Most were happily surprised. Out the corner of my eye, I would watch them search the restaurant. I never let anyone know I had bought their dinner. I just enjoyed doing it. Was not looking for a 'thank you.' I liked the idea that I had let someone know that someone wanted to do something nice for them, that someone cared, without wanting anything in return.

In light of some of your answers, maybe I was there for alternate reality selves? In Source-full sense everyone is an alternate self.

Do we see time as linear? Do we see ourselves and others like a temporal millipede with baby legs on one end and old people legs on the other end? All existing in the same nanosecond? "He looks pretty good right here!"

A book can be read from front to back, if that is your language, yet other books are meant to be read, Hebrew, from the back to the front. Or we can open a page and stick our finger on a paragraph and have answer.

We are here, more or less, in this space-time school. But we are the tip of the iceberg of the non-physical self, the huge self that supports us, the underwater Self, and we try to use our 3d world metaphors to describe and bond with a 4,5,6 or more d reality!

alt text

In every apparent paradox there is a link to the inner planes, to our Source! There are no paradoxes in the Eyes of Source

It is just a matter of finding (allowing) the unfolding of that link. We come to that 'allowing' by following our joy.

So if you feel good about

  1. Alternate universes metaphor

  2. Non Linear time metaphor

  3. Everyone is an alternate self metaphor

  4. Hugging your past, present and future selves metaphor. I REALLY like this one @Grace

Use it! Do it!

As a dear friend and mentor says. "Experience and Enjoy" you got it, @white tiger.


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Dollar Bill

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Love it Dollar Bill, thank you! Hey! - At a drive-thru Starbucks a few weeks ago, when I got to the window I was told that the man in the car in front of me had paid for my coffee and left without a word.... WAS THAT YOU??? (Tee hee hee... :)

(12 Jun '12, 11:23) Grace

This sounds like timeline therapy. You recall a painful memory, release its imprint on your emotional memory, sort of like tugging a knot out of a string. You can then replace the painful memory with a pleasant one, to rewrite your timeline. People construct their timelines in different ways. Most are left to right, some are behind to front, depending on culture and personality. The book is Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality by Tad James & Wyatt Woodsmall.


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Maybe you didn't understand my question. How was the Seaplane converted into a time machine? Do you know this missing information or do you just know that they did this but not how?

What are you using for the time travel mechanism? All I can think of is the caduceus coil and the N-effect generator.

After seeing the massive disaster of project rainbow I didn't think anyone would want to try that again!

Some slipped through time at the wrong time and came back embedded in the ship others were never the same just disappearing unstable molecule structurally for life. Two guys jumped ship and ended up landing at Montauk base in 1983! Project Rainbow was in 1943 I believe. So they jumped two time bands!

I can't remember the name of the documentary I saw it might have been "In Search Of."

Here is a link of a supposed interview with one of the men that jumped ship.


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Wade Casaldi

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That sounds like a movie I saw.

(09 Jun '12, 14:28) Fairy Princess

Yes I remember the movie but there was also an old documentary on it. I may be mixing the two now, not sure.

(09 Jun '12, 15:00) Wade Casaldi

The Philadelphia Experiment.

(09 Jun '12, 15:56) Fairy Princess

Yes The Philadelphia Experiment and Project Rainbow are one and the same.

(09 Jun '12, 17:10) Wade Casaldi
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The spark from our eternal essence that enters this Universal construct is referred to as our Over Soul. As fractals of our Over Souls, we experience this Universal construct via descending and ascending simultaneously. But each fractal has a unique energy signature unto itself. In the simultaneous descending and ascending process, there is no set trajectory, but there are, through this process, energetic coordinates established via the descending and ascending trajectories. Although we have Free Will, should we defy the Universal descending and ascending laws of evolutionary trajectory through tampering with 'linear time travel', so to say, we will create a distortion in our own time line trajectories. Basically speaking, we will create an alternate, distorted time line which disrupts the Universal Law of Causality pertaining to our our own energy signature trajectories, but which will create a 'new' vibrational coordinate 'reality'.


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